Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 time Winry proved She Loves Edward Winry Rockbell has always been Edward Elric"s friend, but eventually, those feeling gave means to true love. Winry verified her feelings more than once.

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Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is a famous shonen fantasy collection that is beloved not only for its amazing alchemy-based action scenes, but likewise for its solid human element. The Elric brothers space desperate come atone for attempting person transmutation, and their childhood girlfriend Winry Rockbell supports them every the way.

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Winry isn"t one alchemist; instead, she is specialized to machines and automail, and as a favor, she will fix and also upgrade Ed"s automail anytime that asks for it, free of charge. Winry was a reasonably typical "girl next door" at first, yet she and Ed soon dropped in love, and indeed, they married later on. And an ext than once, Winry verified that Ed is the only one for her.

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Edward Elric do Amestris background when that was accepted as a state alchemist at period 12, and it assisted that he had actually seen the Truth and also didn"t even need transmutation one to do alchemy. Winry was impressed, but she didn"t favor the other effects of this. Because that one thing, Ed would certainly leave her much behind because that work.

Ed grew up in Resembool, a landscape town, with Winry and also Al. However now all the was over, and Winry had to bitterly watch together he departed for his new line the work. Just a dear friend like Winry would certainly be therefore sad to see him go.

ed and also winry fullmetal alchemist
at an early stage in the story, Edward and Alphonse returned house to Resembool for some much-needed repairs. Both brothers had suffered considerably at the hands of Scar, the vengeful monk, and also Winry was approximately the challenge. In fact, she would pull a few all-nighters to get the task done.

Winry claimed that she would solve Ed"s eight in just three days" time, much quicker than the one-week timetable that Ed expected. Only a mechanic that deeply cared for she clients would push herself like this, and also sure enough, Winry delivered.

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Winry walk a good job top top Ed"s arm, but she slipped increase a bit. She accidentally left out a bolt because that the arm"s inside workings, and she didn"t notification until Ed had currently left. Soon enough, Ed"s eight malfunctioned, and Winry feeling pretty lousy about it.

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Winry apologized deeply because that the issue, and she speak not only out the principle together an automail professional however out of fear that Ed"s safety was at threat as a result. Winry doesn"t just care around her an elaborate automail products; she cares around the boy to whom they"re attached.

7 when Winry Admitted come Maes that She"s concerned That The Elrics Keep secrets From Her

hughes looking in ~ winry fullmetal alchemist
Maes Hughes didn"t last long in the show, but during his time, he got a chance to meet and also make friends through Winry and also invited her to his home. About this time, Winry acquired to know Maes" wife and daughter, and she additionally voiced a concern of hers.

Winry admitted to Maes the she was certain that the Elric brothers were maintaining secrets from her. It to be clear that they were doing something dangerous, particularly the hot-headed Edward. She cared deeply around him, and also Winry couldn"t stand the idea the Ed obtaining himself hurt recklessly. Can"t he simply return home to Resembool where life is idyllic and safe?

in ~ some point in the story, Alphonse come into call with Barry the Chopper at laboratory 5 and had his very humanity thrown right into question. What if "Alphonse Elric" was an fabricated construct v false memories? How might he prove his humanity?

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Alphonse was substantially distressed as soon as he brought this up, accusing Ed of make a false brother. Ed left the room, and Winry to be furious, demanding the Alphonse take earlier those accusations at once. She didn"t want the brothers attacking each other, and she knew that Ed had sufficient burdens (and guilt) as it was. Winry won"t just look after Ed"s automail; she will safeguard his heart, too.

5 when Winry make the efforts To speak Ed out Of His Quest

Not lengthy after she got the news of Maes Hughes" death, Winry was involved all over again that the Elric brothers" pursuit was extremely dangerous, and perhaps they should provide up this adventure prior to they obtain themselves killed.

Winry would be upper heart if she lost the Elric brothers, and also she urged Ed to return to the countryside through her, where it"s safe. Winry cared a great deal because that Ed, after all, and also eventually, Ed made his case that the quest should resume. Winry agreed, and within a few days, she wished the Elrics all the ideal on your trip.

all the same, Winry couldn"t entirely stop worrying around the safety of the Elric brothers, especially Edward. At part point, Winry heard the news the Scar, the state alchemist killer, remained in the same fight as Edward and Alphonse, and also Winry rashly hurried top top the scene, despite the danger.

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Only a deeply caring girlfriend would shot to get between Scar and Ed, and things take it a it is too dirty turn when Winry realized that Scar was her parents" killer. She increased a pistol on Scar until Ed talked her the end of it, and Winry left the battle unharmed.

3 as soon as Winry Heard Edward"s Promise around Tears of Joy

Winry and also the Elrics had to component ways as soon as again, and at the train station, Winry told the Elrics that she would recuperate from the emotional trauma of conference Scar, so long as the Elrics save believing in she (which lock will). Climate Ed claimed something touching.

Edward tells Winry the the next time she cries on his account, Ed will certainly make sure that she is crying tears of joy, no sadness, and that"s a promise. Winry boarded the train because that Resembool quickly after that and thought to herself the yes, she was definitely in love v Edward. She didn"t tell Ed the personally, however her psychological lines made points wonderfully clear to the viewer.

so late in the story, Edward briefly returned house to Resembool when again, in the firm of Greed the homunculus and a couple of chimeras. Problem was brewing, and Edward want Winry come flee Amestris to safeguard herself from Father"s wrath.

Winry, however, refused. She couldn"t was standing the thought of to run away when Ed and Al bravely stood as much as the forces of evil, and she would remain by Ed"s next to aid however she could. It took a many guts, resolve, and an individual commitment to make the stand. Not even the risk of Father"s apocalyptic arrangement could store Winry apart from Ed.

1 when Winry Agreed to Marry Edward

as soon as Father to be defeated, peace returned to Amestris at last, and Edward even gave increase his alchemy to destroy Father. That returned home once again, despite his father, valve Hohenheim, had due to the fact that died. Winry was still there, though, and also Ed had actually a proposal to make.

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Edward suggest marriage, however of course, he grammar it in alchemy terms, to assist cope with how awkward and also on-the-spot he felt around it. Winry was an ext than a little exasperated, but an ext importantly, she said yes, and the deal was done. The series" end credits plainly show a photograph where Ed and also Winry room married v a son and daughter, and they couldn"t be happier.

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