Lee Min Ho is a well known actor, model, singer, and also entrepreneur from southern Korea. He is finest known for his duty as Gu Jun Pyo in boys Over Flowers. The collection earned that the Best brand-new Actor award at the 45th Baeksang arts Awards and enormous popularity. Due to all his fame, civilization continue come ask around Lee Min Ho’s wife. So, let's discover out if he has one or if the is still single!

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Most exciting facts around Lee Min Ho’s wife, career, and life

The actor is native Huekseok-dоng of Dongjak-gu, in Seoul, south Korea.

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What is Lee Min-Ho’s period 2021?

The singer was born top top 22 June 1987. As of 2021, the is 34 year old.


The movie star i graduated from Konkuk University v a Bachelor's level in film & Art.

Acting career

Actor L. Min Ho. Photo:
actorleeminhoSource: Instagram

The star had aspired to it is in a professional footballer because he to be a child. He started participating in sports when he remained in elementary school.

He quit football after enduring an injury and also went right into acting. Prior to graduation, that was currently signed through Starhaus Entertainment.

Following his debut in the movie industry, he appeared in secret Campus, Public opponent Returns, Mackerel Run, obtain Up, ns Am Sam, and also Our college E.T. In 2009, the was actors as Gu Jun Pyo in the drama collection Boys end Flowers. It was this breakthrough duty that earned that acclaim.


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He took a break from acting in 2017 to serve in the army. He was assigned to the Gangnam district Office’s Suseo society Welfare Center. In 2018, he started his army training in ~ the Korea army Training center in Nonsan, southern Korea. The actor to be discharged indigenous military business on 25 April 2019.

Movies and TV shows

Which the the actor’s films and also TV series have friend seen?

Movies2008 – Public enemy Returns as Jung Ha-yeon2008 – ours School’s E.T. As Oh Sang-hoon2015 – Gangnam 1970 as Jong-dae2016 – Bounty Hunters together Li San2018 – mysterious Fighter project A together himself2019 – Cheong Kawn Jang Evertime: Charming as himself2020 – Do-cheong as himself
TV shows2004 – 2005 – Sharp together Lee Jin-ho2006 – secret Campus as Park Du Hyeon2007 – ns Am Sam together Heo Mo Se2007 – Mackerel run as Cha Gong-chan2008 – acquire Up as Min Wook-gi2009 – guys Over Flowers as Gu Jun Pyo2010 – an individual Taste as Jeon Jin-Ho2011 – City Hunter as Lee Yoon-seong2011 – 2012 – won & Oni together lee Joon2012 – confidence as Choi Young2013 – The Inheritors as Kim Tan2014 – line Romance together Min Ho2015 – Summer Love as Min Ho2016 – 2017 – The Legend that the Blue Sea together Heo Joon Jae2016 – 2017 – Seven first Kisses as himself2017 – DMZ, The Wild together Himself2020 – The King: Youngwonui Gunjoo as Lee Gon2021 – Pachinko as Hansu (pre-production)

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The actor additionally voiced numerous animated movies.

Music career

The South korean celebrity additionally tried to go after a career as a singer. In 2013, he exit his first album my Everything.

Then, he went top top a tour to Malaysia and also the Philippines. Is Lee Min Ho married?

Who is Lee Min Ho’s mam or girlfriend?

Singer L. Min Ho. Photo:
actorleeminhoSource: Instagram

While speak of Lee Min Ho’s mam 2021, one should take note that the actor is still no married. Nonetheless, many human being still wonder, “Who is the wife of Lee Min Ho?”

Lee Min Ho’s dating history includes relationships with several renowned women. He date Park Min Young, a South korean actress. Lock eventually separation up.

Following his figure in The Heirs, the actor's fans began to think that he was romantically connected to his co-star, Park Shin-hye, as result of their on-screen chemistry.

Nevertheless, she just called him a great off-screen friend. Castle met long before they appeared in the series.

As a result, once the actor began dating oriental singer Suzy Bae (in 2015), that left his fans confused with the question, “Who is Lee Min Ho’s mam or girlfriend best now, Suzy Bae or Park Shin-hye?” Park Shin-hye to be Lee's friend, for this reason the answer to be clear-he was date Suzy Bae.

Two years later, in 2017, the singer and Bae broke up, which raised numerous questions from your fans, including “Who is Lee Min Ho dating this time?”

In summer 2021, the media was filled with rumours claiming that Lee Min Ho’s girl friend is ex-Momoland singer Yeonwoo. They were noticed together at one public event. However, the actor's company denied the claims.

Today, the gibbs spends his time v is his mini pinscher named Choco. There space a most her photos on his Instagram.

Who is his sisters in actual life?

When it comes to siblings, the movie star has an older sister named Lee Yun-jeong. She is the CEO the MYM Entertainment.

Now, you recognize the answer come the question, “Who is Lee Min Ho’s wife?” over there is still no one who deserve to be described as his "wife." that is quiet single.

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