.Final Fantasy using Main. Video game Genie Codes. 1 - 378: CHARACTER password Terra Locke Cyan shadow Edgar Sabin. HP XX5C-7675 XX58-7B85 XX5A-7875 XX53-7685 XX5E-7C75 XX5D. LVOAILGK enables you to buy the "Pro Ring" in ~ the armor shop in Coneria (for $20,000.) initial NES game Genie codes developed by: Tony Hedstrom thedstrom
Strategy GuideBestiary

Save the video game once come unlock the Bestiary under the "Extra" alternative at the key menu.

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Music Player

Successfully complete the game to unlock the Music Player under the "Extra" choice at the main menu.

Dragon"s Den dungeon

Defeat the eight dragon in the world Of ruin to unlock the Dragon"s Den dungeon in the northwest component of the civilization map.

Soul Shrine dungeon

Successfully finish the Dragon"s Den dungeon and also complete the game to unlock the spirit Shrine dungeon on among the little islands phibìc of Mobliz.

Save Cid

When you need to capture some fish for Cid, make sure to catch the fast ones and give them to Cid to save his life. If you record the sluggish ones and give them to Cid, he will certainly die due to the fact that the slow-moving ones space sick fish.

Save Shadow

When the civilization is collapsing on the Floating Continent and also you only have actually six minute to get off, go to the finish where you deserve to jump under to the airship. Instead of jumping, wait and also do not move. Once there is 5 seconds left ~ above the clock, Shadow will certainly appear and jump under to the airship v you instead of dying.

Save and heal almost anywhere in multi-team dungeons

Have among your groups in a multi-team dungeon relocate to a save point. Then, switch to one of your other teams. As lengthy as you stay stationary through this second team, you deserve to save your game as well as use a resting Bag or time for rapid healing. If your party moves the end of place or if you want to conserve or use a tent again later, simply switch ago to the team at the conserve point. Then, switch back to the party you wish to save/heal with, remain on one space, then execute as girlfriend want.

Easy Diabolos Magicite

The adhering to trick enables you to gain the Diabolos Magicite without having to defeat the Kaiser Dragon, the hardest boss in the game. First, reach the Kaiser Dragon in the Dragon"s Den and stand straight in front of him without pushing A come initiate the fight. Walk to your menu and select "Equip", then walk into any type of of your characters" equip screen. After check your equipment in front of the Kaiser Dragon, leave the menu and hold front to walk with the Kaiser Dragon and be maybe to continue without fighting him. Then, walk come the shining light, collect the Diabolos Magicite, and also take the warp ago outside of the dungeon. Note: This will certainly not unlock the spirit Shrine. You need to defeat the Kaiser Dragon generally to unlock it.

Get Mythril Pike and also Mythril Shield early

While in the mines throughout the conserve Terra scenario through Locke and also the Moogles, go to Mog"s party and also unequip Mog of his Mythril Pike and Mythril Shield.

Extra endure for Terra

Final Fantasy 6 Cheat Codes video game Genie Games

At the beginning when you an initial enter Narshe through the two royal soldiers, usage Terra"s (??????) fire magic to kill off the 2 guards. Every one of the suffer will be directed to Terra, a key character.


The Intangir adversary can no longer be influenced by the Vanish-Doom trick.

The adhering to are known video game Genie password for last Fantasy III on super Nintendo Entertainment system (SNES).

