If girlfriend have ever heard the a black color widow spider, climate you probably think that a danger spider. In fact, that is only the female black spider that is dangerous come humans.

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It deserve to be confusing together there space a variety of spiders that look as with the black color widow, some are completely harmless, while rather are also considered dangerous.

Wondering if it to be a black color widow friend saw? proceed reading to uncover out more.

What are Black Widow Spiders?

In phibìc America, there room a number of black widow species:

Southern black color widow (Latrodectus mactans)Western black widow (Latrodectus hesperus)Northern black color widow (Latrodectus variolus)

A female black widow spider

Female black widow spiders space the many dangerous and are easily figured out by the red hourglass on her belly through a shiny black color body.

Males, ~ above the various other hand, have red and yellow bands and also spots on your backs. They additionally have longer legs and also smaller bodies.

Juveniles look prefer males.


Northern black Widow variety Map

As in the below map, southerly black widows are regularly reported in the southeast states such together Texas, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, southern Carolina, north Carolina, Virginia, and more.


Southern black color Widow range Map

Western black color widow spiders space often uncovered in California, Texas, new Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, and more.


Western black Widow range Map

Black Widow Eggs and also Spiderlings

A black widow with an egg sac


Brown widow

Scientific name: Latrodectus geometricus.

Common name:brown widow, brown switch spider, grey widow, brown black widow, house switch spider, geometric button spider.

The brown widow is regarded the black widow however is not as dangerous.

Brown widows have black and white trends on the side of their abdomens and also an orange to yellow hourglass shape.

These spiders room smaller and also lighter in color than the black color widow through stripes top top the legs.

If you space bitten, their bites space painful yet are not considered dangerous.

Brown Widow vs black color Widow

The hourglass form is orange to yellow in color and not shining redThey have actually black and also white ~ above the side of the abdomen, the black widow is fully black and also shinySmaller in size than the black widow

2. Triangulate Cobweb Spider


Triangulate cobweb spider

Scientific name: Steatoda triangulosa.

Common name:triangulate cobweb spider, triangulate bud spider.

Triangulate cobweb spiders are usual house spiders that tend to hide in the dark corner of outbuildings.

They have negative eyesight, relying top top their feeling of touch, emotion vibrations to uncover their prey.

They are tiny in size and also are not aggressive in the direction of humans.

These spiders are considerably smaller than the black widow, cultivation to 6mm in body size with a brown to orange head region and yellow legs.

Their bulb-shaped abdomen is cream v purple come brown zigzag patterns.

Triangulate Combfoot vs black Widow

They are half the dimension of the female black widow, cultivation to just 6mmTheir shade is cream with yellow legs and orange head region, contrasted to the shiny black color of the black widowThey have actually brown to violet zigzag trends on their abdomen.

3. Noble False Widow


Noble false widow

Scientific name: Steatoda nobilis.

Common name: (noble) false widow.

Noble false widows are the biggest in the false widow types and room often uncovered near homes.

They have actually dark brown ~ above the prior of your bodies and their legs.

The large bulb-shaped abdomen can vary in cream through dark brown, periodically there space very couple of markings if any.

Bites from the noble false widow room rare, they room not an wild species.

They thrive to a comparable size together the black color widow, of approximately 14 millimeters.

Noble False Widow vs black Widow

Rather than being shining black, this spiders room dark brown v brown legs and cream come brown markings on their abdomens.

4. False black Widow


False black widow

Scientific name: Steatoda grossa.

Common name:cupboard spider, dark comb-footed spider, brown home spider (in Australia), false widow, false black color widow.

False black widows are uncovered throughout the joined States and also are sometimes referred to as cupboard spiders.

Their body shape and also color are comparable to a black widow, as space their webs.

It is taken into consideration medically far-reaching if you are bitten by a false black color widow, even though their bite is no as dangerous. The will cause severe pain.

The female has a large bulb-shaped abdomen with a body-color that ranges from brown to black or purple.

