There space two means of finding optimal dead center on the compression stroke on a Chevy tiny block. The very first and easiest method is perfect to set the shooting order, the ignition timing and the valves. The second method is used mainly by race automobile enthusiasts to find "absolute" height dead center. Every engines space slightly different due to production tolerances. This an approach is efficient for dialing in a camshaft whereby power is a key concern.

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Remove the bolts in the driver"s side valve cover using a socket. Remove the valve cover. Remove the distributor lid if applicable, using a screwdriver.

Rotate the engine clockwise using a socket and also ratchet top top the crankshaft bolt. Turn the crankshaft and also watch the very first two rocker eight on the driver"s side. Continue to rotate the crankshaft clockwise until the an initial rocker eight (exhaust valve) goes down to open the exhaust valve. Continue to rotate until that comes ago up and also the 2nd rocker arm (intake valve) goes under opening the entry valve. Continue until the rocker comes earlier up and also you check out no further movement.

Watch the harmonic balancer as it turns and look because that a scale in degrees. Look for 0 degrees prior to top dead facility (BTDC) on the balancer. Look at the time chain sheathe on the front of the block and you will view a time plate, i m sorry is likewise graduated in degrees. Continue to rotate the crankshaft slowly until the 0 heat on the balancer is aligned through the 0 reminder on the time chain cover. The distributor rotor should likewise be pointing to the number 1 cylinder, i beg your pardon is the driver"s former left side. This is TDC or top dead facility for all practical purposes.

Remove the number 1 spark plug. Download the piston position plunger in the spark plug hole. It has a rod that touches the top of the piston and a vertical protect against scale parallel to it. Over there is a tiny sliding ring top top the scale. Relocate the ring to specifically where the height of the plunger is located.

Cut the bottom the a coat hanger so you have a straight item of wire. Curly one finish over and bolt the in the cylinder head to organize it in place. This might require remove the power steering pump. The cable could additionally be an installed to the water pump bolt. Allude the bottom of the cable or the pointer straight at the 0 level mark top top the timing plate top top the timing chain cover. Tighten the bolt to host it securely in this position.

Remove the accessory belts by utilizing a socket to loosen the tensioners and remove the belts. Eliminate the accessory belt wheel on the crankshaft balancer, making use of a socket to eliminate the bolts. Download the level wheel on the balancer.

Mark the place of the cloak hanger guideline relative to the 0 level mark top top the level wheel by noting where the tip is on the wheel. Turn the crankshaft counterclockwise very slowly, using a socket and ratchet while watching the piston position plunger. Prevent as shortly as you check out the plunger start to drop down. Mark the position of the pointer on the degree wheel.

Rotate the crankshaft clockwise and also again watch very closely for the plunger to just begin to drop. Avoid rotating the crankshaft. Mark the place of the reminder on the level wheel.

Count the degrees in between the two outside marks. Division this number in half and situate this 50 percent allude on the level wheel. Because that example, if the wheel rotated counterclockwise 23 degrees and also clockwise because that 21 levels you have actually a 44 degree arc separation this figure and also you have 22 degrees. Counting 22 degrees from either outboard mark and also mark this new spot ~ above the level wheel.

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Rotate the crankshaft for this reason the new 22-degree note is under the pointer. Eliminate the degree wheel and also make a white heat on the harmonic balancer straight under the pointer. This is your brand-new 0 degree timing mark.

Ratchet set of sockets Spark plug socket typical screwdriver Phillips screwdriver added tools needed for absolute peak dead center: level wheel Piston place plunger

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