The scriptures is a beautiful explanation of oh my gosh love for humanity. Beginning with the development story, the holy publication offers a historical account the the Lord’s partnership to man, while likewise providing inspirational guidance follow me the way. Many importantly, the brand-new Testament recounts just how God sent his son, Jesus, to die for the sins of mankind — the many profound action of love in history.

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20 scriptures Verses about God’s Love

There space numerous holy bible verses that make known God’s love because that humanity. That is the love of God that holds the power to both sustain and also transform us. Examine out this amazing, transformative holy bible verses around God’s Love:

“This is mine commandment, the ye love one another, together I have loved you.” - man 15:12, KJV

Christ Jesus commands that believer love one an additional in the very same manner that God has loved humanity.

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“Greater love on foot no man than this, the a man lay under his life because that his friends.” - john 15:13, KJV

Among scriptures verses around love, this one reminds united state of the importance of sacrificing for others, through Jesus making his very own sacrifice because that the benefits of humanity the most touching and an effective example that selflessness.

“Behold, what path of love the father hath bestowed top top us, the we have to be dubbed the sons of God: thus the people knoweth united state not, because it knew him not.” - 1 john 3:1, KJV

The holy spirit travel guide Christians along the ideal path, v the bible making the clear that the human being won’t understand Christ Jesus no one His ways. Oh my gosh love is easily accessible to anyone willing to adopt Him.

“But thou, O Lord, art a God complete of compassion, and gracious, long suffering, and plenteous in mercy and truth.” - Psalm 86:15, KJV

As children of God, this holy bible verse reminds us that we serve a faithful God who is “full that compassion” and who embraces mercy and truth — a true lull to us all.

"Though ns speak through the tongues that men and also of angels, and have no charity, ns am come to be as sound brass, or a tinkling cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand every mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I might remove mountains, and also have no charity, i am nothing.” - 1 Corinthians 13:1-2, KJV

These two holy bible verses encourage united state to love God and love others, proclaiming the we space nothing without the hand that the love that the Almighty calls united state to. As kids of God, it’s necessary that we remember this reality.

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“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, this three; but the best of these is charity.” - 1 Corinthians 13:13, KJV

This verse reminds that of the love of God, as He produced these emotions and also experiences. The bible makes it clean that children of God room to worth love and live it the end in our lives.


“For good is thy mercy toward me: and thou hast delivered my spirit from the shortest hell.” - Psalm 86:13, KJV

We offer a faithful God that helps overview us through the holy spirit. The is merciful and His love holds the power to conserve us also from ours darkest pains and our worst decisions.

“Finally, my brethren, be solid in the Lord, and in the strength of his might.” - Ephesians 6:10, KJV

Many scriptures verses remind united state of god’s power. With the love of God us can discover strength — it is a fact this verse captures.

“O offer thanks unto the God that heaven: because that his mercy endureth because that ever.” - Psalm 136:26, KJV

God’s love lasts forever. From creation through Christ Jesus’ sacrifice and also beyond, God has actually guided the arc of human being history. His love and also mercy will always sustain us.

“And we have known and also believed the love the God hath to us. God is love; and he the dwelleth in love dwelleth in God, and also God in him.” - 1 man 4:16, KJV

Remember the “God is love.” Christ Jesus’ sacrifice for mankind is the most selfless gift imaginable. Turn to the son of God and allow the holy spirit to change you.

“But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were however sinners, Christ passed away for us.” - Romans 5:8, KJV

God’s love have the right to save united state from our sins and we can live eternal life in heaven v the Almighty. Together Christians, we have actually the divine spirit to rely on. This is just one of the bible verses that reminds united state of Christ Jesus’ sacrifice for us all.

“For God so love the world, that he gave his just begotten Son, the whosoever believeth in him must not perish, however have everlasting life.” - man 3:16, KJV

Believing in Jesus and His death on the cross together the plot that saved humanity’s sins — and also living a life based on that belief — is the key to eternal life. Agree Christ means allowing the holy spirit to fill and also guide you.