They perform not have the red hourglass warning sign on the underside of your abdomens.

False black color Widow vs black color Widow

No red hourglass on your undersidesColors have tendency to be much more of a purple-black or brown than shiny black

5. Red Widow


Red widow

Scientific name: Latrodectus bishopi.

Common name:Red widow.

Red widows room endemic to main and southern Florida, where this spider prefers a sand dune habitat.

They have actually an orange to red head space with a black color abdomen, that has yellow rings that overview a heat of red spots.

The legs room red.

They do not have actually the famous red hourglass on your underside, this is changed with two tiny red marks.

This is thought about a venomous spider, but there room no bites videotaped as it hardly ever comes into call with people.

Red Widow vs black color Widow

Red widow has an orange to red head room (cephalothorax)The black color abdomen has actually yellow rings and red spotsThere is no red hourglass on the underside.

6. Boreal Combfoot


Boreal combfoot

Scientific name: Steatoda borealis.

Common name:Boreal combfoot.

The Boreal combfoot spider is often confused with the black color widow, despite they have a red come brown fancy abdomen v a T-shaped marking on the former end. The underside is lighter than the height of the abdomen.

They room encountered east of the Rocky Mountains, though they are well-known to be moving south. They room usually discovered under stones, in absent crevices, and also outbuildings.

They are considerably smaller than the black widow, farming to only 7mm in human body length.

Boreal Combfoot vs black Widow

Considerably smaller than the black color widow, farming to 7mm in body length, excluding the legsRed to brown colored abdomen v a T shape, fairly than the shiny black of the black widow.Lighter coloration top top the underside compared to the top side that the abdomenNo red hourglass ~ above the underside

7. Rabbit hutch Spider


Rabbit hutch spider

Scientific name: Steatoda bipunctata.

Common name:Rabbit us spider.

Rabbit hutch spiders are typical in north America and also are regularly encountered close to homes, particularly in sheds and basements.

They are comparable in shape to the black color widow and are regularly mistaken together the black color widow, though they room not together dangerous to humans.

They have bulb-shaped abdomens that room brown through a damaged line down the center and another on the anterior part of the abdomen. They have an interesting infinity sample on your underside.

They can flourish to roughly 7mm in body length.

Rabbit us Spider vs black color Widow

Brown abdomen through a pale line down the center and on the anterior next of the abdomenInfinity shaped symbol top top the undersideSmaller than the black widow

8. White-spotted False Widow


White-spotted false widow. Picture by Mehmet Akif Suna via inaturalist

Scientific name: Steatoda albomaculata.

Common name:white-spotted false widow.

The white-spotted false widow is a usual cupboard spider that spins its web in undisturbed areas of the home and also garden.

They are frequently mistaken because that the attention female black color window, despite they are substantially less harmful.

They come in a selection of sizes and colors, which range from red plum and also satin black color to pale brown. Their bulb-shaped abdomens have actually white, beige, or orange markings.

White Spotted False Widow vs black Widow

Sandy brown to black color or plum red in colorWhite, beige, or orange markings top top the abdomenNo red hourglass on the underside

9. Redback Spider


Redback spider

Scientific name: Latrodectus hasselti.

Common name:redback spider, Australian black color widow.

The redback spider has slender legs v the front pair being longer than the rest with a one centimeter human body length.

They have a rounded abdomen which is brown or deep black with red to orange strip on the upper surface, together with an hourglass shape on the underside.

Some females have plain black abdomens without any kind of marketings.

Spiderlings space gray through darker spots.

Males space light brown in color with white markings top top the upper sides that the abdomen and a pale hourglass top top the underside.

This is additionally considered a dangerous spider and also if bitten, you need to seek clinical treatment together the pain can be intense in the bite area.

Redback Spider vs black Widow

Red come orange stripe on the upper abdomenScarlet hourglass ~ above the underside, darker than the shining red of the black color widow

10. Katipō


Latrodectus katipo

Scientific name: Latrodectus katipo.

