Hydrogen Peroxide has actually been touted as a remedy for passing a mouth swab medicine test.

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Does the work? Sure.

Scientific study proves the hydrogen peroxide helps minimization the THC in her saliva to below the detectable levels.

However, research likewise shows that water functions similarly.

Considering the side results of using too much hydrogen peroxide, I would advocate the usage of water.

All in all, below is how to pass a mouth swab medicine test v peroxide and also the clinical rationale behind its working.

How saliva\mouth swab drug tests finding marijuana

Contrary to many people’s claims, a mouth swab drug test is no a modified to pee test. These two tests display for entirely various compounds.

In a urinalysis, the lab technician looks for THC-COOH, likewise known as 11-COOH-THC.

This is the metabolite created after the body has metabolized delta-9 THC in a bid to remove it with urine.

On the various other hand, a saliva test is calibrated come detect delta-9 THC, the psychosis compound the gets you HIGH.

A three joint has actually millions that delta-9 THC.

This link is massively uncovered in the saliva nearly immediately after consuming marijuana or hashish since it coats the whole surface of her mouth, thereby getting here on the swab test.

On the contrary, that takes several hrs for THC-COOH to with detectable levels in the urine.

This is what renders it difficult to to win a surprise saliva medicine test, especially if you’ve inhaled marijuana a pair of hrs back.

Most drug experimentation companies right now use a 25ng/ml cut-off when testing for the use of marijuana in saliva.

Why You should Use Ultra wash Mouthwash to Pass her Saliva Test?

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How lengthy is THC detectable in the saliva?


The good news for you is that THC go not continue to be for so lengthy in her mouth. A study released on researchgate.net aimed in ~ investigating just how long THC takes in the saliva in the controlled administration of acting cannabis.

In this experiment, the an initial specimen collected from one of the subjects confirmed a THC concentration of 5800ng/ml utilizing a GC-MS check 12 minute after smoking.

At approximately the 20th minute, another experiment was done and showed the the concentration had actually fallen to 81ng/ml. 12 hours later, the concentration had declined to below 1ng/ml.

While the study above shows the the THC concentration in the saliva had fallen method below the detectable level in ~ 12 hours, it’s worth noting that most saliva tests that the labs usage today deserve to detect marijuana in her saliva 48 hrs after firing increase a joint.

Therefore, if you desire to skirt with the test, it pays to save off weed for at least 48 hrs (72 hours would be much better) to the test.

Can the THC metabolites in your system be diffused back into the saliva?

Heavy and also long-term smokers do are afraid the probability the THC seeping from your blood system back into the saliva also after abstaining for approximately 72 hours.

Studies show that THC is sequestered in the caries after consumption.

Fortunately, together the study over proves, the concentration decreases with time as the THC molecule are absorbed into your blood system.

Also, when not much research has actually been done about this, it’s nearly evident that THC never ever diffuses ago into the saliva indigenous the system.

Researchers act an evaluation of medicine in Saliva for the commonwealth Office of roadway Safety detailed that THC is therefore lipophilic. As such, it can not be took in back right into the saliva upon entering the blood system.

This explains why a stoner will certainly fail a blood or urine test yet pass a saliva test provided he’s no inhaled or eaten cannabis in the last 48 hours.

On this note, it’s necessary to mention here that the presence of THC in the saliva shows that the individual has actually used cannabis in the recent past.

For this reason, the mouth swab drug test is commonly used by employers, companies, and also road safety and security enforcers who want to minimize the danger of mishaps at the workplace or on the roads brought about by smoking cigarettes at work and when driving.

Can you happen a saliva test using hydrogen peroxide?


Yes. It’s really much possible. There are so many world who have actually used this an approach to pass the check successfully.

While different online sources have actually varying methods of making use of this solution to beat a medicine test, the version below is the most frequently used.

How to happen a Mouth Swab drug Test with Peroxide: Instructions

Abstain from cannabis for at the very least 48 hours

As I have actually just called you, the detection home window for THC in your saliva is 24-48 hours.

That being said, the very first thing the you want to carry out is to keep off ganja at the very least two days prior to the test.

Abstaining because that a longer time, let’s say 72+ hours, ups your odds of beating the test, especially if you are an daily weed-lover.

