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Selena Quintanilla posthumously received her star top top the Hollywood walk of Fame last Friday, and also Mayor Eric Garcetti proclaimed Nov. Third “Selena Day” in the city the Los Angeles. Her unveiling broke records, bringing in the largest-ever crowd —some 4,500 fans — because that a walk of reputation ceremony. Mexican singer Vicente Fernandez, who obtained his star in 1998, previously held the document for illustration the greatest number attendees.

Before the event, Suzette Quintanilla, who embraced the star on she sister’s behalf, offered fans a sneak peek of the building of the 2,622nd star by posting images of that on Selena’s facebook fan page. “They don’t offer this honor to everyone, for this reason I’m beyond honored….to have the ability to participate in the make of it, priceless,” she captioned the collection of images she shared.

Although fans were enthusiastic that the queen of Tex-Mex was ultimately getting she due ~ above the storied sidewalk, countless were surprised that it didn’t reflect she married name, Perez. Selena married chris Pérez, her guitarist, in 1992 and took his name. Some were particularly upset because they thought that the so late singer would have wanted his surname rendered on her plaque: “Disappointed her last surname isn’t on there…love that they honored her, however I would choose to think that SHE would have wanted Perez ~ above there,” one fan commented. An additional wrote: “Why no Selena Quintanilla Perez? I median that WAS she name.”

Suzette subtly handle the backlash in a video clip she posted on Instagram by trying come clarify, albeit obliquely, why Perez’s surname was absent: “Selena Quintanilla birth provided name that the got to know as merely Selena will have actually her Hollywood to walk Of reputation Star for all to look upon and also hopefully remember as soon as I’m gone…” she captioned the video.

The family has had altercations through Perez in the past, consisting of a sue filed against him critical year by Selena’s father, Abraham Quintanilla, Jr., to prevent production of a Perez-produced television program based on their relationship. A Texas referee ruled that a sue filed by the father could proceed since Perez signed away the civil liberties to Selena’s likeness and name to she estate.

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There have actually been no update on the condition of the lawsuit, however Perez has been existing at the events honoring the Grammy-winner, including the unveiling of her mam Tussaud’s wax number in Hollywood and also the premiere the MAC Selena, she cosmetics collection. He likewise showed increase for her Hollywood to walk of fame celebration and placed a small bouquet of white roses on she newly produced star.



The day prior to the long-awaited event, Perez captioned a covert image of her plaque: “Had to protect against by, give a kiss, and also say, ‘I’ll watch you tomorrow.'”

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