Brothers and also sisters room siblings. Husbands and wives space spouses. Mothers and fathers room parents. Sons and also daughters space children. Grandparents, grandchildren ... Yet what about uncles and also aunts, or nieces and also nephews?

In writing this, i scanned the "Similar Questions" sidebar and found that fifty percent of my question is already answered; over there is no genuine term because that nieces and also nephews. Bummer. Yet I"m still wondering around aunts and uncles: go anyone know around that?

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The answer to the comparable question you mention actually has your answer. No, over there is no gender-neutral word for your parents" siblings.

From the answer:

This thread additionally mentions:

that there is no encompassing word for aunt/uncle either that there is no male/female type of cousin.

My solutions would be "parents" siblings", and also "siblings" children". They don"t make single words, yet do do concise terms.


The Non-binary Wiki suggests ommer together a gender neutral because that aunt/uncle:

ommer ... Non-standard genderqueer term for "aunt/uncle"


genderqueer titles list

I hadn"t heard that any provided for aunt/uncle, but I did know the hatchet "nibling" for niece/nephew.

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