Common name:katipo.

This medium-sized spider grows to around 8mm with a leg span of 32mm.

The female has actually a big black bulb-shaped abdomen, comparable to the size of a pea with slender legs.

They also have a white-bordered orange to red strip on the back.

Their abdomen is velvet black, i beg your pardon looks silky in appearance, fairly than the shiny black color of the black color widow.

They have a red spot or partial red hourglass top top the underside the the abdomen.

There room variations in this types which are fully brown v yellow or dull stripes and also cream-colored spots.

Katipo vs black Widow

Smaller in size, growing to 8mm in human body lengthOrange stripe with white border on the backRed spot or partial hourglass shape, quite than the perfect red hourglass hazard sign checked out in the black color widow

11. European black Widow


European black color widow

Scientific name: Latrodectus tredecimguttatus.

Common name:Mediterranean black color widow, European black color widow.

The european black window is finest identified through the thirteen clues on the dorsal abdomen. The spots space usually red, but they can also be orange or yellow.

Females can flourish up to 15mm in human body length and also the female is taken into consideration dangerous to humans and also pets.

A bite indigenous this spider is thought about medically far-ranging and have the right to be deadly in part rare cases.

European black color Widow vs black Widow

Slightly bigger than the black widow at 15mm13 yellow, red, or orange point out on the underside that the abdomen, quite than the red hourglass that the black widow

12. Southern American black Widow


South American black widow

Scientific name: Latrodectus curacaviensis.

Common name:South American black color widow, Brazilian black widow, Araña del trigo.

The southern American black color widow female can grow up to 17mm in body length with the body and also legs gift black and also red, which helps you recognize them apart from the black color widow.

Males are white or brown in color.

They room a nocturnal types and are not usually aggressive towards humans, though females will attack to protect their eggs.

Unlike the black widow, a bite indigenous the southern American black widow usually only affects children and those v respiratory problems and also cardiovascular issues.

South American black color Widow vs black color Widow

Black and also red top top body and also legsLarger than the black color widow

13. Residential House Spider


Domestic home spider

Scientific name: Tegenaria domestica.

Common name:barn funnel weaver, residential house spider.

The residential house spider has an elongated body with flattened head space.

They are smaller sized than the black color widow, cultivation to 11.5mm in human body length.

They space dark orange to beige or brown in shade with stripe legs and two dull black color stripes on your heads. The abdomen in brow, beige and also gray mottling through a chevron pattern.

Domestic home Spider vs black Widow

Smaller in size, growing to 11.5mmDark orange, brown or beige in color, rather than the shiny black of the black color widowStriped legs, compared to the all-black foot of the black widowMottled abdomenChevron patterning top top the abdomen

14. Black home Spider


Black home spider

Scientific name: Badumna insignis.

Common name:black residence spider, usual black spider.

The black residence spider woman can thrive to 18mm in body size with a 30mm leg span. They have actually a dark brown to black color head space and legs v a charcoal gray abdomen, along with being spanned in velvet hair.

While they room venomous, they are not considered dangerous with bites gift rare. If you are bitten, you can expect pain v localized swelling.

Black house Spider vs black color Widow

Larger in size, approximately 5mm bigger than the body length of the black widowDark brown to black head space with charcoal gray abdomenCovered in velvet hairNo red hourglass on the underside


The black widow is shiny black color in color without any kind of patterns, dots, or stripes. The underside that the female has actually a large red warning sign, one hourglass shape. These space the two things to bear in mind if you think you have been bitten or checked out a black widow.

While there are plenty of spiders you might think are black widows, the various other spiders typically have different colors, lock are different sizes and don"t have the bright red hourglass on your underside.

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If you think you have actually been bitten, look for urgent medical treatment at your local emergency room and if you can, take the spider with you to assist the clinical team identify the ideal course of treatment.