Having troubles loading MP4 videos to windows Movie Maker? Your difficulty Will Be cleared up by our Solutions.

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"I use movie maker to put all the tiny videos i take on my phone together into a movie. This has constantly been an extremely easy however now I have actually a brand-new phone HCT one. The phone documents MP4 files and movie an equipment will no recognise them. I am not sure what come do!! Any help would be great!!"

Windows Movie Maker, as a powerful video editor is extensively used amongst Windows users. Due to its popularity and basic operation, the is favored by more and more people. That is no exaggeration come say the MP4 is the most widely used video clip format welcomed by 99% of video clip hosting sites, media players, and also electronic devices. Yet the weird thing is that windows Movie an equipment will refuse to import some MP4 files developed by Phone, tablet, GoPro, DJI Drone, iMovie, Final cut Pro, and also more. Have actually you knowledgeable importing MP4 papers to your windows Movie maker but then suddenly it fails or your paper can"t simply simply be recognized by the windows Movie Maker? Actually, a many of world who use Windows Movie machine are facing similar problems.


Why home windows Movie device Doesn"t recognize MP4 Files?

There are two feasible reasons that might cause file import error: her MP4 video file got problem or your windows Movie machine software obtained problem. Come pin under what exactly goes wrong, you have to do the troubleshooting one through one.

Possible reason 1. Make sure you space not importing a corrupted MP4 paper to windows Movie Maker.

Can any kind of other video player play her MP4 file? If that could, climate your paper is not broke. If your MP4 document is not corrupt and the home windows Movie maker can import any kind of other MP4 records except because that the very one, her MP4 paper codec may not compatible with Windows Movie Maker. In this case, you can shot running the Microsoft the Microsoft FixIt tool for codecs.

Possible factor 2. Make certain you"re making use of the latest variation of windows Movie Maker.

Your home windows Movie device version is tool old to support the MP4 files. In this case, you"re recommended to upgrade your home windows Movie maker to the newest variation to have a try. The latest variation is Movie machine 10 (requires windows 10 version 16299.0 or greater ) and also you can find it here.

But extensively speaking, the major cause is the some forced codec is missing so the the paper format is no supported. To do MP4 compatible v Windows Movie Maker, you should ensure the you the suitable codecs come play your videos and also audio files because audio and video clip require codecs come play the record and it"s essential to have the right codecs mounted or update in her PC.

100% Working equipment to settle Windows Movie device Won"t income MP4 - Transcode unrecognized MP4 paper to WMV for home windows Movie Maker

MP4 is a multimedia container format which has various varieties of data encoded using one of several different codecs. A MOV record can usage MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.264, HEVC, GoPro CineForm, or other video codec because that compression. To income MP4 papers successfully, Windos Movie machine needs to it is in compatible with the particular codecs provided in the MP4 files. If you space still unable to import MP4 documents into home windows Movie maker after upgrading or installation codecs, then you may have actually to convert the i could not recognize it MP4 to a fully Windows Movie machine compatible format.

Transcoding must be a very helpful and also the most recommended method by us. To gain job done, you can embrace gaianation.net video Converter, one easier-to-use yet an effective video converter and decoder because that help. The is maybe to work with assorted MP4 records taken v GoPro, DJI or iPhone, etc., no issue what codecs room wrapped in and also no issue what gadgets record. V it, you can easily transform any video clip including MP4 to home windows Movie maker highly compatible WMV papers with fast encoding speed and also zero top quality loss. To settle the MP4 or other incompatible issues, you"re suggested to download and install the program on your home windows or Mac first.

gaianation.net video clip Converter - The One-click means to convert Videos for windows Movie an equipment and more.

• Accepts practically all types of videos, regardless of video formats, codecs and resolutions.• Transode or pass-through media documents to that sustained by home windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and more.• Easy editing experience: cut, crop, merge, include effects/watermark, add subtitles...• Completes video conversion and also processing in 3 steps.

cost-free Download for home windows 10 or lower free Download 64-bit installer for MacOS ※ for macOS 10.14 or lower, you can likewise Download 32-bit installer below ↓

How to transform MP4 come WMV for home windows Movie Maker

Step 1: fill MP4 files to the program

After installation the video clip converter, beginning it and click Add Video switch to income the MP4 papers you want to edit in home windows Movie Maker. You can lso straight drag the video files right into program.


Tips: To combine all MP4 files, just click the "Edit" menu to choose the "Merge into One File" to incorporate all the added video files into one.

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Step 2. Pick output format

Hit the Profile box, move computer mouse cursor come Common Video category and also select WMV together the output format. You have the right to also adjust the output resolution by click the Settings button.


Step 3. Begin conversion

When all is OK, just click the Convert button to start converting your MP4 videos to home windows Movie an equipment compatible files. ~ the conversion, discover your converted video clips in the location folder and add them to home windows Movie machine for home movie making.