I"m a sucker because that anything that deserve to save me money, particularly when it involves beauty products. So ns tried the blackhead mask through glue, to watch if this hack might be a money saving alternate to the an ext expensive, branded blackhead masks and nose strips.

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In the kingdom of blackhead remove products, there room a ton of various methods to rid yourself of the small blighters. There room blackhead masks that look favor you’ve spanned your sleep in tar, or even cleansing spicy strips that show up to rip her blackheads right out of your cosy dwellings in her pores. There are likewise a bunch of herbal ways to eliminate your blackheads, native clay masks come baking soda scrubs. Together bizarre as it could sound, we are spoiled for an option when it concerns blackhead removal.

However, few of these methods might be much more than you want to spend, and it"s fun to have actually some cheap alternatives. Ns doubt you have the right to pick up any type of decent high quality nose strips that offer the exact same value for money as an entire bottle the glue, and also occasionally, desperate budget plan times contact for desperate skincare measures. In this situation that translates to: I placed glue top top my challenge to conserve money. Here"s what happened.

The Inspo

I complied with the over tutorial on exactly how to create a blackhead remove mask out of Elmer"s glue. ~ watching a video clip where one Elmer"s glue face mask falls short drastically, ns decided against doing a full confront mask, because I go not desire to finish up in pain and/or v a red, sore-looking challenge afterward. I don"t usually endure with perceptible skin, yet I wasn"t sure how the glue would react to mine face, so ns didn"t want to threat it.

The Glue


After a clues of research, that affiliated watching YouTube videos of civilization spreading adhesive on their faces, i gathered the following: Elmer"s adhesive is the most well-known brand to usage to create this mask. However, I wanted to get also thriftier, so ns opted for a £1 (approx. $1.23) bottle of PVA adhesive from my regional pound shop. Besides, I"d never ever heard that Elmer"s adhesive before, if PVA is widely used in colleges as a safe, non-toxic alternative over here in the UK — IMO, it"s the Elmer"s glue for British people.


Although the bottle did say the the adhesive I"d favored was in truth "non-toxic," it did state, "Do not permit material to come into contact with eyes" together with instructions ~ above what to do if the product did come into contact with eyes, or was ingested. So i was a tiny wary around how safe and also "non toxic" this product actually was, but I remember gaining PVA almost everywhere my hands during crafts as a child, so ns reckoned it would most likely be it s okay on mine nose, as lengthy as I retained it far from mine eyes.




As i hadn"t offered a mask or had actually my blackheads extract professionally in quite some time, i felt all set for a purge. Above was my sleep pre-glue. Then, it to be time to spread out it on.

When I"d covered my nose, ns felt prefer I"d applied too much, as it was still opaque after a few minutes.

After about five minutes ns was starting to issue that I"d have to start again, together I thought I"d put far too much on.

I began to feel pertained to when my nose started to itch a little and this dots showed up on the finish of mine nose.

However, my patience payment off and also I could feel the glue dry on my face. The felt oddly irresistible to scrunch my confront up and also feel the glue begin to peel up in ~ the edges. Ns twigged the the dots I"d seen formerly must have actually been the glue filling my pores. I wasn"t certain if this to be a an excellent or a poor thing.

When I"d timidly touched my nose and also concluded that the adhesive had lastly dried, I began to peel off the glue.

This was by far the best component and the felt amazing — like once you used to peel adhesive off your hands in elementary college — and also I"d actually do it all over again just for this sensation.

The Results

I couldn"t wait to peek at my mask! I placed it versus a black book cover so regarding view the results clearly and ns was shocked. I couldn"t be specific if the white specks spotted all over my glue mask where little hairs or blackheads but, considering it was painless to remove, I thought they would likely be blackheads. TBH, i was surprised because I didn"t think it would certainly work.

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As a bonus to the relief i felt at not having to make a pilgrimage to the hospital, ~ washing my confront (as suggested in the tutorial) my nose felt fresh and very soft. I"m certain my blackhead instance still needs some attention so, uneven a expert told me this was negative for me or mine skin, I would certainly actually do this again!

If you desire to give this a whirl, just make sure you"re not allergic to your liked glue and that it definitely says, "non-toxic" what on the label. Stay safe and also blackhead free with this fun small experiment — if nothing else, it will offer you some nostalgia because that those glue-covered class days.