FX and National Geographic channels went dark on dish Network as the deadline come agree on a brand-new carriage transaction with brand-new fees passed in ~ midnight.


FX and also National Geographic channels avoided a blackout on food Network together negotiations v Disney end carriage fees ongoing as the deadline passed in ~ midnight.

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The networks affiliated in the problem include FX, FXX, FXM, nationwide Geographic and also National geographic Wild, all cable channels acquired by the Walt Disney Co. As soon as it purchase the bulk of 21st Century Fox’s to chat assets.

Sources told The Hollywood Reporter the Disney and also Dish have had fertile conversations, yet there’s no agreement yet. “We remain totally committed to reaching a deal and are positive we can do so,” Disney stated in a explain a pair days before the deadline.

Dish has had actually a series of problems with a variety of networks in current months. In March, Univision and Dish worked out their long-running carriage problem that started once talks struggle an impasse in June 2018. The deal caused the restoring the the Univision network, UniMas, Univision Deportes Network, Galavisión, Tlnovelas and also FOROtv because that Dish and DishLatino customers.

Also last week, a dispute between Dish and broadcaster Meredith led to local station in 12 markets, consisting of Atlanta, Phoenix and also Kansas City, being blacked out.

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Rival satellite provider DirecTV, meanwhile, has actually blacked the end CBS station in a variety of markets, including new York and also Los Angeles ~ their current contract expired.



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