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Title:Information Avoidance and also Overvaluation in Sequential Decision make under Epistemic constraints
Download PDF Abstract: Decision makers connected in the administration of civil assets and also systemsusually take actions under constraints implemented by societal regulations. Part ofthese constraints are pertained to epistemic quantities, together the probability offailure events and the corresponding risks. Sensors and inspectors have the right to provideuseful details supporting the control procedure (e.g. The maintain processof an asset), and decisions around collecting this information should count on ananalysis the its cost and also value. When societal regulation encode an economicperspective that is not aligned v that the the decision makers, the value ofInformation (VoI) deserve to be an unfavorable (i.e., info sometimes hurts), andalmost irrelevant information can even have a significant value (eitherpositive or negative), because that agents exhilaration under these epistemic constraints. Werefer to these phenomena as information Avoidance (IA) and InformationOverValuation (IOV). In this paper, we illustrate how to assess VoI insequential decision making under epistemic limit (as those applied bysocietal regulations), by modeling a partially Observable Markov DecisionProcesses (POMDP) and evaluating non optimal plans via finite StateControllers (FSCs). We focus on the value of collecting info at currenttime, and also on the of collecting sequential information, us illustrate exactly how thesevalues space related and we talk about how IA and IOV can take place in those settings.

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Comments: submitted come Rel. Eng. Sys. Saf
Subjects: synthetic Intelligence (cs.AI); info Theory (cs.IT); Multiagent solution (cs.MA); Systems and Control (eess.SY)
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