Starburst (once known as opal fruits) room cube-shaped, fruity flavored soft taffy candy that room made by the Wrigley agency (the chewing gum company). The starburst fruit chew deserve to be vegan candy depending upon which country you buy it in. The starburst product is made in different way in different countries.

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They room both vegan and non-vegan, this factor depends completely on wherein you live and also where you source your starburst from.

In the United claims of America, starburst is not vegan together it has an ingredient that is very not vegan, gelatin.

However, in the joined Kingdom, starburst is vegan, through both the packaging and the website stating this fact.


Opal fruits/ the original starbursts first came into existence in the united kingdom in 1960 and also made their means overseas to the United claims in 1967, not lengthy after.

So why is it the they space vegan in one place yet not in another? How can you be sure? and what specifically goes into a starburst?

And, don’t forget the huge question, how come the various ingredients vary in various countries, is there a factor for the or is it simply down to manufacturer choice?

We will answer all of these concerns for you together we take it a look into the ingredient vegan and also non-vegan, the disputed ingredients, and also exactly what a starburst candy is.

What is Starburst?

In the United says of America, you can find a range of starburst treats, consisting of both starburst candies and starburst jellybeans.

Which space both very from very comparable ingredients. Starburst has a basic ingredient list that renders up the bulk of their products.

These basic ingredients are;

Flavored juice from concentration (orange, lemon, apple, etc)Corn syrup.Sugar.Palm oil.Artificial flavors.Artificial colors. (commonly blue1, yellow 5, yellow 6, and red 40.)

Depending top top the flavor and also where her starburst is make the ingredients will vary.

However, if starburst to be to exclusively entail just the ingredients detailed above that would, by default, it is in vegan.

But, sadly, in the joined States, this is far from the case. As they incorporate an ingredient named gelatin in their candies.

Jelly beans carry out not contain gelatin, yet they do, however, contain something else which is referred to as ‘confectioners glaze’.

In the united States, girlfriend can check the ingredient on the packaging, these will certainly be displayed as;

“Corn syrup, hydrogenated palm kernel oil, fruit juice from concentration (apple, lemon, strawberry, orange, cherry).

Less 보다 2% - citric acid, tapioca dextrin, gelatin, modification cornstarch, natural and artificial flavors, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), coloring, (red 40, yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1).

The consist of of gelatin is a big deal because that vegans as it is make from contents disapproved of by vegans, lets take a look at why this is.

What is Gelatin?

Gelatin is a colorless, odorless, flavorless food usage ingredient the is offered to shortcut the ingredients of candy together.

The function of this is come simply host the ingredients in place and also give it a soft, gummy chewy structure that we all love in these candies.

The ingredients that make this problem are quite disgusting, come say the least, and also it is not surprising the vegans and also possibly many other human being would remain away native it.

Gelatin requires several animal body parts to do this substance, normally from a pig or cow carcass. This is done by boiling the skin, bones, ligaments, and tendons in water.

These components are treated until a collagen is produced and is climate refined and also then hardened right into a solid-state that we recognize as part of our foods, regularly used in soft candy such together starburst and likewise in points such as Jell-O.

Although there room plenty that vegan-friendly plant-based substitutes that room a healthier and also much more animal friendly alternative to gelatin.

This encompass ‘agar-agar’, i beg your pardon is occasionally marketed together gelatin however is in reality plant based.

The United claims starburst manufacturers prefer to use the animal and also meat based by-product that gelatin. And no one seems to know specifically why.

Disputable Ingredients for Vegans.


What is candy without that outrageous amounts of street content? sugar is no the healthiest of substances however our bodies perform require it- or at least they require organic sugars.

Sugar, however, is up for debate among vegans.

It is greatly disputed and although street is not inherently un-vegan, the refining process of street cane is the subject that has vegans wonder if the is really it s okay to have.

Cane sugar is refined and also processed v bone char. Though it, in chin does no actually contain any bone char, the is this processing an approach that provides it a disputable subject that plenty of vegans still space not fairly sure about.


Natural flavorings space where the conflict is on the topic of flavorings. Where fabricated flavors space usually less preferred, organic flavorings can come native either plant or animal sources. However these, at the very least in starbursts space usually sourced native plants. If flavorings are pet sourced these space usually noted on the packaging to do vegans and vegetarians aware of the content.

Food Colorings

Food colorings room debated, these are not from pet origins however these colorings can often be experiment on animals.

However, this topic together a whole, pet testing, is up for debate, part vegans will only wear assets that room not pet tested vice versa, others may not it is in so details in their choices.

This is similar to animal testing because that food colorings. The is precious noting that many food coloring manufacturers execute not check on pets anymore, so that is much less of a concern now 보다 it has been in the past.

Palm Oils

Now we reach the object most highly debated among vegans, and vegetarians and also anyone who is pro-environmental conservation.

Palm oils are not do from pet parts and nor room they tested on animals.

However, they are indeed made in a means that has a detrimental result on the environment, one that causes homelessness and also death in countless animals.

