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Flea infestation- can they lay eggs in human being hair? exactly how do we eliminate these suckers? (bug, insects)
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Not lying once I say ns feel prefer I am life a negative dream and also that eventually someone will wake me up. The previous 3 weeks we moved throughout country (horrible experience, will explain another time), moved right into a home with black color mold, had o vacate and also was homeless v 2 young youngsters in one area I"ve never resided in before, then moved to this brand-new home. Was so happy to it is in in our brand-new home. Ns did have that scare critical week v what I assumed was a cockroach (haven"t viewed anything since), but that was from outdoors... Well, because we moved below I"d notice little bites on me. Ns assumed they to be mosquitoes. Then last week I began noticing more, and more, and more! greatly on my feet/ankles. Then my daughter (who theatre on the floor) was scratching her head choose crazy. I uncovered 3 fleas in she hair!! there were also scabs all on her scalp whereby they"d to be feeding ~ above her! the day I referred to as our landlord to discover out if he knew about fleas. Claimed he knew the vault tenant had an issue and that they had a cat... Therefore pest control came out the following day. Injected the home with Ny safety (or something like that). Yet we room still getting bit today. Yesterday I found a couple jumping onto mine kids! They seem to go for mine daughters hair. I have washed every bedding, pillows, toys, etc on hot water and dry on hot. In ~ this allude the exterminator can come out again for 3 job so that he have the right to wait so countless days in between applications as result of CA legislations with spraying chemicals. Would certainly that typical it is too shortly for meto bomb the house?? i am prepared to placed a bomb in every room. I can"t live prefer this, they"re jumping top top me if I type this! Also, perhaps a silly question yet can fleas lay egg on toilet paper? would certainly it be unsafe to use a role of toilet file the flea to be on? This morning I observed a black color speck relocating in the bag that toilet record rolls.. Lean in closer to examine and sure sufficient it was a freaking flea jumping away! have to I toss the whole bag or is it for sure to use? perform I have to be worried around my kids contracting illness from so many fleas?? mine main problem is they"ve laid egg on the skin. I faced fleas years earlier but on a lot much smaller scale. It took one can of flea spray and that was it. If the fleas space still life after a potent flea spray the exterminator used, does that average we space in trouble? The carpeting throughout the house has actually horrific stains, like the former tenant was a slob or their cat pooped everywhere (maybe both). Can the stains somehow be harboring fleas?? The landlord claimed the carpet firm did their finest to eliminate stains however they couldn"t. Otherwise the carpet is in good condition. ETA: i bought food great diatomaceous earth and also neem oil from Amazon (one job shipping). Keep reading different recommendations on utilizing them. Any tried and also true means that you"ve supplied them to help?Also-- ns am very uncomfortable with so plenty of chemicals being supplied in my residence to kill the fleas (landlord said it deserve to take a couple of months to acquire under control) but at this suggest it is better than fleas. Any kind of ways to safeguard my family from exposure come so many chemicals during this process??