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By Ahsan Haque
In the second of the series of illustration completed there is no Seth MacFarlane's approval, we're treated v a surprisingly funny story-heavy outing. Through a mix of situational humor, random jokes, and Meg gaining pregnant, this episode extensively entertains from begin to finish, with just a few hiccups and missed opportunities along the way.

once Quahog is fight by a flood, some noticeable references come the tragedy in new Orleans room made, consisting of an oddly familiar structure called "Quahog Stadium." given that the writers have tendency to take it every feasible opportunity to do political jabs in ~ the existing administration, it to be an odd choice not to make any in this whole episode, when there to be so many opportunities to carry out so. In any type of event, the focus during the flood was virtually entirely on the Griffin family, and the events leading come Meg falling right into a coma. It's constantly been a running joke on the display to treat Meg as a useless character and give she as couple of lines as possible, yet in this episode, the talented and lovely Mila Kunis it s okay to put on an really performance. The circumstances causing Meg's coma space absolutely hilarious, together Peter insists that Meg obtain some beer native the refrigerator in the submarine kitchen and also she gets stuck underwater. Exactly how the suffocation turns into a coma is a clinical mystery, but even while exposed in the water, and her subsequent tenure in a hospital bed - there's one thing around Meg Griffin that never ever changes: she always has her cap on. In the hospital, Meg meets the man of she dreams, a young doctor called Michael Milano. In short, after ~ Peter vows to end up being an overprotective father, Michael has challenges in continuing dating Meg. A couple of weeks later, Meg insurance claims that she's pregnant and also this leader to suddenly wedding plans.



In standard Family Guy fashion, Peter offers a slew of inappropriate jokes that will shock and disgust also the many hardened viewer. Over there are simply so numerous of these subtle and also not-so ethereal jokes and they to be expertly spread throughout the episode. Some of the apparent highlights include Peter arriving as a male stripper at Meg's bachelorette party, his amusing choice for the wedding cake figures, come statements about the dire condition of his Nerf football stand out in particular. This episode even had a B-story going through Brian and also Stewie buying a fixer-upper residence together, which was highlighted by a "so-dumb-it's-brilliant" walkie-talkie conversation gag and also culminated with a gratuitous explosion featuring Stewie and also Brian jumping the end of the exploding trashed domicile in ~ the critical second. by the finish of the episode, every little thing returned to typical as usual, yet the trip was definitely a worthwhile one v the perfect blend of comedy and story. We've constantly said that Family Guy is at its finest when the tries come tell a story together with the barrage of jokes, and also this episode is a element example.

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No every joke was funny, and also the story arc might have used a bit an ext development, however the sheer quantity of gags quickly overcomes this minor shortcomings. Even without Seth MacFarlane's final approval, this illustration manages come shine.