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its_al_dente/Shutterstock The Summary:The reason your Chinese food always tastes much better when friend order is because restaurants usage a wok to cook the meat and vegetables- not a skillet.

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One Reddit user cases that the mystery to the food is generally the sauce and also nothing is really MSG free.

BesidesP.F. Chang"sand Panda Express, America is quite much completely reliant on neighborhood mom-and-pop restaurants to fulfill our limitless Chinese takeout cravings. A many the time, choosing the best local eatery needs a bunch of guesswork. Is this Orange Chicken as an excellent as the place down the street? whereby is theMongolian Beef? Why are the crab rangoon shaped differently? The questions are never ever ending.

So, when one Reddit user started dropping some reality bombs around what it"s favor to job-related at one of these eateries, the web shut up and also listened. Right here are all of the best takeaways native user typicalchinesefood"srevealing AMA session, i m sorry answered all of our burning questions around what"s yes, really going ~ above in the human being of American Chinese food.

1. The secret is in the sauce

Mad that you can"t figure out just how to perfect her favorite chicken dish from a neighborhood eatery? Reddit user Typicalchinesefood suggests that it"s all about the sauce. Unfortunately, the recipes we copy online aren"t even close come the recipes offered in store.


Slawomir Fajer/Shutterstock

2. Girlfriend gotta wok this way

The best mistake human being make while cooking Chinese food is trying to sauté everything in a skillet. Countless dishes room meant to be in a wok, so chef them in a wok. This is since woks room much far better at distributing the correct heat needed for specific dishes because of that deep bowl shape.

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3. General Tso"s is America"s favorite

Shocking, us know. It should come together no surprise that America simply can"t get enough of thatspicy-sweet flavorthat bag perfectly through chunks of fried chicken and still-crisp broccoli.


together Food studio/Shutterstock

4. Nothing is MSG free

Sorry folks, you"ve been duped. According to this Reddit user, naught that says "100 percent MSG free" is actually cost-free of the additive. In fact, typicalchinesefood reveals that every Chinese recipe has actually MSG in it due to the fact that its constantly found in pre-made sauces. Others familiar with the restaurants additionally chimed in come corroborate his claims. MSG, or Monosodium Glutamate, is considered a flavor improving additive that"s known by the FDA as safe; but, because it"s frequently found in processed foods, it"s thought about unhealthy.

5. There"s a trick to perfecting difficult rice

Chinese restaurants somehow always have rice v the perfect sticky, yet nottoosticky mixture. The an essential is to mix long, medium, and short grain rice together. If that doesn"t do it, ours Reddit hero suggested buying a rice cooker and also playing v the quantity of water used.

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6. "Szechaun" simply means"spicy"

Szechuan, or Sichuan, is a district of China recognized for having very spicy food. So once you watch either that those native on the menu, it commonly just means that the dish is probably going to fill some heat.