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Following the recent news the the world’s – now former! – heaviest person alive has lost an tremendous 291 kg (641 lb or 45 st – the indistinguishable of 40 large bowling balls!), us take a look earlier at the story that the heaviest human beings on Earth. The a tale that is by turns turbulent, tragic and even uplifting.The most difficult human classification is no one it is challenged very often. Few individuals great to publicize their extreme obesity, although occasionally a brand-new story breaks once someone seeks assist for what is a an extremely serious medical condition. Record holders face a consistent struggle, not just with their excessive size and also fluctuating waistlines, but also the life-threatening health worries that companion them.This is the instance with the most recent man to be showed as the world’s Heaviest human: Juan Pedro Franco Salas of the main Mexican city the Aguascalientes.In November 2016, Franco made headlines approximately the human being when he was hospitalized because that life-saving treatment. At first reported to sweet 1,105 lb (501 kg; 79 st), he in reality tipped the scales at 594.8 kg (1,311 lb 4.9 oz; 93 st 9 lb) – the weight of virtually 10 typical adult men.He had suffered from morbid obesity because childhood, his problem exacerbated by one injury he sustained aged 17. "My body just complied with its own path without any control whatsoever," he said the his spiralling weight gain. "I tried to diet day after ~ day, however nothing worked and I became desperate."An achieved guitar player, Juan Pedro delighted in performing traditional Mexican ballads.

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"He was a good cumbia dancer," claimed his mother, María de Jesús Salas, "and had two or 3 girlfriends." yet he soon became incapacitated through his weight, and also became a sinner in his very own home.Two years back the 32-year-old left his bedroom for the very first time in seven years to experience life-saving therapy in hospital. He to be diagnosed v type-2 diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension and liquid in his lungs. By may 2017, Franco had actually lost 170 kg (374 lb; 26 st 10 lb) – around the weight of 2 kangaroos – and also was able to have gastric bypass surgery.Following his gastric bypass surgery, the embarked upon a new dietary and also exercise regimen which saw him lose a 3rd of his body weight by the moment he appeared in the pages that Guinness world Records 2019. Aided through a team of 30 health and wellness professionals, he continued to mitigate his weight still additional – getting to 304 kg together of November this year.