The human being is a large place and there are a lot of of nations that have actually their own unique fruits, vegetables and also cuisines all start with the letter “J”. Few of these foods you might have heard of, you may even enjoy eating and also cooking lock yourself. But chances are there are additionally some the you’ve never ever heard the before.

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In this guide, we have actually compiled with each other 32 various foods, all beginning with the letter “J”. Some of these foodstuffs are healthy and balanced ingredients, rather are cultural dishes and also some are just fun points that us all love come snack on. But if yes one thing that connects them all, the the letter “J”.

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So if you ever before get stopped in the street and also asked to name a food start with the letter “J”, just remember this comfortable list and also you’ll have solution at the ready. So let’s dive best in and also look at this 33 foods start with the letter “J”.

1. Jalapeno


For the an initial food on ours list, we have actually chosen something that us think most human being would have heard of. A jalapeno is a small, eco-friendly chilli-pepper that can regularly be uncovered in mexican cuisine. If you have ever had nachos through all the trimmings, then you’ve most likely encountered a jalapeno or two.

When it comes to spice, jalapenos space a warm pepper once consumed. However, castle are thought about to be a much more flavorful and also useful pepper 보다 most. Due to the fact that of their natural and earthy flavor, they room a very popular ingredient and are used often in cooking. Once roasted, they can take on a rich and also smoky taste.

2. JingBaiJan

JingBaiJan is a collection of timeless Chinese desserts, which map their origins ago to the Qing royal kitchen. The cakes are often served in batches that eight, with each cake comes to stand for a various meaning: happiness, fertility, luck, success, longevity, wealth, education and excess.

The cakes room made indigenous a sweet pastry the is climate moulded into unique shapes and filled through ingredients such together dates, rose, plums, sugar, red bean paste, raisins, banana, pepper and salt.

3. Jawbreaker

Found about the world, Jawbreakers space a kind of round tough candy that space usually 1-3 cm in diameter. Jawbreakers (also well-known as Gobstoppers) are comprised of hundreds of layers the sugar, which deserve to only be liquified by sucking on the candy until you reach the centre.

Jawbreakers are complete of chemicals and sugar, yet they have the right to be a guilty pleasure if you have actually a sweet tooth.

4. Jackfruit


The jackfruit have the right to be found cultivation in South eastern countries such as India, wherein it is known to prosper on the jack tree. In appearance, the jackfruit resembles a large melon covered with yellowish-green spikes. Although that is a fruit, jackfruit is used mainly as one ingredient in savory key such together curries and also stews.

The jackfruit itself is really tasty and also is thought about to have a pineapple flavor. The structure of the fruit likewise bears a strong resemblance to traction pork, i m sorry is why jackfruit is frequently used together a meat instead of in plenty of vegetarian dishes.

5. Jaffle

This particular dish comes to us from southern Africa, wherein it is a famous favorite the the south African people. Basically a jaffle is just a toasted sandwich filled with meat and also then cooked end a fire in a jaffle iron.

Still thought about a clip of southern African cuisine, jaffles space now primarily cooked with electric toasters.

6. Jellied Eels

Although the picture of an eel rely in jelly might seem like it sprung native someone’s worst nightmare, they are a renowned dish that originated in Britain. The dish itself is composed of chopped eels, which have actually been cooked in a stock and then allowed to cool right into a spiced jelly.

Jellied eels are frequently served cold, through their consistency being surprisingly tender and also light. Commonly garnished with vinegar and also white pepper, jellied eels were once took pleasure in at large Victorian occasions as a casual snack.

7. Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is a cold and creamy drink that is famous in the Indian city that Madurai. Whereby it is all set at roadside stalls making use of a mixture the milk, sarsaparilla syrup, sugar, almond gum and ice cream.

The perfect accompaniment come a hot day under the Indian sun, the drink’s name converts to “cool heart” in English.

8. Jerky


Enjoyed through people approximately the world, Jerky is skinny trimmed meat that has been cut into strips and then dried to avoid the meat indigenous expiring. The dried jerky is then seasoned with salt and spices because that some included flavor.

Jerky is an especially popular in north America, wherein it is often enjoyed as a salty and also filling snack.

9. Jam

Jam is a spreadable condiment that is enjoyed around the world, whereby it is usually offered for sandwiches, scones, toast and muffins. Jam is likewise a key ingredient in many cakes and also desserts, such together a victoria sponge or jam roll.

Jam is made by crushing and cooking fruit and also then adding huge amounts of street to sweeten and also preserve it. You deserve to make jam from virtually any fruit you have the right to think of, return strawberry jam is often taken into consideration the most popular.

10. Jook

Jook is a renowned breakfast dish discovered in eastern Asia, whereby it is really popular in places such as Hong Kong. Basically a rice porridge, Jook is traditionally offered as a savory dish. However, it can be offered in various other ways.

If you are feeling sick, the is thought that level jook and water can make you feeling better.