“For God sent not his Son into the human being to guilty of the world; however that the civilization through him could be saved.” - john 3:17, KJV

The Lord’s score is come save human beings. God’s love is profound and also he sent out us Jesus — the son of God — to provide us a path toward salvation and eternal life.

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“For by grace are ye conserved through faith; and also that no of yourselves: that is the gift of God.” - Ephesians 2:8, KJV

It is confidence that saves us. As kids of God us are called to take on Christ and permit the divine spirit to transform us.

“For we room his workmanship, developed in Christ Jesus unto great works, i m sorry God hath prior to ordained that we have to walk in them.” - Ephesians 2:10, KJV

Christ Jesus is our example for exactly how to live and also behave. There space numerous scriptures verses the emphasize this. As youngsters of God, this verse is a good reminder of how we must live.

“I am crucified through Christ: however I live; yet no I, however Christ liveth in me: and also the life i m sorry I now live in the flesh i live by the faith of the child of God, that loved me, and also gave self for me.” - Ephesians 2:20, KJV

When we expropriate Christ, we invite the divine spirit come live in us. The is this decision — one made obtainable through oh my gosh love for mankind — that deserve to transform us.


“Jesus answered and said unto her, Whosoever drinketh the this water shall thirsty again: however whosoever drinketh that the water that ns shall offer him shall never thirst; however the water that ns shall offer him shall be in that a well of water springing up right into everlasting life.” - man 4:13-14, KJV

Eternal life is miscellaneous every person being need to consider. Through Christ Jesus, we have the capacity to live after fatality with Christ Jesus. We offer a faithful God that will enable us to “never thirst,” so lengthy as we open our hearts to Him.

“The mr thy God in the middle of thee is mighty; he will certainly save, he will certainly rejoice end thee through joy; that will rest in his love, that will joy over thee through singing.” - Zephaniah 3:17, KJV

God’s love is powerful. He didn’t merely produce humanity and step away; the Lord actively wants to build a partnership with each of us. As youngsters of God, us can start to relate an ext to God with prayer and also Bible reading.

“For thou, Lord, art good, and ready come forgive; and also plenteous in mercy unto all lock that call upon thee.” - Psalm 86:5, KJV

God’s love because that humanity way that the is always ready and willing to pardon — we merely need to ask. Christ Jesus died for our sins. If us love God we deserve to turn to Him and also he will forgive us. No failure is too huge for our faithful God to save us from.

“I to be crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, yet Christ liveth in me: and the life i beg your pardon I currently live in the flesh ns live by the faith of the son of God, who loved me, and also gave himself for me.” - Galatians 2:20, KJV

Christ Jesus deserve to live in us all — and also when the does, His love alters everything.

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Takeaways: god’s Love in the Bible

Based on these bible verses, there space some key takeaways the we can summarize around God’s love because that humanity:

1 - Christ Jesus passed away for our sins: Jesus passed away for the sins of humanity. His sacrifice top top the cross can wipe away any type of mistake we’ve made — and we deserve to be changed if we take on His love because that us. That a basic act ~ above our component that can change everything.

2 - It’s never too so late to make a change: God’s love is so large that yes no mistake or error we’ve made that He can’t wipe clean. It’s never ever too late to adopt the love the God with Christ Jesus. Eternal life awaits all those that do.

3 - Jesus is our ultimate example: The previously mentioned Bible verses about God’s love validate the Christ Jesus is ours ultimate example of just how to act — and how come love others. We need to follow Jesus’ lead as soon as it comes to our life choices and also interactions.

4 - us are dubbed to love God and also love others: Part of adhering to God’s lead is loving those about us. As we’re led through the holy spirit, we must love God and also love others. We offer a faithful God and, in turn, we should love and be faithful to those about us.

5 - Embracing Christ Jesus is simple: Embracing Jesus is simple. If you’re trying to find a guide that can aid you start your journey with the Almighty, look no further.

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