According to the wiki, there room a variety of otherwise unattainable encounters the you have the right to experience if you have actually the Wild Wasteland trait, consisting of some in the DLCs.

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Number of Wild Wasteland Encounters:

"Core" video game - 22Dead Money - 3Honest hearts - 2Old world Blues - 11Lonesome road - 4

These attribute references to plenty of popular movies/TV:

Star WarsIndiana JonesLassie

Notable Loot:

Unattainable Loot:

Is it precious it? That"s something just you can decide.


You deserve to read increase on the special, of the characteristics on the fallout Wiki article.

The biggest difference is trade the distinctive Gauss Rifle for a distinct Alien Blaster. I think the alien Blaster provides special ammo the you only discover a very restricted supply of while the Gauss Blaster supplies MF cells. The extraterrestrial Blaster is pretty ridiculous though, zero spread and also every shooting is a critical. You likewise miss out on a couple of mini-nukes.

If you desire the perk, gain it because that the humor. IMO it far outweighs the (fairly minor) gameplay changes, i m sorry I"m sure is intentional. It"s usually one pistol difference, to add a few mininukes, and if you"re favor me friend never even use "too great to use" consumable items favor that anyway.


In mine experience, if you are the kind that would like/love a good laugh in ~ times, it would be precious it.

Otherwise ns don"t introduce it considering that unique YCS/186 Gauss Rifle is replaced with extraterrestrial Blaster once you have this perk.


If girlfriend do gain the perk, girlfriend can acquire one climate the other with console codes on the PC, that would certainly be the only method to gain both, considering I have actually both.

To gain both that the weapons (and extra ammo for the alien Blaster), you have the right to use player.additem item_base_id_here command.

Fallout wiki posts have the "item codes" ("base id") :



I never take it. The Ycs/186 is far an ext versatile especially outside that vats and with the inclusion of max fee ammo. One to 2 sneak crits will kill every legendary creature in the game. Friend can also use scrounger and also the brotherhood ammo price crate in surprise valley to acquire 100+ ammo every few days. It is the can be fried sniper platform in the game and the distinctive laser pistol Pew Pew v the high crit opportunity attainable because that laser weaponry v perks and challenges is comparable to the extraterrestrial Blaster in regards to killing power.


Well there"s a glitch that enables you to use any kind of ammo for the extraterrestrial blaster for this reason its certainly worth it. Equip a weapon you have actually alot that ammo for and hold the hot an essential button not let go goto ammo and also equip that ammo under a hot an essential and boom more then 100 bullets because that the alien blaster

simply put, "wild wasteland" tickles your wrinkled tiny brains, while it"s absence does not. Either way, you"ll ultimately be an overpowered demi-god, so second char buff perk doesn"t ultimately add nuff. Some usage the YCS as an argument...well, the total is nothing much, really. The .50 is far better in state of rate of fire, explosive ammo option, "friendly" scope and also suppression. The trait adds content. A DLC that sorts, yet without the "D" so why not. You"ll still kick ass. FFS, vegas is easily accessible on level 1 and you"re being picky around some damn trait as if it"s a life-and-death matter.

I think the characteristics is great if you like to have a an excellent time and don"t care about the major tone the immerses you right into the game. I f you want to play the video game properly and also complete the main mission and also all, climate the trait might not be because that you. Yet if you don"t yes, really care about the quests and just desire to wander the mojave to simply see what you stumble across, climate you could want it.

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