A physical sport favor NBA always requires football player with heavy structure come bring major impact ~ above the game. You merely can’t refuse the reality how athletic players play a an essential role to control the game. However what if overweight transforms each that them into the most difficult NBA player of their generation?

It is true that keeping a decent human body is as an essential as gaining an abilities for professional athletes. In situation of NBA, it is even much more important for the physicality this video game requires. If you are a basketball player with over average height & weight, you have actually a distinct advantage over many.

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On the other side, obtaining just over that best shape provides it an overwhelming to improve your game. Over the years, NBA fans witnessed a lot of players like this in the history. In this article, we will try to highlight several of those biggest players in NBA.

Who is the biggest present NBA player?

Tacko Fall, the 7 feet 5 inch player comes from Senegal is the heaviest existing NBA player. Together with his enormous height, the is additionally 311lbs in weight. The is a newbie in this competitive league who has just started his NBA career this season. Therefore far, he played 6 games in the 2019-20 season earning 3.2 points per game.

Who is the shortest player in the NBA?

Muggsy Bogues is the shortest player ever appeared in the history of NBA. V 5 feet 3 customs height, he looked relatively tinier than plenty of on the court. Even after encountering such a large hindrance, he invested 10 lengthy seasons in the NBA. Throughout this period, the participated in 889 matches through 7.7 points per game.

Heaviest NBA football player List:

There have actually been the come of lot of of heavyweight football player in NBA history. Among all, we will notify some of castle in this list:

#10. Gheorghe Muresan


Weight: 303lbs (137kg)

Height: 7.7 feet (2.31cm)

Let’s begin with a massive 7 feet 7inch man who is the tallest NBA player ever in the history of NBA. Gheorghe Muresan, the Romanian NBA star played because that two different teams in a career expectations of just 6 years.

For being together a high guy, he appeared in the headlines the media so many times. His gigantic number of 303lb always helped that an extra benefit to block the shots. Also, his franchise to be optimistic about him to grow in the league. In fact, Muresan tried his finest to enhance his power which is clearly shows in his success of 1995-96 most improved player award.

However, due to the fact that of being slightly overweight as compared to his height, the struggled to cope with the NBA standard. In addition, he was suffering from pituitary gland disorder which didn’t allow him to continue despite his difficult work & enthusiasm.

#9. Dexter Pittman


Weight: 308lbs (139kg)

Height: 6.11 feet (211cm)

The next man on our list had an enriched pre-NBA career which developed so much optimism. Way back in university days, that played for the university of Texas. Later, he stood for Virtus Bologna and was a continuous member of terrycloth High college for 3 years.

After being the 32nd choose of Miami warm in the 2010 NBA draft, Dexter’s NBA job started. But it simply didn’t become successful as it was meant to be. His obesity just didn’t allow him to resolve in any type of team.

Averaging only 2.3 points & 1.8 rebounds every game, he might merely make use of his substantial body properly. It is why he had actually to play in 5 various teams in only 5 years of NBA life.

#8. Mengke Bateer


Weight: 310lbs (141kg)

Height: 7 feet (211cm)

With one almost similar career graph choose Dexter Pitman, Mengke Bateer additionally found it hard to get accustomed to NBA. Meanwhile, over there is a distinction that Bateer come in NBA after a successful project in China. Yet NBA’s typical is miscellaneous else, girlfriend know?

Keeping this in mind, Bateer had actually to fight difficult to get a ar in the starting squad. Also, he was finding it daunting to adjust to the language & culture of the USA. The being the case, Bateer only controlled to continue 3 years in the NBA.

As expected, he only earned 3.4 points every game throughout this period while playing for 2 various teams.

#7. Yao Ming


Weight: 310lbs (141kg)

Height: 7.6 feet (229cm)

Here comes an additional Chinese originated player in our list none various other than Yao Ming. This 7 feet 6 inch guy is the tallest ever to be featured in the hall of Fame. In a career span of 8 years, he had been loyal to his franchise Houston Rockets till his retirement.

But regarding a perspective, he is different from previously mentioned heaviest players in NBA. Those that? Well, also though he was abnormally heavy comparing v the general NBA pre-requisite, he had a pretty kind NBA career.

With an average of 19 points every game, Ming repeatedly performed because that his team transparent his career. Because that this reason, he earned a reputable ar in the All-Star team 8 times & All-NBA team 5 times. That proves his effectiveness as a effective NBA player even after having actually 310lbs weight.

#6. Robert Traylor


Weight: 320lbs (145kg)

Height: 6.8 feet (207cm)

Towering through a substantial 6.8 feet height & 284lb weight, Robert Traylor had undoubtedly a mammoth body. For being the fattest NBA player of his time, Traylor was nicknamed as “Tractor.”

However, he had actually been an amazing prospect in ~ the university of Michigan. Hence, in 1988, Milwaukee Bucks provided away Dirk Nowitzki, the best European player in NBA to take Traylor.

Who knew at the time Traylor would disappoint all for not managing food intake? the guy had actually immense potential to it is in an NBA star however he failed miserably to preserve a strictly lifestyle. For being among the biggest NBA players, his weight just went the end of control.