There is much activity to protect against the production of palm oil from being so damaging come the environment and many companies have actually shifted indigenous palm oils to various other alternatives.

This problem is not so lot of a conflict just among vegans yet it is a debate amongst many that seek eco-friendly conservation and also sustainability.

What about Starburst Jelly Beans?

It is most likely pretty for sure to say the Jelly bean are among the most loved and most famous candies worldwide.

And, starburst is among the largest producers of these as well. However sadly, These space not vegetables either.

Although Starburst Jelly Beans are not vegan, this is no down come gelatin, there is another culprit at play in this candies.

We discussed this perpetrator earlier- confectioners glaze. This glaze is maybe even much more disgusting 보다 the ingredient that make up gelatin.

Confectioners glaze contains a problem in it, which makes it unfriendly to vegans and probably numerous others if castle knew what it yes, really was.


Shellac is the ingredient that renders Jelly beans inedible for vegans.

This is a substance the is also known together ‘beetle juice’, this is used by manufacturers to create a shining finish, that when that provides Jelly bean looks so mesmerizing and also juicy. So, what is so utterly disgusting about this?

Well, the is quite unappealing together it is nicknamed ‘beetle juice’ in quite a literal meaning sense. While the is not the juice native squeezing a beetle, that is make from the secretions that bugs.

It is a resin secreted by the mrs lac bug onto trees in the woodlands of India and also Thailand. The is processed and sold as dry flakes, it is then dissolved in alcohol which will rotate it right into a fluid substance.

What is maybe even weirder is that this substance is also used together a brush on color for wood glazes and finishes, and also we eat it!

How deserve to I obtain Vegan Starburst?

If you really desire to get some vegetables starburst, climate you will probably need to go online and also scour the web to buy around the world from the unified Kingdom.

This can quickly be done v Amazon or exclusive online sellers and also some online stores may also do gift crate of british candies and also vegan options.

If you execute decide come buy digital then be mindful of packaging. Packaging in your local store will be labeling and plainly tell friend if it is vegan or not.

However, it can be more an overwhelming to tell when you are shopping virtual from shop such as Amazon.

Are Starburst dairy Free?

Luckily gelatin is the only pet by-product, non-vegan friendly component. It is entirely dairy-free v no milk or eggs.

There no warnings ~ above the packaging either, for this reason it really likely that they usage one device to just make and manufacture these candies, unequal some service providers which will usage one device for many purposes and also risk cross-contamination that foods.

So you can rest assured that starbursts have actually been i do not have anything near any dairy products and also neither perform they contain any kind of either.

Should friend Buy Starbursts?

The Wrigley firm of which develop starbursts is a subsidiary that the Mars Company.

It is not unknown the both the these suppliers produce and make a benefit off that the production and also selling of dairy products.

This way they room in turn proactively contributing come the pollution led to by cow dairy products farms, the devastation caused through this type of farming, and the pet cruelty it reasons in that wake.

And so, it is not unexplained for some vegans to fully boycott these species of companies, or to stop their consumption of the “accidentally” vegan commodities that these providers sell.

As the fear is the the benefit made from this sales will just go earlier round right into the production of non-vegan products.

And why would you want that?

Well, there are a few vegan activists and also such that make a fair allude as come why you should still invest in the vegan products made by this companies.

It is similar in some ways to obtaining your gas from a gas station that sells warm dogs or tacos, the money from her gas will help them continue to create non-vegan snack and junk foods.

And it is additionally much prefer grocery shopping, while couple of grocery stores room vegan only, most human being will need to shop in ~ a store that walk vegan and non-vegan produce, and also so girlfriend still shop there.

The logic of this discussion is the if girlfriend buy vegan commodities from non-vegan just companies then you will let them recognize that that is selling.

The an ext vegans the buy from this places, the an ext their vegan-product sales will certainly rise.

In turn, this will make the firm realize that vegan assets are just as financially financially rewarding as their non-vegan options and they may produce much more vegan products as a result.

It is a an individual choice regarding whether or not you desire to invest her money in buying indigenous a firm like Wrigley that likewise produces non-vegan foods, however it may assist to perform so since as a result more vegan choices may become available and may even replace non-vegan options.

Starbursts and Veganism overall.

While being vegan is valuable to health, the environment, and more, it deserve to be a little of a bore trying to find candies, foods, and also junk snacks the you have the right to eat.

Not to cite when you gain those cravings because that a snack the you had before your vegetables days and realize girlfriend cannot have it.

Luckily sufficient if you get a craving because that starburst, girlfriend can get them vegan, back if friend live exterior of the UK that is a little more daunting and will result in a little bit of internet shopping and intense brand reading, it will be precious it.

We hope that starburst and also Wrigley will eventually shift their vegan starburst over to the united States and other countries.

It is a shame that so countless wonderful candies room not yet vegan however we are sure the if enough world keep buying castle they will shortly be everywhere and you will have the ability to get all your favorite childhood candies from your neighborhood store through ease.

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Do no forget to continue to be informed about ingredients that may not be vegan trusted in products; think the gelatin and also shellac and remember to identify them once you space label checking, especially on candies.