Gallium is among the craziest metals on the routine table. The is shiny and an extremely hard, as with you could expect a metal to be however unlike the various other metals, it actually melts in ~ 85.58 degrees F (29.76 levels C). This means that it will actually melt in your hand! thus low melt temperature over there are numerous experiments and tasks that one can do with Gallium the aren't possible with any type of other element.

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We supplied to acquire our gallium indigenous the science supply companies however now we order it straight from Amazon (find the here). There space several carriers through Amazon and the price are similar or cheaper than the science warehouses.

Gallium will definitely melt in your hand as long as her hands room warmer 보다 85.58 degF (29.76 degC) return it can take a while because that the steel to come to be liquid. Due to the fact that your hand is just touching one component of the gallium, that part will heat up very first and will liquify together it reaches melt temperature. The remainder of the steel remains listed below the melt temperature for this reason it stays solid which method it can take fairly a when for every one of the gallium come liquify using your hand.

We introduce placing the gallium in a plastic or glass container (don't usage a steel container as the gallium may ruin it, more on this below). Warmth water come a boil and include some that the water come an empty container. Set the container with the gallium into the just how water bathtub and permit it to melt. Alternately, you might place hot water directly with the gallium and use a tiny syringe to pull the gallium out of the water.

Yes, gallium is for sure to touch. However, we usage gloves when we room going come be managing a the majority of gallium because it will leave momentary stains on your hands. Also, one never ever really knows what they will learn around gallium (or any other element for the matter) later on so there is no reason not to exercise part caution. That wasn't that long earlier that Mercury has thought about as a safe steel - now we know differently.

Heat the gallium by put the container in a warm oven (above 100 deg F) or ar the container of gallium in a hot water bath (recommended method).

Drill out the graphite the the pencil. You might want to drill a tiny hole right into the next of the pencil so the the gallium will 'flow' right into the drilled out void.

Fill a small syringe v liquid gallium by placing the finish into the gallium and also drawing up the plunger.

Push the gallium from the syringe into hole in the pencil.

Let sit because that 12 hours (this time deserve to be decreased by making use of the refrigerator).

Use the knife to sharpen the pencil come a point.

How to make a Gallium Christmas Ornament



Clear Glass Ornament

Small syringe

Hot water (water boiler)


Heat the gallium by place the container in a warmth oven (above 100 deg F) or location the container that gallium in a hot water bath (recommended method).

Fill a tiny syringe with about 2ml of liquid gallium by putting the end into the gallium and also drawing up the plunger.

Remove the hanger loop native the clean glass ornament and fill the ornament through the gallium.

Keeping your finger end the opening, shiver the ornament come coat v gallium.

Pour remaining gallium out of ornament and also replace the hanger loop.

How to do a Gallium Disappearing Spoon



Gallium Spoon Mold (you may make your very own or stimulate one by clicking here)

Small syringe

Hot water (water boiler)


Heat the gallium by place the container in a heat oven (above 100 deg F) or place the container that gallium in a hot water bath (recommended method).

Place the silicon section of the gallium spoon mold right into an over set to approximately 120 degrees and also warm it increase for about 5 minutes (do not overheat or it will melt).

Remove silicon mold from oven and place into the plexiglass press. Tighten nuts slightly but do not crush the mold.

Fill a small syringe v liquid gallium by putting the finish into the gallium and drawing up the plunger.

Push the gallium from the syringe right into the mold making certain it fills evenly throughout.

Let sit for 12 hours (this time can be reduced by using the refrigerator).

Free Lesson because that Educators

I use the complying with open inquiry lab v gallium while we are learning about the elements, routine table, periodic trends, and also electron configuration. V this guided inquiry and open inspection experiment, students will be exposed come the marvels of gallium if reinforcing their knowledge of the vital topics in chemistry.

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Exploring Gallium lab - metal Melts In your Hand

(free pdf download)

More Gallium Experiments

To learn more about the Gallium Disappearing Spoon Trick, click HERE.

Good lucky with all of your gallium experiments!Keep ~ above Learning!~Craig Beals

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