Fifty-Eight Pitches Thrown in in a finish Game Shutout

In the brand-new age of baseball, relief pitching have the right to be the vital to a championship. Groups pay top dollar because that a great closer and proven middle relief. Starting pitchers space too high-priced to damages their eight by going end 100-pitches or finishing a finish game. Nowadays, it is fairly unusual come see any kind of pitcher complete an ext than 2 games in any type of season, however that was not always the case. In the early decades of the game, many pitchers perfect what they started unless they gained into too much trouble.

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Relief was something only for the large games. This is the state of baseball in 1944 once Charley "Red" Barrett played for the Boston Braves. Barrett was a career .500 pitcher during eleven seasons with the Reds, Braves, and Cardinals. It was on august 10th of that year, play his former team, that Barrett make history. He threw not just the shortest night video game in history at one hour and also fifteen minutes, but additionally the complete game with the fewest pitches ever. Barrett necessary only fifty-eight pitches come shutout the Reds 2-0 with just two hits and also no walks. Baseball Almanac proudly gift this in-depth look in ~ the shortest complete game in history!


"I"d fairly be lucky 보다 good." - Red Barrett in The Gigantic publication of Baseball quotations (Wayne Stewart, Skyhorse Publishing, 10/2007, web page 14)

Fewest Pitches by A Pitcher In A finish Game


Red Barrett 58-Pitch finish Game | august 10, 1944 | Crosley Field

Hitting & Fielding Notes
Max Maconlf4000
Tommy Holmescf4020
Chuck Workman3b3000
Butch Niemanrf4110
Stew Hofferthc4000
Buck Etchison1b3000
Damon Phillipsss4131
Whitey Wietelmann2b4000
Red Barrettp3000
Woody Williams2b4000
Tony Criscolarf4000
Gee Walkercf3010
Frank McCormick1b3000
Ray Muellerc3000
Eric Tiptonlf3000
Steve Mesner3b3000
Eddie Millerss3010
Bucky Waltersp2000
a-Estel Crabtreeph1000
a: Grounded the end for Walters in nine inning.Doubles: Phillips, Holmes.Error: Criscola.Line ScoreTeam
Boston Braves010010000260
Cincinnati Reds000000000021
Pitching Notes
Red Barrett9.020000
Bucky Walters9.062111
Losing Pitcher: Walters.Winning Pitcher: Barrett.Game NotesAttendance: 7,783.Length that Game: 1:15.Umpires: HP: Jocko Conlan, 1B: George Barr, 3B: Ziggy Sears.Fewest Pitches by A single Pitcher In A finish GameResearch by Baseball Almanac


The one hour fifteen minutes required to finish the Fewest Pitches in a complete Game magnified box score seen over , is also the significant League document for shortest nine inning game played in ~ night!

Did you recognize that several AP / UPI newspaper articles around this details game never made point out of the remarkable pitch-count record set by Red Barrett? In 1951, a pan asked The Sporting News around the least number of pitches thrown and received the adhering to reply:

"On august 10, 1944, Charlie (Red) Barrett, then v the Boston Braves, used only 58 pitches in beating Bucky Walters the Cincinnati, 2-0. There space no authentic documents on the fewest balls pitched in a game because the start of professional baseball, but Barrett"s 58 is the lowest we have on ours files."

Can this document be broken? will certainly anybody ever even come close? The next closest game was played during 1915 and it had sixty-seven pitches. One of the closestly ways can be a perfect game and we"ve recorded all the well-known pitch counts for these classics for girlfriend on the perfect video game club page.

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Where what occurred yesterday is being preserved today.

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