Let’s talk around how to say good luck in French and also other ways to wish someone well. These space handy unit volume you’ll hear frequently in your day-to-day life, so let’s obtain right into it.

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How come say great luck in French translation

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As you progression in French and also speak to rather in day-to-day interactions, you’ll require phrases favor the ones listed below to wish others well. They’re a positive, natural method to finish a conversation on a polite note and also sound favor the French. Think around how frequently you say things like “Good luck” or “Have a great day” in your native language. So let me teach you just how to say good luck in French and some other usual phrases. Lock all start with the word “good.”

Keep in mind the nouns have actually a gender in French. So depending upon whether the noun is feminine or masculine, her adjective that precedes it will certainly take the proper type — bon or bonne. Yes, they room pronounced differently, so listen to Tom in the audio for each clip (thanks, Tom!) by pushing the black color triangle play switch under each heading. He states each expression 3 times: continual speed, much more slowly, constant speed.

Also note that there’s liaison in French, which deserve to be heard in bon appétit. The “bon” have the right to sometimes sound like “bonne” in constant speech since the n in bon and the a in appétit come together. You deserve to read much more about liaison here.

Curious about what points are an excellent luck in French? Four-leaf clovers, rainbows, crossing your fingers for someone, and other points you’re familiar with. However what’s no considered great luck in French? Well, an upside baguette. Really!

Here’s how come say great luck in French and wish others well.


Bonne chance

This is just how to say good luck in French. It’s a versatile phrase and is used as with it is in English. You have the right to literally wish someone an excellent luck in ~ a casino but it’s supplied in all species of situations whenever a tiny bit of luck is needed. Great someone an excellent luck in French when they’re taking on a challenge and require a little bit of encourage like before a task interview or anything really. This one is so renowned that you’ll even hear English speaker say bonne possibility in English instead of an excellent luck in French just to be sophisticated (Like Mozzie on the TV show White Collar).

Bonne journée

Bonne journée is super common and also it converts to have actually a great day in French. You’ll hear this after friend pay for something in a store right before you leaving — either you’ll speak it you yourself to the cashier or the cashier will certainly beat you come it and say it come you. It typically comes right before au revoir. It’s polite so usage it often.

Bon appétit

Everyone knows this one, right? It converts to “enjoy her meal” and you’ll hear human being say it come you in restaurants but likewise if you’re eat in public on the go. Take for instance eating a ache au chocolat when walking come the metro. Someone can smile and wish girlfriend bon appétit together they pass on by. You’ll likewise hear this French expression at restaurants native the server upon offer you your meal. I’ve heard world say it’s a faux pas in France to say bon appétit to guest at a dinner party or something similar, yet I hear French human being say it to others every the time. If you want to tell someone to gain their meal, this is what girlfriend say.


Bonne route

If who is leaving on a road expedition or any form of drive, you can wish castle bonne route. It translates to drive safely and also can be offered with friends, family, co-workers, and also anyone.

Bon courage

This one is sort of funny and literally method have courage and also is type of like great luck in French. You’ll hear customers wishing cashiers (and in all kinds of other interactions) bon courage on a busy day. I generally reserve bon courage for once someone is clearly having a rough time — a nanny v 3 screaming kids, a shopkeeper who was just taking care of a crude customer, etc. — but you’ll listen the French wish world bon courage once they’re just doing your job. Like they need a little of courage, or strength, to gain through the day. It’s almost like “hang in there” and can be supplied like good luck in French also sometimes.

Bonne séance

This is a good one to usage if you job-related in a customer-facing function at a gym or all over a customer has actually an appointment. Bonne séance means have a great session, so it’s miscellaneous the woman at the front workdesk at my gym states to me as soon as I swipe in for my workout. Another example is the cashier at the movie theater. They could say this to you after you’ve purchase a ticket as a means to say enjoy the show. This isn’t a expression you’ll use also often yet it is other you’ll hear, so currently you know what it means.


Bonne rentrée

Back to institution is called la rentrée in French and also you’ll watch it everywhere at the finish of August and also stores have actually promotions and kids obtain ready because that the year ahead. I recently heard the phrase bonne rentrée fairly a little when the end and about as the children went back to school earlier this month. Bonne rentrée way welcome ago to institution or reap the brand-new school year. It’s a means to wish students well together they get earlier into the swing of things at school.

Bon rétablissment

This one is “get fine soon” and also best suited for civilization who have just gained out that the hospital from surgery or room recovering from a major illness. This isn’t what girlfriend say as soon as someone is a little under the weather from a cold, though. Permit me touch on that for a second. Something kind of concerned this was when I inquiry Tom what the identical of a casual “feel better!” would be in French.

Back in April, I had actually the flu quite bad and still had to walk come the doctor, go to the pharmacy, walk the dog, and also handle life. During this time, i was plainly sick and also had no voice. I saw around 5 world in one day in different contexts, again ns was plainly ill, and also no one said anything the resembled “feel better.” ns was a little bit taken aback and asked Tom why no one wished me well since it make me feel even worse, like no one cared. I took it a little bit personally due to the fact that in English back in the US, if someone ns knew, or heck even someone ns didn’t know, seemed quite ill and also like they were struggling, I’d absolutely speak something like “I hope you feeling better!” or “Take care and get some rest!” or something choose that relying on our relationship.

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But once I to be pretty much walking death, no one said a thing! Apparently, a basic “feel better” doesn’t really exist in French in the same way and bon rétablissement is reserved for an ext serious medical concerns like a hospitalization or at the very least a poor flu. Ns guess you might say “j’espère que vous irez mieux bientôt” (I hope you feel much better soon) to someone you know yet it’s a mouthful to say. It would certainly be oddly personal if a cashier stated something choose that come a random customer who was ill. In a way, the French respect the personal sphere so not commenting ~ above someone’s condition — even if it’s to wish them well — can not it is in as usual as it would certainly be in the US.

So what’s a casual “feel better”? Something an ext like soigne-toi bien or repose-toi bien. But again, the French could not comment on someone’s condition if lock don’t recognize you well. French readers, permit me recognize what girlfriend think around that…

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So over there you have actually it, how to to speak good lucky in French and also other phrases come encourage others and also wish castle well. Carry out you have any kind of other French paragraph to include to my list? What’s her favorite?