Ive been gaining calls from blocked numbers that store fucking with me. Ns looked on mine phone bill and I deserve to see what number the calls space coming from. Is it feasible that whoever is phone call is using a spoof app and also still prevent the number once they call?? THanks


To recognize what’s happening, you require to know that there room three numbers connected with one outgoing call and what the were originally intended for. (It’s even more complex than this explanation, however we won’t go there.) there is a number connected with the electric circuit itself, a billing number, and Caller ID. Generally, they are all the same, however there space valid reasons for lock to be different. The circuit number is greatly for the phone firm to route inbound calls. The various other two are meant for suppliers that have countless lines so the multiple people can call in in ~ the same time and not acquire a liven signal. Each line has actually its own circuit number, yet they space usually grouped together under one billing number therefore the company can get one consolidated monthly bill. Caller id is assigned to a line for outbound calls and also is usually set to a number the a company wants customers to use to speak to them back. The also collection to a number the a called party will certainly see and also recognize.

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For a single phone line, say a residential line, the three numbers room usually the same. Caller i would is generally what you see when you get a call. It deserve to be legitimately clogged by the caller, either per call, or be blocked by default. The is likewise the most basic one come spoof (there are fairly simple methods to collection a Caller id to any number.) that’s probably due to the fact that the phone agency has no actual use for the number.

The number you view on her bill is typically the billing number of the calling party. The phone company uses that to record to who the call is to it is in billed (and various interior reasons, prefer figuring out calling patterns to add additional capacity, etc.) the can likewise be spoofed, yet it takes rather a bit an ext knowledge and also equipment. However, if it’s not spoofed, it might potentially lead investigators to the entity that pays because that the line.

The circuit number, as described before, is largely for inbound calls. A referred to as party have the right to not identify the circuit number. It usually can’t be readjusted or inbound calls would never be routed come it.

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So, and also TL;DR: friend seem come be gaining calls indigenous someone who is just blocking your Caller ID. Girlfriend are most likely seeing their billing number on her phone bill. If you are being harassed or threatened, you have the right to keep a log of when you obtain those calls and also complain come the FCC or the police (check the web for who to call depending on wherein you live and under which circumstances.) when you obtain your bill, you can earlier up girlfriend claim and also provide extr information.