How to gain to Taos Ski Valley


We can"t wait to watch you! Year-round you have the right to fly right into Albuquerque or Santa Fe then drive to Taos or Taos Ski Valley. If you live in Texas or California, you might want to skip the long drive and check out flying here straight via Taos Air! Driving v or indigenous Albuquerque or Santa Fe? gain the scenic High road to Taos (directions below). Click HELP ME plan MY TRIPto send an e-mail direct come our Lodging Members to check access for your stay.

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FLY come Taos (TSM/SKX)

Taos waiting - Summer & Winter service 2021

To get to Taos via aircraft, flyTaos air - The Fastest, Easiest course to the Rockies!Experience an executive, management flying suffer with straightforward parking, lull of security, and best the all, no advertisement airport crowds!

Summer Service will be accessible to/from each destination two days each week starting July 1, 2021 with September 27, 2021.WinterService will be available to/from each location 3 job a week beginning December 16, 2021 with April 4, 2022.

AUSTIN: Flights Thursday, Saturday, and SundayCARLSBAD-SAN DIEGO: Flights Thursday, Saturday, and also SundayDALLAS: Flights Monday, Wednesday, and also FridayHAWTHORNE-LOS ANGELES: Flights Monday, Wednesday, and also Friday

Taos waiting Ground TransportationShuttle to/from Taos Ski Valley: Taos air offers totally free ground transfers in between the Taos regional Airport and the resort. The shuttle can be reserved during the booking procedure by adding "Taos Ski Shuttle" during the customization step.• Drop off & choose up is at The Blake hotel, Snakedance Condos and also Edelweiss Lodge. Walking street is Alpine town Suites, Sierra Del Sol, Powderhorn, The Blake Residences, and Brownell Chalet.

Shuttle to/from city of Taos:The NCRTD provides a cost-free shuttle between the Taos local Airport and also the town of Taos. Contact 866-206-0754 option #2 to make a reservation at the very least 24 hrs in advance. If in Taos, the NCRTD provides fared organization throughout the town.


Santa Fe airplane (SAF)—100 mile away; residential flightsAirlines servicing Santa Fe:American airline from Dallas/Fort Worth and also Phoenix; united to Denver international Airport.Albuquerque Sunport (ABQ)—159 mile away; residential & international flightsAirlines servicing Albuquerque:Advanced Air, Alaska, Allegiant, American, Boutique Air, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest, United


Local Bus transportation (Bus to Taos Ski sink ski season only)

The North central Regional transport District (NCRTD) signature "RTD Blue Buses", carry out fare-free organization from countless locations in Taos, El Prado and also Arroyo Seco. The District’s total service area encompasses more than 10,000 square mile of north main New Mexico. Check out the every the courses Here.

The totally free winter shuttle business to Taos Ski valley is the TSV 341 eco-friendly route. Service beginning December 18, 2021 and also ending march 22, 2022.


Pack up her vehicle and also come ~ above up!Directions from Taos to Taos Ski Valley:Travel north on us 64/Paseo Del Pueblo Norte until you reach the stoplight intersection of us 64/NM 522/NM 150. Turn appropriate onto NM 150. Passing v the tiny town of Arroyo Seco, stay on NM 150, i beg your pardon takes you to the ski area parking lots.From Santa Fe: take The High Road!Have a tiny extra time on her hands and also yearning for majestic scenery? take it the High road to Taos. This scenic byway winds through high desert, mountains, forests, small farms and tiny spain villages developed in the 1600s and 1700s. The beloved scenery has actually inspired numerous artists to set up gallery spaces. Protect against along the way to enjoy historic churches, pottery and also weaving studios. Access the route from the southern on united state 285/84 in ~ Pojoaque. Turn appropriate (east) ~ above NM 503 previous Nambe and also through Chimayo. At intersection of NM 76 rotate right and pass v Truchas and also Las Trampas to intersection NM 75. Revolve right and pass v Penasco and Vadito come NM 518. Rotate left (north) and also proceed to Los Ranchos de Taos. In ~ intersection NM 68, revolve right right into Taos.Electric automobile ChargingTaos Ski valley Resort has actually provided cost-free electric vehicle charging at 116 Sutton Place, Taos Ski Valley, 87525.There room 6 stations with J-1772 plugs. (We"ve read reported profit of 6 - 10 mile in regenerative power from coming ago down!)RV ParkingEnjoy her home-on-wheels with Taos Ski Valley as your basecamp!RV Parking is accessible in the Gila Lot at Taos Ski valley for up to 7 days. Generator usage is allowed but there are no hook-ups available.

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TRAIN - Rail jogger Express

The Rail Runner, new Mexico"s commuter rail, offer Albuquerque and also Santa Fe. Bus shuttles are accessible from the Santa Fe Railyard District station to the town of Taos to run Thursday with Sunday. Info on the Rail jogger Express have the right to be uncovered HERE.