Eat, drink, and also brush your teeth as usual (3-4 time a day)

After consuming marijuana, countless the THC molecules room left lingering everywhere the surface of your mouth.

Some discover their way into your oral cavities and also are either released right into your saliva or absorbed into the blood.

Therefore, the trick is to remove these molecules as quick as possible.

One sure way of doing this is to eat, drink, and also brush a lot throughout the days leading to the test.

Doing this keeps the fluids in her mouth moving, thereby an increasing the THC molecules" removed that space stuck on your mouth surface and in the cavities.

You could additionally rinse through mouthwash. But you’ll need this top top the work of the test.

Day that the test

On the day of the test, you want to emphasis all your power on to brush your entire mouth as you’ll never do that again.

This is your last shot to remove even the minutest THC molecule that might have averted the brush since you started preparing because that the test.

So brush that tongue and also the gum line as if your life depends on it.

Throw Hydrogen Peroxide or Listerine right into the mix (VERY IMPORTANT)

As you proceed invading the leftover THC molecule in the saliva, swish a solution of hydrogen peroxide or Listerine vigorously in her mouth 3-4 time to help you acquire rid of more molecules.

Sure, this will certainly burn and sting your gums like hell, yet that’s just one of the ‘perks’ that come v this method.

So, man up if you really should pass that test.

Head come the test venue

You must be certain that lots and also lots the THC molecules have been eliminated from the saliva through now.

Don’t it is in so sure, though. As you head come the test venue, take along a travel-size mouthwash and a party of water.

Gargle one critical time, part minutes prior to you are ushered into the collection point, and drink lots of water.

Does Water help in happen a Saliva medicine Test? clinical Evidence

A 2014 study published in the newspaper of nationwide Institutes of health aimed at assessing the results of different mouthwashes on three oral fluid concentrations.

This experiment offered water, entirety milk, and Kleaner mouthwashes.

At the end of the study, the researchers observed two key things.

First, nevertheless of the type of mouthwash used, the THC concentration in the mouth was 3-fold greater than the 25ng/ml cut-off mark used through the Spanish police 15 minute after inhaling marijuana.

This clearly explains why you need to abstain for at the very least two days before the test.

Second, the researchers listed statistically reduced concentrations after ~ the topics rinsed their mouths v water than with various other mouthwashes.


Hydrogen peroxide deserve to indeed conserve the day if you are warned around an oncoming saliva medicine test.

However, as the study above proves, water yields the same results.

Therefore, if friend don’t desire to topic your gums and also tongue come the stinging result of hydrogen peroxide, water is a good way to go.

Besides, water will likewise save you some bucks.

Frequently asked Questions

How lengthy should I stop cannabis front of a saliva medicine test?

Time is constantly your ideal friend when confronted with any type of drug test.

The 2014 research that we’ve just seen above clearly indicates the 15 minute after consumption, the concentration of THC in the saliva samples was still significantly higher regardless of the type of mouthwash used.

This way that when rinsing and brushing her mouth help to scrub most of the THC molecules that can be grounding on her mouth surface, direct absorption of THC v the dental cavity right into the bloodstream likewise plays a substantial role.

Therefore, the longer you abstain from the drug, the fewer the molecules that you’ll need to brush and also rinse off.

Consequently, you’ll have actually up your opportunities of passing the saliva test.

Will hydrogen peroxide assist when alerted to a saliva check due in less than 24 hours?

This might be a daunting situation to be in, and also you’ll really need a many swishing, gargling, and brushing to video game the results.

I’ve heard the eating a most fatty meals could also aid minimize the concentration that THC molecule on the surface ar of her mouth.

While this is yet to be verified, that seems prefer it would work, keeping in mind that THC is very fat-soluble.

If you are in a tight position and also need to pass the test, walk ahead and include pizza and ice cream or any type of other fat food that comes your way to her regimen.

Should i swallow the Hydrogen Peroxide solution once using this method?

Well, I’ve come across several resources that suggest that you should swish and swallow the hydrogen peroxide solution some minutes prior to the saliva sample is taken.

In mine opinion, this isn’t necessary. It might be dangerous, particularly in high concentrations.

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When ingested in high amounts, the National resources Poison center says the hydrogen peroxide could cause an illustration of vomiting and a many stomach irritations.