Hot towels are a standard treatment at spas and are a complete must as soon as it comes to luxurious face care, but at home, we don"t usually warmth our towels before placing lock onto ours skin. The made me wonder: Is utilizing a hot towel on your face an excellent for you, or have we all been living a beauty, beauty lie? I got to out to a beauty expert to gain to the bottom of the mystery.

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To sort out even if it is or not warm towels room actually beneficial for your skin in any type of way, I got to out come Lori Leib, an imaginative director and professional makeup artist through Bodyography. She tells me, "Using a hot towel on your facial skin opens the pores, softens the skin, and permits skin treatments to penetrate the skin with ease." This every sounds good to me!

But Leib adds a tiny warning and also says, "Be certain you are using a towel that is no too warm in stimulate to not burn her skin. If you perform not have access to a bath towel warmer, the easiest method to warm a towel at house is to saturate the towel in water, remove and also then microwave for one minute." The microwave an approach gives you complete control over the temperature of the towel, therefore that will probably come to be my go-to strategy.

Also, Leib to be kind sufficient to share some extra hacking on getting that enviable rosy glow and I"m pumped to share them:

1. Rotate Your bath towel Treatment right into An Aromatherapy Experience


Lavender important Oil, $18, Amazon

Leib suggests including a tiny bit of her favorite facial oil to the warm water prior to soaking a towel in it because that the can be fried skin pampering trick.

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2. Use A Hydrating Mask and Towel Treatment


Hydrating Mask, $27, Amazon

"Try Bodyography"s skin hydrating mask and also lather top top the skin," says Leib. "When it’s to be fifteen minutes, ar a warm towel over your confront for one minute before removing the mask. Talk about a major glow!"

3. Shot Enzyme Exfoliants


Polished classic Rice Enzyme Powder, $15, Amazon

Another among Leib"s favorite strategies for shining skin is using enzyme exfoliants the aren"t super abrasive. I love Tatcha"s rice enzyme exfoliator because it"s both dermatologist-tested and cruelty-free.