Fallout: new Vegas has some pretty resilient armor scattered across its map. Here"s whereby you can uncover the best of them.

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Fallout new Vegas ideal armor in the game.
Fallout brand-new Vegas has some exceptional weapons and also armor for players come find. The NCR have their iconic Ranger armor, when Ceaser"s Legion has unique armor designed because that melee combat.

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this armor sets are scattered transparent the Mojave desert, however there room some more unique items that market special bonuses or are simply really good for their archetype. Due to the fact that of your uniqueness, many are tied to concealed quests or obscure places throughout the Mojave and also its DLC locations. Whether the armor boosts a player"s survivability or renders them better at shooting, here are the 15 best unique armor pieces players can discover in Fallout brand-new Vegas, together with where to uncover each item.

Updated October 6th, 2020 by Charles Burgar: With so countless armor sets to pick from in Fallout: new Vegas, it have the right to be daunting to figure out which body and also helmet mix works best. Listing ten entries wasn"t walk to cut just how diverse the game"s apparel deserve to be. With that in mind, right here are five extr picks the can advantage melee characters, light-armored builds, and those that desire to usage power armor a tiny earlier 보다 normal.

Fallout new Vegas traveler armor indigenous Orion Moreno
This unique collection of armor is uncovered on Orion Moreno, an Enclave Remnant that players can find in his house at Sharecropper Farms. The armor the carries is light and valuable.

The Explorer"s set grants a respectable 8 damages threshold while only weighing a measly 3 pounds. It likewise grants a bonus to the Melee Weapon and Guns an abilities by 2 points, raising the effectiveness of those weapons. The looks cool, has reasonable DT, and grants extr bonuses to set it apart from various other items in New Vegas.

Fallout brand-new Vegas Lobotomite Armor.
This set of apparel is typically disregarded since of how weak it is, but the bonuses it grants to resistances and also night vision should not it is in overlooked.

The Hazmat Suit and Cowl room obtainable indigenous the Old civilization Blues DLC at the Hazmat trial and error ground, request the sonic emitter to acquire access. The helmet gives a permanent night vision result while equipped, letting players check out anything lurking in the shadows. The armor grants 11 damage threshold in ~ a lightweight 18 units. It also grants 85 toxicity resistance, an interpretation that football player can tank the poison damages from any high-level Cazador or Scroprian.

Fallout brand-new Vegas NCR Salvaged power Armor.
despite its name saying it is a fit of salvaged T-45b power armor, the NCR Salvaged power Armor is in reality a heavy armor set that does not require power armor training. Through a DT rating that 24 with the full set, this armor can take a serious amount of penalty in the early on to mid-game.

that does disguise players together an NCR member and reduces your Agility by two, however, so be cautious when close to Legion encampments. This armor have the right to be found on NCR soldiers in Hoover Dam and also Camp Mccarran. If football player can get this armor early, it"s a solid collection to use.

Fallout 3 main menu/cover through T-45d power armor.
despite the T-45d power armor being the weakest strength armor in New Vegas, that is still strength armor. Anyone that equips this beast of an armor collection will gain 27 DT, +2 Strength, 13% boosted radiation resistance, and also a -2 palliation to Agility.

The Agility penalty can make this undesirable for many weapon builds, yet the T-45d"s enhanced Strength renders this an incredible set for melee builds. Players can discover this strength armor on details vendors and also the concealed Valley Bunker.

The Lonesome Road DLC is just one of the most exciting pieces of content included to New Vegas, adding a brand-new character furious in every DLC beforehand that judges the player character"s character"s actions.

in ~ the finish of the DLC, Ulysses will certainly leave his duster behind the the player can use. The stats ~ above this duster rely on what faction the player is many positively set within that playthrough. The ideal version, arguably, is the blackjack variant, which can only be acquired if every 3 major factions are neutral or versus the player. This version grants +1 Luck, 30% toxicity resistance, and has a an excellent 13 DT stat for only 3 weight. Not just is the DT to weight threshold incredible, however the extra bonuses the provides enable the user to crit much more and be a little better at everything.

T-51b strength armor is a an excellent armor collection for players that learn exactly how to wear power armor. Derived from concealed Valley or the deathclaw promontory east of the Colorado River, this armor offers an tremendous 31 DT v the helmet and armor equipped.

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This armor also grants the wielder +1 strength, 33% boosted radiation resistance, and also +1 Charisma. V no an adverse stats tied come the armor, this is one objectively far better armor set than the T-45d strength armor excluding particular melee builds.

The Combat armor and helmet are two above armor piece in the Fallout universe, existing since the original installment and practically all subsequent games.

