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The saturday letter of the alphabet is H. H have the right to be because that honey due to the fact that honey is a sweet, and also delicious renowned food. Yet in this blog post, we’ll take it further and look at foodstuffs that begin with the letter h that aren’t honey.

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Honeycrisp Apples

Each year, there are a few apples the make a huge splash in ~ the farmers market. The Honeycrisp is just one of those apples. The fresh flesh is a beautiful pale yellow with crimson stripes, and also the smell is a perfect balance that sweet and also tart.

Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon has a sweet taste and a creamy texture. The a good source of vitamin C and contains much more than 15 important minerals and also vitamins. It has enzymes and also antioxidants that help promote healthy and balanced digestion. The flesh is 92 percent water, so eating honeydew melon can help keep friend hydrated. It has a very low amount of calories, therefore it’s a great food for load loss.


Horehound is a bitterness herb, which is likewise sometimes called white horehound. It is among the oldest organic remedies, which is indigenous to southern Europe. The is still offered today by herbalists come cure colds and coughs, and it used to be chewed to sweeten the breath. Horehound was additionally once used to odor cigarettes.

Horse Mushroom

The horse mushroom is closely related to the common button mushroom, i m sorry is what most world think about when castle hear words mushroom. That is likewise known as the pleurotus abalonus mushroom, and is found in Asia, Cuba and Australia. It is likewise known as the tree oyster mushroom, due to its shape, and has a texture that is similar to abalone.


Horseradish is a spicy plant of the Brassicaceae family that is supplied as a seasoning. Horseradish frequently grows increase to 2 feet tall and also can have actually a spread of one to two feet. The fleshy, edible root has a sharp, hot flavor that mellows as soon as it is cooked. Horseradish is supplied as a condiment because that beef, seafood and other entrees and also as a spread for sandwiches.

Hot dog

A warm dog is a form of sausage usually made that pork, beef, chicken or turkey, and also mixed through a variety of ingredients such together ground meat, salt, phosphates, nitrites, sugar, binders and also flavorings. They room usually offered in a sliced bun in a manner similar to sandwiches, topped with assorted condiments, and are regularly referred to together “red hots.”

Hot pepper

The ax “hot pepper” is a wide term that covers plenty of different peppers with varying quantities of the chemical capsaicin, which offers peppers your heat.


The surname hotchpotch is acquired from a British traditional stew, i m sorry is a mixture of different kinds that meat and also vegetables, i beg your pardon is simmered slowly over a short flame because that a long time.


The Chinese indigenous “hot pot” has actually actually existed because that a very long time. The timeless Chinese hot pot is a pot of broth through a burner underneath, and you cook the food you yourself at the table. The timeless Chinese hot pot is not really different indigenous the warm pot you uncover in most restaurants these days, however the condiments are rather different.


Huauzontle is a delicious environment-friendly leafy vegetable the is frequently used in mexican cuisine, yet you’ve more than likely never heard that it. That leaves room slightly bigger and thicker than spinach, and it tastes comparable to hippeastrum. That is indigenous to Mexico and main America. The is likewise referred to as “Mexican Spinach” or “Mexican Sorrel.”In mexican cuisine, huauzontole is typically included to soups and also stews. It is additionally used in the timeless “Chilaquiles” dish, i m sorry is made through tortillas.

Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash is a winter squash that has a unique appearance, looks prefer a big, brown, fuzzy pumpkin, and is known for it’s sweet taste. Ha Squash is not a really popular winter squash, yet can be discovered in plenty of grocery stores.


Huckleberries space a delicious fruit that grow in the western united States and Canada. The smell of the berries arrays from sweet to tart, relying on the region. In the Pacific Northwest, the berry are regularly used for pies and also jams, however you have the right to make anything indigenous a huckleberry cobbler to a huckleberry crumble.


Huitre is the french native that way oyster. Even though it’s french, it’s in reality the word used for oyster in numerous european languages.


It’s a emboldened or spread made indigenous cooked, mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini (sesame particle paste), olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. (And you can thank the ancient Romans for this delicious combination. The surname hummus comes from the Latin word for chickpeas.)

Husk Tomatoes

In short, husk tomatoes are a selection of plum tomato. “Husk” isn’t yes, really a word, yet rather a description; these tomatoes are harvested prior to they’re completely ripe.

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It’s a kind of mint through a distinctive, pungent flavor. It’s also great for flavoring meat, do vinegar, and even because that decorating dishes throughout the holidays. Hyssop is indigenous to southerly Europe but is currently grown in other locations of the world, including the southern United States. The plant’s flowers deserve to be provided for medicine purposes, too.

Final Thoughts

I hope the list covered few of your favorite foods That start With H. Please leave a comment listed below to let me recognize what your favorite food that starts through the letter H is!