A mainly lineup of legendary country and bluegrass artists function in the brand-new “Country’s household Reunion” series, “Another Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.” The series features brand-new and returning artist with new songs and stories about how God has influenced their lives. Each episode provides a an excellent evening of sharing, worship, and also stories that will heat your soul. Whisperin’ invoice Anderson and also Larry black color from “Larry’s country Diner” offer as hosts. Artist featured encompass Randy Travis, Gene Watson, mark Wills, The Oak Ridge Boys, Jimmy Fortune, and also John Conlee, among others.  

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“No fake news, no lies, and also no confusion,” claimed Larry Black. “Just an excellent gospel hymns and stories from several of Country’s ideal on ‘Another Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.’” acquire the complete schedule here. 

“Country’s family Reunion” is organized Larry black color alongside nation legend and hit songwriter, bill Anderson who guides the discussion and also supplies viewers v inside story from his many years in the business. Every mainly you're invite to invest time v your favorite nation music heroes as they share the stories and sing the songs the made lock famous. You will undoubtedly uncover yourself singing along with the classics and find you yourself delighted by the stories that go hand in hand with the music. The stars speak candidly around the ups and downs of your careers and their personal lives, giving viewers the possibility to gain to know them like never ever before. Mean to view familiar encounters like Vince Gill, beam Stevens, Charley Pride and also Janie Fricke when you collection your dial to RFD-TV because that this weekly one-hour program.Country music history comes alive on the "living room stage" together guests relive those story that will make girlfriend laugh or cry and also sit ago with the classics that will assuredly conjure up fond memories from the past. Every week "Country's family members Reunion" reunites a new group of girlfriend together; girlfriend never recognize who will certainly be in the round to re-publishing in the fun. The unique and also endearing camaraderie ~ above stage renders for entertainment friend cannot discover anywhere other than RFD-TV. 

The collection is created by Gabriel Communications, which additionally produces the RFD-TV series, “Larry’s nation Diner.” Owned and also operated by long-time disc jockey, Larry Black, the firm specializes in DVD sales, “Country’s household Reunion” News (a monthly newspaper that highlights the music the yesteryear), sold-out theatre shows, and ocean cruises v the stars and fans the the show. Learn an ext at cfrvideos.com and at their Facebook page here.

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