La Roux’s “In for the Kill” centers on a pair of metaphorical expressions made in the chorus, wherein the vocalist exerts the she is “going in for the kill… act it because that the thrill”. And what the singer is in reality speaking to, as made a bit clearer in the very first verse, is swallowing her pride/fears and stepping come someone that she is physically attracted to – do a pass, put an ext simply.

And as further implied in the second verse, Elly plainly understands the things may not go right. But she also knows that holding in she words/feelings will certainly make castle rot, if girlfriend will. And that in reality brings united state to what this track is about as explained through the vocalist.

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The primary goals is not to actually make the addressee’s acquaintance. Rather, the narrator is the type of human being who would certainly rather get her feelings out to definitively ascertain if the various other party is additionally interested as opposed to keeping them bottled up.

So yes, in a method this entire piece can be taken as fancy pickup line. But in ~ the exact same time, together revealed in the bridge, of course the vocalist is hoping because that a positive solution but is likewise cool if points don’t walk there. Rather, what’s most vital to she is not chickening out.



“In because that the Kill” Facts

Artist(s): La RouxAlbum/EP:“La Roux”

Was “In because that the Kill” a single release?

 Yes. It was released as the “La Roux” album’s 2nd single. March 15th, 2009 was its official date of release.


The tune was written and also produced by Elly Jackson in participation with Ben Langmaid.


“In because that the Kill” to be nominated because that the award, “Best dance Recording” in ~ the Grammys in 2011. It shed the compensation to Rihanna’s “Only Girl (In the World)”. The following nominees completed the category:

Other Accolades

The film, music and culture website, NME placed “In because that the Kill” at number 64 ~ above their list of height 150 tracks of the past one and fifty percent decade.

Chart Performance

Australian – 5Scotland – 10UK – 2US (Dance Club) – 1


Of the countless singers and bands that have covered “In for the Kill” end the years, below are several of the most prominent:

Miike snow (2010)London Grammar (2013)Tapestry (2014)

La Roux’s “La Roux” Album

In for the Kill,the synth-pop song was released in 2009 by brothers music duo La Roux. The monitor is the second single from their self-titled and debut studio album,La Roux.

The duo released the eponymous album worldwide through Polydor records on June 26, 2009. They wrote the majority of the lyrics for the twelve song on the album’s original track listing. In addition, they produced the entire album v the aid of executive producer Ben Hirst.

Many music reviewers and critics consider la Roux as a top and quality album. AllMusic, Rolling Stone, The daily Telegraph, and The irish Times have actually all score the album a 4 out of 5-star rating on your platforms. The album additionally scored seventy-six percent on Metacritic and also nine the end of 10 scores on NME

La Rouxpeaked at number 4 and 70 top top the Billboard Top electronic Dance Albums Chart and the Billboard 200 chart. It was also 2nd on the UK Albums graph (OCC) and third on the Australian Albums chart (ARIA).

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The album assisted the duo come secure a place in the shortlist that the 2009 Mercury Prize. In addition, the earned the Grammy compensation for finest Electronic Album in ~ the 2011 Grammys.

It has sold almost half a million copies in the UK and has got a silver certification native the BPI.