Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 critical Facts you Didn't Know about Envy Fullmetal Alchemist attributes villains based on the 7 deadly sins. Among them, Envy is more than likely the many recognizable.

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In the hit anime collection Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, viewers space transported come a civilization of steampunk technology, fantasy alchemy powers, and also all sort of deep philosophy around the true nature of humanity. This collection explores the best virtues and also courage of the human race, and also its darkest ambitions and also cruelty, all in one package.

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In fact, the villain"s 7 homunculus villains room modeled ~ the 7 deadly sins, and one of the first ones we fulfill is Envy, a shapeshifter and a longtime competitor to Edward and Alphonse Elric. This homunculus gets more screen time than many villains in this series, and also newcomers will want to know more about what renders Envy who he is. Below are ten essential facts around him.

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one of Envy"s main work for father is to divide allies and fool them right into fighting and hating one another, and also for setting large schemes right into motion. This is possible thanks come Envy"s shapeshifting power, which permits him to pose as just about anyone, to offer faulty orders or make someone watch guilty that a crime.

He even set off the dreadful Ishval Civil war this way, by posing together an Amestris officer and also shooting an Ishval child for no clear reason. Often, Envy boasts around how esay the is to manipulate and also trick world individually or as a group, and we deserve to see why.

in ~ first, it seems that Envy is proud ~ above par with the yes, really homunculus Pride, and also he enjoys gift a superhuman creature through powers beyond anything humans deserve to do. Yet in reality, his shapeshifting tells a various story.

Envy likes to brag around his youthful looks, but he"s constantly assuming the creates of other people and animals... Perhaps due to the fact that he privately covets their looks? Someone who truly took pride in us wouldn"t walk approximately in various other people"s skins so often.

Envy once passed away for good, yet he came back to life when might Chang accidentally collection him loosened and he soaked up a bunch of fight dolls powered through Philosopher"s Stones. He had his human body back, simply in time for Roy Mustang to kill him again.

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On the verge the death, Envy tried and also failed to division the world in Ed"s group, and also he realized that his schemes weren"t functioning anymore. So, he eliminated his own stone and tested Ed, Roy, Scar, and also the remainder to shot and endure Father"s plans, and also their own hatred. He has actually no sentimentality at all.

7 His dense Body

Envy has actually a massive true form, and his shapeshifting human form. That giant form is great for combat and protecting his allies from opponent fire, however even a homunculus prefer Envy needs to obey the principle of fixed conservation.

That is, Envy"s true human body is huge, and transforming into a human being shape doesn"t do his body lighter. During battle, prince Ling noticed the Envy landed really heavily, hinting in ~ the monstrous true kind to come. But now we"re wondering exactly how he have the right to drive a automobile without crushing it...

once again, Envy is fairly like one more homunculus: Wrath. Envy is a vicious bully, and he loves come torment others in all kinds the ways. This even contains psychological warfare, together as as soon as he assumed Gracia Hughes" kind (pictured) come assassinate Maes Hughes.

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Envy was also pretty rough once he and also Lust met Ed in lab 5, and also Envy had fun killing turn off the armored brothers there, regardless of Ed"s protests. In his final battle, Envy swore that he would "repay" Roy, Ed, and also the others for his loss up north, and we can"t even imagine the sort of torture he had in mind.

5 Eyeball Symbolism

The homunculi in Fullmetal Alchemist have every kinds of real-world tie-ins, and allusions to standard art and also literature, such as Dante"s The magnificent Comedy. This includes the 7 deadly sins, such together Envy and also covetousness.

In this case, in Dante"s poem, the envious had actually their eyes sewn shut in punishment, so they might lo longer look upon various other people and things to covet. Meanwhile, Envy the homunculus suffered repeated strikes to the eyeballs when fighting Roy Mustang.

when Envy is a capable fighter and also he has actually the inherent regeneration of every homunculi, he has tendency to obtain pretty sloppy. Envy has arrogant pride to rival, well, Pride"s, but he can"t ago it up together well.

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More than once, Envy loses a fight the he could have won if he take it his opponents much more seriously and also recognized their potential. Because that example, he to be helpless once fighting May and Edward up north, and also he dropped for May"s alkahestry circles under the snow.

3 He"s choose Greed

What is interesting about the seven homunculus brothers is the while they room all distinct entities, they are eventually one and also the same, the same failing the the person spirit. Envy, therefore, shares some traits through the others, such together Greed.

This is just natural, since the just reason a human being will envy another"s possessions or status is due to the fact that they greedily desire it all for themselves. Similarly, we might say that Greed the homunculus envied Alphonse"s immortal armor body. Indeed, Envy and Greed space brothers.

Envy wears some odd duds, doesn"t he? What"s even an ext interesting is that Envy didn"t find those garments somewhere; he develops them himself, and he can develop other people"s apparel when morphing right into them, too.

This makes his disguise work more effective, though we need to question Envy"s fashion choice for his default outfit. One more interesting note: Envy sometimes wears real clothes over his synthetic ones, and also those apparel fall off as soon as he morphs right into dogs or other animals.

1 His Meta Humor

Envy is solid a wise-cracking person, however he does have actually a few goofy moment without also realizing it. That once acquired off the phone through Zampano and also gave the camera a look together though come say "this is gonna it is in good." breaking the 4th wall, appropriate there.

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In the manga, when Envy accidentally to walk in on Ed in the shower room, Ed yelled at him and threw a bar the soap, and also Envy actually stated "Quit acting like you"re in a manga." Except... They entirely are.