Elisabeth Hasselbeck, previous co-host on The View, is most recognized for the famed split-screen problem she had with Rosie O’Donnell ago in 2007. The 2 went head to head on matters relating come the Iraq War and President George W. Bush, and also have since relentlessly faced questioning regarding the issue.

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck photo by Jason Davis/Getty pictures for KLOVE

Despite the truth that this conflict occurred over 10 years ago, it will forever connect O’Donnell and also Hasselbeck. However, Hasselbeck has gone on come star on various other TV shows, including Fox because that Friends and Angels among Us.

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Though a retired American actress and also TV show personality, Elisabeth Hasselbeck boasts a net worth of roughly $16 million and a last-reported value of $3 million, according to Celebrity net Worth. Elisabeth Hasselbeck graduated from Boston college in 1999 v a good Arts level in massive painting and industrial design; however, she heart have to have been in entertainment.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck acquired her begin on Survivor

Elisabeth Hasselbeck starred in Survivor: The Australian Outback in the 2001-2002 season, and also came in fourth place overall. A member the the Kucha people on the show, she was voted the end after she last allied remaining, Rodger Bingham, was voted out.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck confirmed that she was one tough and resilient woman on Survivor, an attribute she would need when rivaling Rosie O’Donnell a few years afterwards The View.

In 2001, Hasselback operated as a judge on the miss out on Teen USA Pageant; however, her actual success and introduction to the limelight would certainly come in 2003, as soon as she began working top top The View.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck and also ‘The View:’ 2003-2013

Hasselbeck auditioned because that The view in 2003 as a replacement for Lisa Ling. She co-hosted together a guest several times in 2002 prior to being actors as a permanent organize in 2003. Hasselbeck, as numerous of you already know, represented the conservative, if not slightly dogmatic right-winged, “view” ~ above the show.

While most recognized for her discussion with Rosie, Hasselbeck had actually previously voiced her concerns regarding selling the “morning-after” pill end the counter; she proclaimed that “life begins at the minute of conception” and also went on to voice other reasons why she disagreed through the Food and Drug Administration’s Plan.

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In 2007, Rosie and Elisabeth engaged in their debate heard ‘round the civilization concerning the Iraq War. O’Donnell opposed it, while Hasselbeck endorsed president Bush’s decision. Hindsight is 20-20, and today, us all recognize who to be standing top top the right side of this argument.