11. Jamaican Ginger Cake

This sticky and aromatic cake very first originated in Jamaica, but due to the fact that then it has become a favourite in areas such together Britain. Unfortunately, the cake’s popularity has actually transformed it into a heavily manufactured product.

The initial Jamaican recipe supplies ginger and also black treacle and also is thought about a much darker and richer cake 보다 the ones widely sold in the UK.

12. Juniper Berry


Juniper berries room a tiny purple fruit the is the female seed produced by various types of juniper tree. Although castle are recognized as juniper berries, they space a cone and also not a berry at all. They are known to have actually a irradiate pine flavor v a note of pepper.

Juniper berry are mainly used come flavor gin, which method you may have tasted castle if you gain a gin top top a warm summer’s day. Juniper berry can also be offered as food preparation ingredients, to make things favor jam.

13. Jesuite

First produced in France, a jesuite is a triangle pastry often filled through frangipane cream and then topped through powdered sugar and also flaked almonds. Still offered in their original type to this day, jesuite are recognized to it is in light and flaky.

The enhancement of frangipane cream and almonds also help to elevate the odor of the pastry. Producing a delicious snack the has come to be a clip of the French patisserie.

14. Jordan Almond

Jordan almonds are a bite-sized sweet that deserve to be found about the world. They consist the skinned almonds coated in a thin layer of sugared candy and also are often served together confectionery in ~ weddings and also other formal occasions.

Jordan almonds are also known by miscellaneous other names, consisting of sugared almonds. Dragee and Confetto.

15. Johnnycake

A johnnycake is a form of cornbread regularly served together a clip food in north America. The cake itself deserve to be do from white or yellow cornmeal and also then blended with water, milk and salt. The cornbread can additionally be offered sweet with the addition of sugar.

The johnnycake itself is regularly cooked ~ above a griddle and contains leavening agents to guarantee the sponge will a soft and springy rise.

16. Jollof Rice


Jollof Rice is a timeless rice dish discovered in West african cultures. The is appreciated in countries such as Senegal, Nigeria, Gambia and Ghana. Jollof rice consists of food preparation rice end a timber fire and enabling the rice to burn, which offers it a rich and smoky flavor.

There are numerous variations that jollof rice throughout West Africa, although every share the same distinct taste that has actually made it together a renowned dish.

17. Jelly

Jelly is a dessert the is often known for its vibrant colors and wobbly consistency. It is do by mixing boiling water and also fruit juice before adding gelatin to make it solidify into an elastic substance.

Jelly is frequently served sweet v fruit and also ice cream, however, that has also been supplied to maintain meat and vegetables.

18. Jell-O

Jell-O is a sports of jelly the is offered in ready-to-use packets in many supermarkets and grocery stores. Usually, Jell-O will either take it the kind of a flour or of a block of jelly, which then needs to be dissolved in cook water and also left to set in the fridge.

Jell-O is the most widely known brand for instant jelly, however, other well-known brands encompass Hartleys and Alamgeer.

19. Jameed

Jameed is a food primarily found in the Mediterranean. The is a difficult dry laban the is make from goat’s milk which has been preserved in a woven cheesecloth to transform it right into thick yogurt. Salt is regularly included to the mixture to make it thicken, ~ a couple of days the dense substance is then eliminated from the cheesecloth and shaped into small balls.

Jameed is a key ingredient in the making of mansaf, the nationwide dish that Jordan.

20. Juice

Juice is a drink the is do from squeezing or extracting natural liquid from various fruits and also vegetables. This herbal liquid is climate either bottled or sweetened through sugar and concentrates. Meat is also capable of developing juice once it is gift cooked. However, this juice should be primarily used to do reductions or sauces.

Drinking natural fruit juice have the right to be incredibly valuable for your health, together it can provide your body with vitamins, boost your immune system and remove toxins from your system.

21. Jelly Donut

Who doesn’t love a jelly donut? A jelly donut (also recognized as a jam donut) is most likely one that the most delicious treats ~ above the whole planet. The is basically a fried, ring donut (that means it doesn’t have actually a hole) that has actually been filled with either a raspberry or strawberry jelly. Periodically the donut is also topped v sugar or icing for an extra sweet punch.

There are various jelly donuts approximately the world, although they space very comparable in your making. Yes sir the American jelly donut, the brother jam donut and the decadent German Berliner. Donuts filled with jelly? What’s no to love?

22. Japanese Plum

Japanese plums are tiny round fruits that frequently grow in Japan. Japanese plums have a sweet and also tangy flavor and they are thought to be incredibly helpful for her body and also health.

The Japanese additionally features as a main ingredient in Japanese cooking and can be provided to make jams, sauces, and even a timeless Japanese wine.

23. Jambalaya

First produced in new Orleans, jambalaya is a multicultural food that makes use of French, Spanish and African cuisine. Jambalaya bears countless similarities to dishes such as Jollof and paella.

The food itself has a long and also enriched history, and also it has due to the fact that become a beloved meal by people from the Deep South. It consists of sausage, pork or chicken, and also shellfish such together shrimp or crawfish. The is a flavorful dish the packs a punch with a collection of spices, onions and peppers.

