I'm about to begin week 4 of keto and also the previous week fight a stall in weightloss after shedding 12lbs the an initial 2 weeks. I read that you should make certain you acquire electrolytes so ns bought the 0 cal propel packets the you add to water and also drink 1, periodically 2 a day. Also, within the past pair weeks, I had actually a diet coke and an instance of adding splenda packet to my iced tea as soon as I wasn't eat at home. (I am trying to stay away from synthetic sweetners) I'm curious of either of these can make me retain water?? I'm drinking about 100oz water (average) every day. Mine macros space under 20 daily, I've been maintaining track of mine fats and protiens, making certain I am consuming much more fat (70% fats, 20% proteins and also 5% carbs of full calories), I work-related 6hrs a day, 5 work a week on mine feet. I'm simply trying to figure out this stall. Any type of help?

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Same here, likewise no help, gonna shot fasting

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39F/5'6"/SW-185/CW-151/GW-135 come 140/SD-9.20.2016

What will my weight loss progress look like?

Results vary, however you will commonly go through three phases

Honeymoon: several weight comes off fast. This is water the was tied up with glycogen. Note: if you don’t experience rapid weight ns in this period, execute not despair. No everyone is therefore lucky, and also men may be an ext likely to see rapid initial load loss than women.

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Keto Adaptation: Water and also glycogen discover a brand-new balance and also this causes a stall or also weight gain, i beg your pardon lasts for a mainly or two. Relax, this is both normal and temporary.

Fully keto-adapted: after ~ 3-4 weeks the human body is burn fat together its key fuel and the brain has switched to to run on ketones. A bumpy downward trend in her weight will certainly begin. The trend is "bumpy" because there will be work or weeks once your load stalls, or even goes increase slightly. This wake up to everyone, on every sort of weight-loss diet. You re welcome don’t article to r/keto the you acquired a pound or two, or plateaued because that a week. The trend will certainly be specifically bumpy if you space female. In particular, shark week will certainly play hell through your range weight.

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If a plateau lasts much more than a couple of weeks, you might need to do adjustments to your way of life to break it. Check out the plateau section.