Over a period of time, an ext and more of my music was significant with an exclamation note "!". Now all music has actually this.

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If I enter musicitunesitunes Media, all my albums space in there.

In itunes if I click on Song Info and then Locate, ns can discover the song in the album folder and make that active. BUT, it removes that details song indigenous the album folder and installs the in one more album folder by the same name that itunes created. I can"t recover each track in 1,200 albums.

In an experiment, I replicated over 3 brand-new CDs into itunes. They all got in the same folder together my original music and also after copying, they carry out NOT have a !, and play simply fine.

How can I have one album folder with all "!" through the songs, but another, newly mounted album folder, v no "!" by those songs?

BTW, every songs, in every albums, beat in ie explorer with any kind of media player.

What happened and how to fix?

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post on Jun 11, 2018 5:39 pm

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Perhaps this post will help:

If you check out an exclamation allude next to her items in iTunes - gaianation.net Support

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The "missing file" concern with exclamation marks wake up if the file is no longer where iTunes expects to discover it. Feasible causes are that friend or some third party tool has actually moved, change the name or turned off the file, one of its parental folders, or the journey it stays on has had a change of journey letter, or you"ve relocated a non-portable library to a different path (see do a break-up library portable for details). The is also possible that iTunes has changed from expecting the files to be in the pre-iTunes 9 layout to post-iTunes 9 layout, or vice-versa, and so is spring in slightly the dorn place, or that you"ve been also aggressive as soon as deleting duplicates. See acquiring iTunes & home windows Media Player come play nicely if you"re do the efforts to accessibility your media with any other media players.

Select a track with an exclamation mark, use Ctrl-I to acquire Info, then click No as soon as asked to shot to locate the track. Look on the paper tab because that the ar that iTunes think the document should be. Now take a look approximately your tough drive(s). Hopefully you deserve to locate the monitor in question. If a section of her library has actually simply been moved, a folder renamed, or a journey letter has actually changed, it have to be possible to reverse the actions. If the difference between the two courses is an additional Music folder in one route then this is a layout issue. I can explain further if that is the case. If whatever is whereby it is claimed to be try Repair security permissions for iTunes because that Windows.

In some cases iTunes may be able to repair chin if friend go with the same actions with get Info, or as soon as playing a track, however this time click Locate and browse come the lost track. It might then market to attempt to immediately fix other damaged links. Back it says something choose "use the same location" i think it expects to discover the tracks in the very same artist & album layout they to be in previously, with one systematic readjust to the path.

If another application prefer Windows Media Player has actually moved/renamed the files, or the library has been relocated from OS X come Windows, then the opportunities are that subtle distinctions in naming techniques will make it tough to reclaim the media come the precise path the iTunes is expecting. In together cases, as long as the absent files have the right to be uncovered somewhere, friend should be able to use my FindTracks script to reconnect them to iTunes. View this write-up for one explanation of just how it works. It could need some tweaking if your media is in a non-standard layout.

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If you desire me to shot to provide certain advice please post ago the complying with details:

The ar of the media folder under edit > choices > AdvancedThe place of a sample lacking track presented under obtain Info > document > ar that begins file://localhost/The true route to the file whose details you provided in 2

Note the enhancement of file://localhost/ (and the flipped direction the slashes in Windows) is normal for a paper that isn"t fairly where iTunes is expecting to discover it.