24. Jerusalem Artichoke

Despite being called an artichoke, the Jerusalem artichoke is a member that the sunflower family. In appearance, it resembles something like a slim and bobbly potato and has a sweet and also nutty flavor when consumed raw.

Because of your potato-like consistency, Jerusalem artichokes are regularly baked in your skins, which results in a fluffy structure reminiscent of cooking potato. When cooked, the vegetable takes ~ above a comparable flavor to artichoke hearts.

25. Junket

Junket is a milk-based dessert that have the right to trace its origins back to medieval England, whereby it to be served among the imperial court. Earlier then, junket to be made indigenous cream that had actually been sweetened v spices and also rosewater. However, it fell from elegant in the Tudor era.

Since then, junket has actually been a popular dessert in America, whereby it is made utilizing sweetened milk mixed with rennet. The custardy treat is an extremely sweet come taste and deserves to be more popular ~ its infamous downfall.

26. Jaffa Cake

The jaffa cake is a biscuit-shaped cake that remains extremely popular in modern Britain. The cake itself consists of a crisp sponge base, topped through orange jelly and dark chocolate.

Named ~ Jaffa oranges, jaffa cakes can trace your origins ago to the 1920s as soon as they were first produced through the biscuit company McVities. And although some people may argue the they are biscuits, they are cakes.

27. Jostaberry

Jostaberries be afflicted with a good deal of resemblance to blueberries or raisins and also have a sweet odor that has actually been likened to blackcurrants and gooseberries. However, the gooseberry smell is recognized to be an ext pronounced as soon as the jostaberry is unripened, while the blackcurrant smell is much more dominant in ripe jostaberries.

The fruit deserve to be found growing in European nations such as Germany and are well-known to specifically thrive in the so late summer. They prosper on trees and also can be used as ingredients in various recipes. Castle can also be offered to do jams, relishes and also desserts.

28. Jumbles

Jumbles are straightforward butter cookies, made making use of flour, sugar, eggs and also butter. Castle are frequently flavored through vanilla essence, however can likewise be flavored with caraway or almond extract. Jumbles deserve to be traced earlier as much as 1907, wherein they to be traditionally shaped into intricate looping patterns. Beforehand jumbles were also traditionally flavored v rosewater.

Although they have actually existed for plenty of years, jumbles room still very popular in particular countries to this day. Gift favored for their simple recipe and rich, buttery flavor.Considered continental foodstuffs they complement sponge cake in ~ afternoon tea.

29. Juneberries

Found growing in the Canadian prairies, juneberries are likewise known together Saskatoon berry by the Canadian people. They are a little dark-colored berry the grows on trees and also they be affected by each other a strong resemblance to blackcurrants and also blueberries. In regards to their flavor, juneberries taste similarly to dark cherries and also are much milder 보다 blueberries in flavor.

Juneberries are highly advantageous for the body because that they save on computer a strong resource of iron. They additionally contain high amounts of magnesium, protein, antioxidants, potassium and also calcium.

30. Jam Roly-Poly

Originating in Britain, a jam roly-poly is a steam pudding the is made utilizing suet that has actually been layered through raspberry jam. Once complete, the suet is rolled right into a tube and then steamed in the range or baked. The dish has actually seen a long life in British background and was when a typical dessert at family dinners.

A jam roly-poly is sweet and also filling and also is especially delicious when served with hot custard. However, it can additionally be appreciated with cream or ice cream.

31. Jujube

The jujube is a little fruit the is additionally known together a Chinese date. It is known to flourish in southerly Asia, but i’s popular has continued to grow around the globe. The fruit resembles an olive in shape and size, however, unequal olives, the is a bright and also vivid red. The fruit includes a solitary pit or seed in ~ its centre and when ripe regularly takes on a wrinkled appearance.

The jujube is wealthy in vitamin C and also antioxidants and is thought to clear skin and also heal acne. The fruit can likewise be provided as a key ingredient in a range of recipes, where it is sure to include a brand-new and exciting flavor.

32. Jiaozi

Up next we have jiaozi, a Chinese dumpling the is delighted in through most of east Asia. The dumpling is often eaten throughout the Lunar brand-new Year and also is consumed year-round in certain Northern provinces. The dumpling chin usually is composed of meat and also vegetables sheathe in a thin item of translucent dough, i m sorry is climate sealed at the edges.

Jiaozi have grown an extremely popular beyond Asia and can be discovered in a vast majority of western countries. The name “jiaozi” derives native the Chinese word because that horn.

33. Julep

Julep is an alcoholic cocktail that is primarily made from a concoction the bourbon, mint, sugar, water and also crushed ice.

Originating in the American South, Juleps are traditionally offered in high glasses and also can it is in accompanied by a spirit, wine or liqueur. The is even feasible to to buy specially-made julep cups that space made indigenous tin, but a common glass is also acceptable.

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We left off Jicama, jimmies, creole jambalaya, and jellied eel in the attention of time.