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Why you must never stimulate an Orange Pekoe tea in public

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If you are ever in Seattle coffee house and also order an "Expresso" friend may get a nasty look. Together I found out first hand by a barista, there is no "X" in Espresso. A many of commodities have these tiny quirks where "people in the know" will certainly frown upon you if you make these mistakes. One of these quirks in the tea people is saying you choose "Orange Pekoe" tea (pronounced "Orange Peck-o"). The reason behind this is Orange Pekoe in that is most basic sense way tea. Not a certain tea, however every type of tea.

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Orange Pekoe is a sheet size

The ax orange pekoe is provided for determining the size and also style that leaf. Sometimes you may see a bunch the numbers and letters after ~ a term, such as FTGFOP1 - i beg your pardon stands for best Tippy golden Flowery Orange Pekoe (very finest) these rating are really confusing and also they really aren"t too accurate as much as identify the high quality of the tea. For this reason for now the important thing to remember is the the OP component of FTGFOP1 represents Orange Pekoe, and also there is no too much else as well it, especially with the flavor.

Orange Pekoe has nothing orange about it.

The "orange" part comes indigenous the netherlands royal residence of Orange-Nassau. A large player in the tea profession in the 1600"s was the Dutch east India Company. The belief is that in stimulate to make the tea sound more elegant come its european customers, they called it after ~ the biggest royal Dutch house at the time, the home of Orange-Nassau. Or for short, the residence of Orange.

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So why does anyone think Orange Pekoe is a kind of tea?

This is simply as result of some clever marketing. Sir cutting board Lipton believed it would certainly be a clever idea to sector his teas together orange pekoe due to the cool sounding name. Well ns think that is for sure to to speak it worked, and also he did together a an excellent job in ~ it that is quiet convincing human being 100 year later. Therefore if you space out and want come order a pretty tea, and also you think the orange pekoe, just order a "black tea" This means the tea police won"t popular music up and also correct girlfriend in public. Now if I can only store the coffee police turn off my ago for slipping in the X in espresso...

photo: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mhaithaca/3669383332/


Camille Hallstrom

august 04, 2016

I type of have actually the exact same reaction to the word “chai” being provided to show a flavor of tea. “Chai” simply way “tea” in plenty of languages of the world: Swahili, Luganda, Bari, Slovak, Czech, Russian, Hindi, Urdu, etc. Tea (or “chai”) in east Africa is frequently served spiced, probably with milk and also sugar already added. As this preparation has come to be popular here, us have referred to as it “chai.” but all we room saying when we ask for “chai tea” is “tea tea.”