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Final Fantasy 6 video game Genie

D15C-78E5Start Terra with Man-Eater EquippedF65C-78E5Start Terra through Excalibur EquippedFC5C-78E5Start Terra v Illumina EquippedFA5C-78E5Start Terra through Atma Equipped435C-78E5Start Terra with Tempest EquippedD35C-78E5Start Terra v Blizzard EquippedF75C-78E5Start Terra v Enhancer Equipped9A58-7675Start Terra with Mythril Shield Equipped9258-7675Start Terra through Gold Shield Equipped1F58-7675Start Terra with Ice Shield Equipped1D58-7675Start Terra through Fire Shield Equipped1C58-7655Start Terra through Hairband Equipped1B58-7655Start Terra with Leather hat Equipped5C58-7655Start Terra with Circlet Equipped5B58-7655Start Terra With an enig Veil Equipped5658-7655Start Terra with Red cap Equipped6658-7685Start Terra v Silk Robe Equipped6B58-7685Start Terra v Mythril Vest Equipped6858-7685Start Terra with White dress EquippedBC58-7685Start Terra through Genji Armor EquippedB058-7685108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3All items in Shops Are complimentary (You should switch turn off this code to offer items for GP)DDA4-8767Party constantly Has acceleration ShoesED30-E944Using a Tonic Heals 240 HP3CB8-5DAEMost Items can Be offered Infinitely (This walk not occupational in battle and also you have to switch this password off to departure the menu screen.)DD97-5FDAParty always Has Economizer While not in battle (MP cost 1)DD90-EFDBParty always Has Economizer while in battle (MP cost 1)D007-8DD7Party constantly Has Super feather ShoesCE17-77D6Spells Learned FasterAA23-54D8A the majority of EXP After fight (Obtain Level 99)AA24-E7D8Get Items after Every BattleDC2C-E4D8Get the Maximum amount of GoldD493-54D8Over 16,000 EXP every BattleD793-54D8~1,000,000 EXP every Battle.AA6C-EF08Party constantly Has sprint ShoesAAD8-EF08All Party Members Float, Are influenced By Stop and also Have Reflect in BattlesDD27-E7DBEveryone has Hidden gold Hairpin (In battle Only)DD20-EFDBEveryone has actually Hidden Econimizer (In fight Only)DD27-5FDAEveryone has actually Hidden Econimizer (Out of fight Only)DD20-5DDAEveryone has Hidden golden Hairpin (Out of fight Only)D0A7-8DD7Super Sprint shoes in result (Only works v Sprint Shoes fitted or with an “Always have Sprint Shoes” password in effect.)AA95-EFA8Randomly Selects number of Items obtained after a BattleED3B-E5C4 utilizing a Tincture Heals 240 MPDFD8-EF68All Party Members have FloatD6D8-EF68All Party Members have actually HasteD8D8-EF68All Party Members have Haste, Float and RegenD4D8-EF68All Party Members have actually ReflectD7D8-EF68All Party Members have RegenDBD8-EF68All Party Members have Haste and also FloatDCD8-EF68All Party Members Haste and also Regen3DD8-EF68All Party Members have Float and also SafeBDD8-EFD8All Party Members have actually Reflect and also StopAADB-EDA8All Party Members have Increased HP & MPAADC-EDA8All Party Members have actually Hidden Moogle CharmD762-EF68Vigor, Speed, Stamina and MagPwr i do not care 255EEDB-EDA8HP / MP i do not care 9,999 / 999 RespectivelyCE37-77D6Spells are Learned in ~ a rate of 10%EE37-7DD6All Spells are Learned ~ 1 fight With any kind of Esper (Note the video game may appear to freeze, but it will come to be playable after part time.)EE39-7DD6Learn every Spells of fitted Esper ~ 1 BattleAA90-74DDWalk v Some Walls3B24-0703 + EE39-076E + 3C39-DEA7Multiply GP and EXP through 1,000 ~ a BattleAA94-E7D8 + AA94-EF08 + AA94-E4D8 + D794-E708Get Paladin Shields, Offerings, Gem Boxes, Econimizers and Other Items from Battles4DBE-8C88 + 3DB0-EC78Faster Left / Right movement on civilization Map4DBB-EB88 + 3DB3-E6E8Faster increase / Down motion on world MapAA9B-E768 + AA9B-E708 + AA9B-E7D8 + AA9B-E7A8Switch personalities After a Battle

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