Dorien Thomaz to be Wiz Khalifa’s sister. Wiz’s mother, Katie Wimbush-Polk, newly filed a lawsuit versus her ex daughter-in-law, Amber Rose. Wiz’s mom insurance claims that Amber claimed that she enabled Dorien come die. Any kind of parent that has actually lost a boy understands Katie’s anger. I’m not sure what rose was thinking.

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Dorien Thomaz

The sudden fatality of Wiz Khalifa’s transgender brothers or sister has actually social media mentioning Dorien “Lala” Thomaz’s reason of death. An official cause of death has not been revealed but some indicate that Dorien to be diagnosed through HIV/AIDS. Scroll to the Instagram post to see an emotional message from the rapper’s mother, Peachie Wimbush.

In the Instagram post, Peachie describes that Dorien to be 32-years-old. She happen away with her mother by she side. There’s nothing worse than having actually to bury one of your kids. Pray for Wiz Khalifa’s family. The rapper, whose real name is Cameron Thomaz, doesn’t create lyrics the insult happy people. He doesn’t usage “fag” or “faggot” in his rhymes, unlike other rappers.

How did Wiz Khalifa Transgender brother Sister Die?

Wiz Khalifa’s mother explained that Lala passed far on Monday, February 20, 2017. The family members has been on an emotionally roller coaster this past week. ~ above Tuesday, February 21 Wiz was spotted v his ex-wife, Amber Rose, celebrating their son, Sebastian’s fourth birthday.

“… there to be no noise, no tremble, just peace. Five God(dess), ns realized together a woman exactly how lucky i am. Ns was there once that wonderful biology drifted into my life and I to be there once she drifted out. It to be the many precious minute of my life.” —M’Lynn steel Magnolias I have actually seen, heard and felt every little of her love 🙏🏾

In 2015, Wiz Khalifa exit the song, “See girlfriend Again” because that the Furious 7soundtrack. The unforgettable monitor was devoted to actor, Paul Walker, that passed far in 2013.

When you uncover someone that understands you and sets their personal needs aside to discover out your that’s a beautiful thing.

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wizkhalifa) February 23, 2017

Wiz deserve to use the emotional text to get over his pain. He’ll call Dorien all around it once he sees him again.


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