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Fish reproduction may not be the most obvious choice for a computer game, but Fish Tycoon really makes a splash.

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The aim of Fish Tycoon is to prosper a prospering tank the fish v feeding them, cross-breeding the differgaianation.nett species of fish, and treating any illnesses they could pick up. The can be fried aim is to develop varieties of hybrid rare types of fish in order to win the game.

If you"re expecting a face-paced activity game you"ll it is in sorely disappointed by Fish Tycoon. The game is essgaianation.nettially Tamagotchi-style affair, in which your fish will certainly grow and also breed over a long period of time (the fish will thrive old your maker is rotate off). Fish Tycoon is rather easy to acquire into, thanks to a comfortable tutorial mode, and also you"ll soon uncover how to hatch eggs, feed, and care because that the fish.

The graphics in Fish Tycoon space colorful and the fish are quite realistic. There room a couple of nice sound effects, though not gaianation.netough in mine opinion.

Overall, Fish Tycoon is a fun way of learning exactly how to develop your very own aquarium - there is no killing any kind of real fish.


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