In this section you discover the full list of allStory Missionsin GTA IV: The Lost and Damned in chronological order. There is a full of 22 missions in the storyline the The Lost and Damned.

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Clicking top top a TLaD mission brings you come its complete details, v Mission Giver,Rewards,Mission Objectives, video Walkthrough, and more information.


Billy Grey
After Billy Grey"s return to the lost MC indigenous rehabilitation, that finds the end his Revenant cycle is missing. The gang recover it native the angle of Death.


Billy Grey
Billy Grey denies the truce in between the lost MC and the Angels the Death. This leader to a gunfight and increases the tension between the rival gangs.


Billy finds out the Angels of death have ambushed some members that the shed MC, therefore the corridor go and also rescue them.

Johnny and also Jim steal bikes from the Angels of fatality for a buyer that will delivery to Japan. Lock are recorded by 2 crooked cops who attempt to blackmail them because that money.

Johnny meets Niko Bellic and also Playboy X to offer the steal heroin, however the buyer is one undercover cop and also Johnny has to escape.

Johnny is sent out by Billy come do occupational for cutting board Stubbs III, who work him with killing his uncle for inheritance money.

Johnny liberates some white collar criminal (and a cannibal) from jail for Stubbs, as they space potential voters for him.

After Billy tries to hand Johnny and also Jim come the triads, that is arrested through the police and Johnny becomes chapter president when again.

Johnny is compelled by Dimitri Rascalov"s guys to kidnap roman Bellic in stimulate to keep Ashley servant safe.

After escaping from ray Boccino"s restaurant, Jim and Johnny break-up ways in order come prepare for Ray"s revenge. Jim is later murdered by Niko Bellic.

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