Sarah Wayne Callies has headlined few of the greatest television series of the 21st-century. When younger fans may best remember her for her work-related on the at an early stage years ofThe walking Dead, those who go earlier earlier will constantly have a soft spot because that her rotate onPrison Break.

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Callies helped make Michael Scofield and the company’s to escape a reality playing Dr. Sara Tancredi. Unfortunately, Dr. Tancredi nearly didn’t make it to the end because of pregnancy and a contract dispute.

Sarah Wayne Callies’ gets her start


Sarah Wayne Callies | Getty Images

According to IMDb, Callies made her display screen debut in 2013 and quickly rose right into a bona fide television star. She found herself ~ above the set of Prison break after number of short-lived runs on series such asTarzan. She character in Prison Break, Dr. Tancredi, met a quirky prisoner called Michael Scofield. He came down on the jail to break his brothers Lincoln out.

Tancredi, who father played a major role in Scofield’s plan, aided Michael and also his team break out. However, it didn’t come without a cost. In a shocking midseason twist, she to be seemingly decapitated off-screen. ScreenRant notes, this gruesome fatality was an ext than meets the eye.

The fatality of a doctor

According to reports from the time of airing, Dr. Tancredi’s death was not supposed to be temporary. V the show already on life support and her looming pregnant making it hard to shoot, she exit a statement come TV Guide around her gruesome departure.

“As difficult as us all tried, the Prison Break powers that be and I to be unable to discover a method to satisfy both the demands of the story and also the demands of mine family. Us parted, wishing each various other well. I had actually a exorbitant time working with the an imaginative team and also have a world of respect for all of them; castle took good care of Dr. Sara. I’m likewise enormously grateful to the fans. They’ve to be so gracious and also supportive, and also I hope they proceed to gain the show,” she said in a statement come TV overview in 2007.

Producer Michael Olmstead painted the exit as a business move ~ Callies’ let that be recognized that she want them to work about her pregnant while also being a part of the season together a whole. V her contract running out midway with season three and an unsure future because that the series, Olmstead and the company decided to kill her off.

Speaking v TV guide in the consequences of Tancredi’s shocking death, Olmstead claimed that Callies’ wasn’t feasible uneven she might meet their terms or make it come the set much more often. Castle squeezed lemonade from that lemon and also decided to add another fatality to a collection known because that throwing the audience curveballs.

“We supplied the story to our benefit in the she to be being hosted hostage. was gracious enough to let united state use her image, which really helped. I entirely get it, personally. She was, at the time, pregnant and also living in a remote part of Canada and nesting; type of looked at the options and didn’t want to go forward. No difficult feelings whatsoever. The show is one ensemble. The present moves forward,” he told the publication.

Life after ~ death

Callies didn’t continue to be dead long. After her character’s untimely, gruesome off-screen death, a 4th season expected that she was accessible to return. The series reversed Tancredi’s death the following year, and Callies stayed on the series for the remainder of the run, including the 2017 resurgence miniseries. Not lengthy after, she found herself escaping for her life native the Zombie hordes in Walking Dead.

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Callies play Lori Grimes native 2010 come 2013. Playing mam to Andrew Lincoln’s Rick, her death on that present was not as temporary. Since leaving the collection in 2013, Callies failed to recapture herWalking DeadandPrison Breakglory previous the latter’s reboot. However, she remains tough at occupational on numerous television series and movies. Her death onPrison Breakmay have been a vast surprise, but her resurrection made that even more memorable.

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