So you’re gonna cover a Led Zeppelin song. Probably you’d pick a ballad like “Going to California” or “That’s the Way.” Those tracks get rid of the need for electric guitar virtuosity, permitting you come evade Jimmy web page comparisons. Or possibly you try a stomper choose “Trampled Under Foot.” but under no situations would you choose “Stairway come Heaven,” would certainly you?

Dolly Parton did. Parton’s take it on the elephant in classic rock’s antechamber closed she 2002 bluegrass album, Halos & Horns. And also since Parton did some ad-libbing in her version of “Stairway,” she needed express approval from Page and Robert Plant, the songwriters the Zep’s 1971 anthem.

Parton recalled gift “scared to death” as soon as she sent it off to Page and also Plant. “I knew i was wade on spiritual ground since it is a classic,” she said (via Dollymania). But Parton got her approval and, far better yet, native of prayer from both Plant and also Page. In an interview in ~ the time, plant elaborated ~ above his feelings about Parton’s take it on “Stairway.”

Robert tree liked facets of Dolly Parton’s sheathe of Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’

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Dolly Parton brings nation bluegrass to Irving Plaza, 2002. | Corey Sipkin/NY everyday News save via Getty Images

If you’re talking about “Stairway” covers, you have actually to mention the exquisite treatment Heart’s Ann Wilson and also Nancy Wilson offered it in ~ the 2012 Kennedy facility Honors. On that performance, the Wilsons had the backing that a substantial choir, and also it provided the power the epos scope the deserves. (Led Zeppelin love it.)

Plant told Parton he authorized of her usage of a choir a decade earlier. “Robert Plant said he’d constantly thought that it together a spiritual song,” Parton claimed (via Dollymania). “He was thrilled we’d supplied a choir on it, because he thought around that, too.”

Above all, tree didn’t think the “Stairway” together some sacred cow. “For it to be covered here, there, and also everywhere, that doesn’t really matter,” the told beginning in ’02.

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“I mean, the just an additional time now.” To illustrate his point, Plant offered the outlet one of his classic zingers. “It’s a little bit like Kylie Minogue act ‘Smokestack Lightning,’”he told Launch.