if trying to quit the GIMP image editor, i inadvertently clicked the cross on the main toolbox (the one with selection/painting tools, etc). Now, the toolbox seems to be permanently lost, even after restarting.Is there anything I have the right to do to obtain it back, or alternatively, how can I rebuild it?

I"m using version 2.8.2 on home windows XP, through the multiple window layout.

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There room two possible solutions I have the right to see:

If the GIMP session is tho open, reclaim the toolbox you simply closed by going to Windows -> freshly Closed Docks, and it need to be over there in the list.

freshly Closed Docks -> Toolbox - tool Options">

Otherwise, go to Edit -> Preferences in the Window Management section, and also press the Reset Saved window Positions to Default Values button. If friend customised one of two people of your palettes (or added brand-new ones), climate this an approach will lose those changes.

choices -> home window Management -> Reset Saved window Positions to Default Values">

To avoid this keep going in future, you can uncheck the Save window positions ~ above exit checkbox (same page), therefore the toolbox always reappears as soon as you restart GIMP, no matter if girlfriend closed it previously or not.

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Pressing TAB is the toggle for Hide Docks. I m sorry totally clears the toolbox from view. It"s an extremely easy come hit ~ above accident. Try this to check out if you"ve covert your toolbox.

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This is what the default dialogs look like:


The main Toolbox is actually rather easy to recreate - it"s just the Toolbox dialog (you can develop a new one with Ctrl-B or Windows -> new Toolbox if friend don"t have one), with a Tool Options tab beneath it. Resize the toolbox till a space appears in ~ it where you deserve to drop dockable dialogs, then goto Windows -> Dockable Dialogs -> tool Options, and drag the brand-new dialog"s tab into the space.

The other dialog contains four tabs in the peak pane: Layers | Channels | Paths | Undo

and three in the bottom pane: Brushes | Patterns | Gradients

Start v the height pane: open up the Layers dialog, then open up the Channels/Paths/Undo dialogs (from Windows -> Dockable Dialogs) and also drag their tabs in alongside the Layers tab.

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Then to produce the bottom pane, open up the Brushes dialog and also drag the tab come the very bottom that the dialog window (just above the home window border), and the dialog will break-up into two panes v Brushes in ~ the bottom. Patterns and Gradients can then it is in opened and dragged into the bottom pane.