The 3rd shell need to contain at least 18 electrons. Yet in iron there are 14 electrons in 3rd and 2 electrons in 4th. Why room there 14 electrons in the 3rd shell of stole atom?


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Your doubt is - Total variety of electrons in 3rd shell (i.e. Electron from 3s + electron from 3p + electron from 3d) is not yet 18 however still how we filled up the fourth shell?

You have actually a basic misconception 보다 atomic orbitals constantly follow the 2,8,18... Electron filling rule. According to this 2,8,18.. Electron pour it until it is full rule, 2 electron should acquire filled up in first shell, then 8 electrons in 2nd shell, climate 18 electrons in 3rd shell........

Remember this ascendancy mentioned over is totally elementary! just remember 2,8,18... Electron filling dominion is actually a waste. Merely I would certainly recommend forget around that 2,8,18... Rule. It is an extremely elementary rule... Merely forget it. In 2,8,18... Electron filling rule, "lower energy level orbitals gets filled increase first"- this explain is not thought about in that elementary 2,8,18..rule. However this declare which the elementary ascendancy doesn"t think about is really important statement to be complied with while pour it until it is full up of electrons. Therefore remember 2,8,18... Electron filling ascendancy is an elementary dominance for beginners who simply start come read around atoms and orbitals! Forget about that rule.

Its not necessary that 3rd shell needs to have 18 electron for 4th shell filling up to start.The electron filling depends upon the energy levels of the orbitals. Lower energy orbitals acquire filled increase first.

Iron"s construction is: 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 4s2 3d6. You have the right to note from the configuration, 4s it s okay filled up prior to 3d . The factor behind this is lower power orbitals are filled up first. Even though 4s belongs to fourth shell, still its energy is much less than 3d which have the right to be reasoned the end by (n+l) rule. 4s energy is much less than 3d, hence the two electrons i m sorry you supposed to it is in going come 3d goes come 4s prior to 3d filling starts. Thus you finish up having 14 electron in 3rd shell and also 2 electron in 4s.

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Remember 4s gained filled up prior to 3d and also the reason is 4s power is much less than that of 3d.