His ever growing body structure is reflect in his NBA career with just 4.8 points every game. Unfortunately, the large man died of heart assault at the age of 34 in 2011.

#5. Kevin Duckworth


Weight: 320lbs (145kg)

Height: 7 feet (213cm)

After relocating to our following player top top the list, you will get another player like Yao Ming who had actually been effective to extend his NBA career. In spite of being 320 pounds heavy, Kevin Duckworth played because that 12 lengthy years in NBA.

He played in 5 various teams throughout this time but Portland follow Blazers to be closest to his heart surely. Safety 7 seasons in the Portland earned the an typical of 13.6 points every game. His continuous prosperity to be veritable in his win most boosted player that the 1987-88 season.

But as soon as his career advanced, his weight also increased a lot. The severely influenced his versatility on the court which do him one of the heaviest NBA players. Nevertheless, his 2 All-Star selection is the can be fried proof Duckworth was very impressive in his prime.

#4. Cutting board Hamilton

Weight: 330lbs (150kg)

Height: 7.2 feet (218cm)

If you had actually been one NBA monitor in the ‘90s, you might recognize thomas Hamilton as the most heavy player in NBA of the time. A star college basketball player who just couldn’t carry out his huge potential in the enlarge platform for his continuous growth the the body.

After being undrafted, Boston Celtics take it him in that den at the start of 1995-96 season. But he only made it to the court 11 time in his an initial season. That made the bound to travel to one more league where he invested 3 years.

After return in 1999-00 season, one more famous franchise Houston Rockets choose him. Together everyone expected, he had the ability to play just 22 games. Then, Rockets exit him due to the fact that he only managed to earn 3.7 clues per video game in those games.

#3. Eddy Curry


Weight: 350lbs (159kg)

Height: 7 feet (213cm)

Named together Baby Shaq, Eddy Curry is one more excellent NBA star that was amongst the most heavy NBA players. Through a gigantic 7 feet height, Curry attracted the Chicago Bulls to trade for him. If girlfriend look at his job graph, the performed significantly decent follow to his caliber.

His beforehand NBA days were in the dens of Chicago Bulls & brand-new York Knicks whereby he average 11.8 & 15.2 points respectively. But since then, his career started to loss pathetically. While auditioning for Miami Heats, the weighed around 350 pounds. After that, he started working the end which helped him come lose about 50 pounds to be fit for the NBA.

Still, he couldn’t come earlier in perfect shape to it is in eligible enough to play. As a result, he had to put an finish to his NBA career two years later for his extreme obesity.

#2. Shaquille O’Neal


Weight: 360lbs (162kg)

Height: 7.1 feet (216cm)

Arguably the many outstanding player in this most heavy NBA players list, Shaquille O’Neal himself is a legend in this sport. Unequal others, he had the longest NBA career among all in this list passing 19 years in NBA. Without any kind of doubt, he had actually won a most awards & honors during this period.

Alongside his glorious NBA career, he caught the eyes of many for his insane human body structure. He to be strong, strong & additionally capable sufficient to rest the hoop if required with his heavy muscles. Standing tall with big 7 feet 1 customs height, Shaq had the biggest feet in the NBA v 22 shoe size.

Moreover, he even reached to 360 pounds in weight once. That’s why his other team member Kobe supplied to slam him for no doing consistent exercise. Kobe never endangered to keep ideal fitness while Shaq to be slightly indifferent to maintain any type of strict routine to continue to be healthy.

Surprisingly, that didn’t affect his career by no means. Yet, follow to many, he is the heaviest center in the NBA who supplied to dominate on the court. V 15 All-Star & 14 All-NBA selections, Shaq is additionally a hall of Famer because that his enriched NBA career.

#1. Oliver Miller


Weight: 375lbs (170kg)

Height: 6.9 feet (206cm)

Who is the most difficult player in the NBA history? here you go, Oliver müller weights the most in the NBA with a lining 375 pounds. Imagine encountering such a giant sized man ahead of friend on the court, that deserve to be troublesome, right?

Exceptionally, where many find it hard to proceed their NBA career with such colossal figure, miller played because that 9 seasons in the NBA. In fact, his dedication & work principles deserve a round of applause. Anyway, he had a topsy-turvy NBA journey for being the most difficult NBA player ever which led that to switch to various other leagues as well.

By any type of means, he regulated to take part in 493 matches where he average 7.4 points every game. For the critical time, he appeared in the headline because that piston-whipping a man who sentenced him come jail because that one year.

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So these space the football player who have actually made their methods in the heaviest players in NBA history list. Besides, there are likewise other players that deserve to it is in in this perform for their physical appearance. Right here are the honorable mentions:

Boban Marjanovic (7 feet 4 inch, 290 lbs)Garth Joseph (7 feet 2 inch, 315 lbs)Sim Bhullar (7 feet 5 inch, 360 lbs)

That’s every from us today. We hope you delighted in reading it. Girlfriend can additionally inform united state which player friend like many in this list. We will certainly come ago soon with an additional NBA article. Continue to be safe it spins then.