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There’s no denying it. Golf is an high value sport. As much as we all love this game, it’s tough to disregard the last bill together we unwillingly return residence after the 19th hole. However, if girlfriend think golf place a dent in your back pocket, would certainly you believe me if ns told friend it prices even much more to it is in a experienced golfer?Contrary to popular belief, the financial responsibilities of a expert golfer have the right to be very burdensome. For anyone that decides to go after this profession, it’s a long and costly journey–especially those fortunate enough to walk off the 18th green on Sunday through a trophy and also check in hand. In this article, we will define most of a expert golfer’s primary costs ranging from take trip to their caddie’s cut, and in turn, illustrate just how much cash winnings a PGA tour player in reality takes home.So, how much does it cost to be a expert golfer? Let’s discover out!Before we acquire started, I wanted to invite girlfriend to inspect out the Wirede2golf referrals page. This is wherein you’ll uncover a number of resources to help you take it your game to the following level!
Contents1 Do experienced Golfers pay Their own Expenses? 2 What species of prices Do lock Pay?2.1 tournament Entry Fees2.2 annual Dues & Initiation Fees2.3 Qualifying Fees2.4 Equipment2.5 Caddies2.6 take trip (Flights & Transportation)2.7 Lodging (Hotels & Rental Homes)2.8 State earnings Taxes2.9 health and wellness & Wellness3 how Much Money Do experienced Golfers actually Take Home?4 The Takeaway – how Much does it expense to it is in a skilled Golfer?

Do expert Golfers salary Their own Expenses? 

Unlike common professions whereby the employer will certainly either front the invoice or charge the expenses earlier to the company itself, skilled golfers have to pay their own way.No matter the tourism or circuit one plays on, all skilled golfers must pay for the bulk, if no all, of their own expenses. However, not all expenses are created equally. Although rather counterintuitive, the general preeminence on how much a expert should mean to pay is together follows: the reduced the level that circuit, the greater the fees/expenses will certainly be.

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In the United States, the highest level of experienced golf is the PGA Tour. One swing far lays the Korn Ferry Tour. Here, players deserve to still make a kind living playing golf however haven’t quite completed elite status. Next under you have actually your early on developmental tours. After perfect Q-School, players might earn the ideal to play this circuits such together the Canadian or Latin American Tour. At the bottom of the professional golf totem pole sits the mini-tours and state opens. These “pay-to-play” tournaments space usually positioned within a particular an ar of the country and are extremely hard to make a living off of.For purposes of obtaining a far better understanding of how much it expenses to it is in a experienced golfer, us will keep the meat of our conversation within the kingdom of the PGA Tour.

What types of expenses Do castle Pay?

These prices can differ relying on where the competition is located, how far away a player stays from that city and also how much deluxe the player deserve to afford to travel in. However, usually, the money always flows to the same locations week-in and also week-out: airfare, hotels, cars, and food.

Tournament entry Fees

Anyone planning come play in a skilled golf tournament have to pay an entrance fee, unless otherwise exempt. A tournament’s entry fees is primarily dependent upon the tier the the professional circuit.Most the the PGA Tour’s family names have actually their entrance fees extended by either sponsor or the various television networks broadcast the separation, personal, instance tournaments. The just real upfront payment is a mandatory $50 locker room fee.As because that the mini-tour football player yearning to rise the ladder, their entry fees commonly start approximately $800 and also can also reach phibìc of $1,000. Keep in mind the entry fees for these smaller local tournaments develop the event’s purse i m sorry is why they are usually more expensive come enter.

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Annual dues & Initiation Fees

All football player on the tour are required to pay yearly dues and initiation fees. Every is $100, i m sorry is a nominal amount in comparison to an average player’s salary (we will certainly touch top top this later). 

Qualifying Fees

In order to contend in pre-qualifying tournaments, the majority of tourism pros cough up $400 together a qualifying fee. For those play on the Korn Ferry or champions Tours, this fee is set at $100.


This is a group we space all acquainted with. It’s typical knowledge that almost all tourism pros have actually their devices sponsors salary for your clubs, golf balls, etcetera. But, simply in situation you equip your bag in the same manner, let’s break down the fair sector value of Tiger’s bag because that the 2020 season: