No one in your family members remembers buying a party of Worcestershire sauce, but yet there’s still one on the side of her refrigerator door. Perhaps it to be from your annual summer barbecue, yet that was so lengthy ago. Walk Worcestershire sauce go bad, and also how lengthy will it last for?

If you’re amongst the people who usage Worcestershire sauce sparingly, you might not it is in that familiar with this condiment. If girlfriend would prefer to discover a bit about storage, shelf life, and also spoilage of Worcestershire sauce, read on.

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How To save Worcestershire Sauce

You need to store Worcestershire sauce the same means you store various other high-sodium sauces, such as soy sauce.

That method you must keep one unopened party in a cool and dry place. The pantry is the obvious choice, but a room in the kitchen is simply fine too. Both these alternatives guarantee that the bottle will certainly sit away from sunlight, which also helps a bit.

Once you open up the bottle, the most important thing is constantly to keep the sealed tightly.

The concern of even if it is you should refrigerate Worcestershire after opened comes up reasonably often. The best answer I have the right to come up v is: the depends.

If you save it in the fridge, it will retain the ideal quality because that a longer period than if you keep it at room temperature. Yet if friend will use the contents of the bottle within 6 come 12 months, the storage technique won’t make that huge of a deal.

The key ingredients of Worcestershire sauce, such as vinegar, blackstrap molasses, or soybean beans sauce don’t need refrigeration, for this reason the sauce keeps rather well at room temperature too.


If you usage Worcestershire sauce just from time come time and also have no idea as soon as you will complete the bottle, keep in the fridge.

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How lengthy Does Worcestershire Sauce Last

Worcestershire sauce has actually a really lengthy shelf life. So also if your unopened party of Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce already sits in the pantry for 5 years, in virtually all cases, it will certainly be perfectly fine.

Most bottles of this condiment come through a best-by date. Usually, that period falls somewhere between 18 months and 3 years. Obviously, the sauce will remain fine and also of good quality because that much much longer if the bottle is unopened.

There’s in reality no an excellent way come determine just how long will certainly the sauce last because it doesn’t yes, really go bad. Its top quality degrades very slowly with time, therefore if you open up a party that’s 10 years old, the taste might not be the great. The vital here is “might” due to the fact that just too it might turn the end great. That’s the factor some sources say it lasts indefinitely.

Once you open the bottle, the sauce beginning to shed its top quality slowly. That means that with time its taste flattens and the dishes flavored through it won’t it is in as an excellent as they supplied to.

Again, it’s difficult to allude out precisely how long the bottle have the right to sit opened and still taste good. The general agreement is the it stays ideal for around 2 – 3 years, but that depends on the brand, ingredients, and also of course your taste buds.

Worcestershire sauce (unopened)Best by + 5 years
Worcestershire sauce (opened)1 year3 years

Please note that the time periods above are for finest quality only. Worcestershire sauce, if save on computer properly, will certainly last for much longer.

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Does Worcestershire Sauce walk Bad

As pointed out before, Worcestershire sauce doesn’t typically go bad. Many of its ingredients are herbal preservatives, so it’s unlikely for any kind of kind of bacteria come live and also grow in such an environment.

Of course, weird things sometimes happen, so prior to you use the sauce that’s been sitting in the refrigerator for periods in your following Caesar salad, give it a quick exam.

If the sauce has developed an unpleasant (sour, off, or funny) smell, or you have noticed any type of signs of mold, discard it.

Another sign is as soon as there is a buildup the gas. If the party is plastic, girlfriend will view that it shows up to be puffy. Even if it is the bottle is plastic or glass, if the lid makes a loud “pop” as soon as opening, together if releasing a the majority of pressure, this is a authorize that gas has built up. The sauce is most most likely spoiled and also should it is in discarded. Again, the mentioned circumstances are an extremely unlikely come happen.

What’s very likely to happen, ~ above the other hand, is the you will notice a class of sediment in ~ the bottom that the bottle. That’s perfect normal and all you should do is to shake the bottle come dissolve it.

As I currently mentioned, Worcestershire sauce degradation in high quality over time. If you have actually a bottle that’s opened for a long time and also seems to it is in fine, offer it a taste.

If the taste isn’t the great, you probably need to discard it for top quality purposes. Bad-tasting condiments usually typical bad-tasting meal, and also you don’t desire that.

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that course, you can experiment with adding an ext Worcestershire sauce to solve the issue, but that doesn’t always help.