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Five hundred twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutesFive hundreds twenty-five thousand moment so dearFive hundreds twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutesHow do you measure, measure up a year?In daylights, in sunsetsIn midnights, in cups of coffeeIn inches, in milesIn laughter, in strifeIn 5 hundred twenty-five thousand, 6 hundred minutesHow execute you measure a year in the life?How about love?How about love?How about love?Measure in loveSeasons that loveSeasons of loveFive hundreds twenty-five thousand, 6 hundred minutesFive hundreds twenty-five thousands journeys come planFive hundreds twenty-five thousand, 6 hundred minutesHow carry out you measure the life the a woman or a man?It's time currently to sing outThough the story never endsLet's celebrateRemember a year in the life that friends
Remember the loveRemember the love, remember the love (Oh, love)Love (Oh, offer me love now)Measure in love(Measure in loveMeasure in loveSeasons of love)Five hundreds twenty-five thousand, six hundred minute (Seasons of love)Five hundreds twenty-five thousand moments so to ~ (Moments therefore dear)Five hundreds twenty-five thousand, six hundred minutes (Seasons the love)How perform you measure, measure up a year?Measure in love (Love), sweet love (Love)Seasons of love, oh yeahLove (Love), sweet love (Love)Seasons the loveLove (Love), sweet love (Love)Seasons of loveMeasure her life inSeasons of loveYeah, oh
I was just driving around listening to stuff in mine car, thinking around what I want to perform for the album. I constantly like come root everything I execute from a really true, ethical place. And also I was thinking about a collection list for a concert i was doing, and I to be like, ‘Oh, i wanna perform “Seasons of Love.”’ and also then i was like, ‘Oh my God! “Seasons of Love”?! I do that track all the time, I never ever realized it to be a holiday song!’ and so I simply thought it was perfect. And why no pay tribute come it in the title? due to the fact that it’s where I gained my star."

– Via Billboard (2019)


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