This medium collection of armor provides a good amount of defense while offering minimal penalties to mobility. This specific variant sponsor 20 DT for the armor and also 5 for the helmet, do this set rival part lower-tier strength armor sets. That is also highly durable, although the is in ~ the expense of a high weight border of 25. Players can uncover this collection of gear randomly top top vendors and also high-level mercenaries.

towards the finish of the Lonesome Road DLC, players will should decide which area of the Mojave come destroy, must the player choose to relax nukes in ~ all. If players decision to nuke Ceaser"s Legion, lock can discover a new location called Dry Wells.

This area contains a challenging foe called Gaius Magnus, a legionnaire wearing the Armor the the 87th Tribe. This armor offers a huge 22 DT, +10 AP, 3% increased an essential chance, and increases Charisma through one. While the is locked rather much into the game, this heavy collection of armor is quickly one of the best late-game armor sets players can get their hand on.

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No irradiate armor in Fallout: brand-new Vegas is as solid as the Sierra Madre Armor, Reinforced version from the Dead Money DLC. Special 23 DT through the helmet and also body armor combined, this armor collection has together much damages mitigation as hefty armor sets.

This armor have the right to be uncovered throughout the Sierra Madre. Football player can find a couple of of this in the Sierra Madre vault in ~ the finish of the DLC, despite players can acquire one earlier by unlocking a door in the executive suite that the casino.

This NCR power armor can be discovered if players decide to ruin the NCR encampment in ~ the end of Lonesome Road come unlock the long 15. A corpse in that area is wearing this armor.

The armor itself calls for power armor training prior to it can be used, unlike the NCR Salvaged strength armor. Come compensate, it provides no an adverse stats to Agility as many power armors do, instead giving +1 Strength, 25% fire resistance, and also a substantial 2 HP rejuvenation per second. This is one of the strongest health regeneration results in the game, rivaling what some food consumables offer.

power armor is one iconic prize in Fallout, giving an remarkable amount of protection yet requiring specific training and maintenance to use. When those are all great, it additionally weighs a metric ton.

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The Gannon family members Tesla armor, gained through completing Arcade"s questline and telling him come stay, is share as medium armor yet provides the services of power armor. It has actually an immense 26 damage threshold while only weighing 35 weight, making it the lightest strength armor in the whole game. It likewise grants a +10 bonus to energy Weapons, and also a 20% Radiation resistance bonus, allowing players to was standing in radiation waste because that a longer duration of time before dying.

Joshua Graham is just one of the coolest characters in all of Fallout, gift lit top top fire and thrown under Hoover Dam but surviving the catastrophe.

His human body is extended in bandages and padded armor, as a result. Players who complete the Honest Hearts DLC will have the ability to find and also equip this in a footlocker beside the entrance to Zion. The armor gives an amazing DT to weight proportion of 15 come 8, make it one of the far better armor set in the game. Furthermore, it grants an additive 3% possibility to critically hit through an strike or providing an equivalent of 3 Luck come a character. Almost every character can benefit from these amazing bonuses while likewise wearing this character"s cool feather armor.

Those who loved utilizing the Chinese Stealth Armor in Fallout 3 or New Vegas will certainly love what the Stealth fit MKII does. Only accessible in Old human being Blues, this armor provides a plethora the benefits.

To obtain this stealth armor, players should be discovered in the X-13 research study facility, climate it demands to be calibrated through running miscellaneous stealth runs in the facility. The benefits it grants space astounding, offering 14DT as a tool armor set while also enhancing a player"s Sneak, Perception, Agility, and Movement rate while crouching. The suit additionally administers Med-X and also Stimpacks immediately while joking with the player, make this armor rather difficult to beat.

over there isn"t lot to say about the Remnants strength armor. Its the ideal power armor in the whole game, approving 36 full damage threshold as soon as equipped.

This armor additionally provides +1 Strength, +20 Radiation resistance, and also -1 Charisma. To acquire this armor, football player will have to either death Orion Moreno in ~ the Remnants bunker as component of Arcade"s search or finding it in ~ Deathclaw promontory and Silver top Mine, guarded by few of the toughest opponents in the game. The set is precious it though, listed players have actually the devices to save this short HP collection repaired. As soon as obtained, prepare to absorb every attack in the video game with ease.

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How have the right to a collection of tool armor outclass the best suit of power armor in Fallout brand-new Vegas? The slim amount of stats and good damage threshold take it this above the Remnant set.

The upstream Riot equipment is discovered in the Lonesome Road DLC at the Municipal structure at third Street. At the top of the building, football player can uncover a dead NCR ranger through this epos armor equipped. It offers 22 DT ~ above the armor and 6 on the helmet. Once both are worn, the armor provides 5 additive critical chance, +10 to the weapons skill, +1 Charisma, +5 Speech, +2 Perception, far better vision at night if crouching, and grants a red-tinted type of night vision as soon as indoors while sneaking. This set has so numerous bonuses and also perks tied come it it"s difficult to argue the it isn"t the best collection in New Vegas.

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