For movie fans of every ages, couple of things are as dramatic or together emotional together a scan love story. And also the finest love stories, regardless of genre or plot, commonly involve a romantic kiss. End the past couple of decades, countless movies have featured dramatic kissing scenes. Lock ignite viewers’ imaginations and also create an i can not forget movie experience.

But interestingly, the movie the holds the document for the longest on-screen kiss might hardly be taken into consideration romantic.

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Movie-goers love a good smooch


‘Kids in America’ gibbs Gregory Smith and also Stephanie Sherrin | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Romantic dramas will certainly likely constantly have a ar in filmgoers’ hearts. Yet a couple of movie kisses have distinguished themselves. Possibly it’s the way they’re framed or the buildup to them. Every little thing the reason, they’ve sparked movie magic.

For instance, The Notebook includes one the the most iconic kisses. One factor is that the showstopping moment occurs well past the film’s halfway point, stoking anticipation. The steamy smooch also won co-stars Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams an MTV Movie award for ideal Kiss in 2005.

It wasn't over. It still isn't over. However it is 15 year old. #TheNotebook

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Of course, one of the all-time an excellent movie kisses is in between Vivien Leigh’s Scarlett O’Hara and also Clark Gable’s Rhett servant in Gone with the Wind. The 1939 epos spawned a love story because that the ages and a kiss scene the has regularly been imitated however never duplicated.

Other iconic movie kisses include makeout moment in Titanic, mine Girl, Moonlight, Breakfast in ~ Tiffany’s, and also Love Story. Even animated movies have characters locking lips. You’ll watch cartoon smooches in Lady and also the Tramp, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast.

The movie ‘Kids in America’

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One thing every one of the above movies have actually in typical is their love stories. However, one noteworthy onscreen kiss come in a movie that’s much from romantic. Kids in America is a comedy exit in 2005 and also inspired by real-life events, IMDb reports. The story adheres to a group of high-schoolers who gather come protest their school’s overbearing principal.

The movie to be a box-office bomb, and critics universally panned it. These days, it could be quickly dismissed as a typical early-2000s teenager comedy. Still, Kids in America holds a unique distinction.

The Guinness world Record because that the longest on-screen kiss

TEN years AGO!!!! A #BTS shot from the an initial film i directed, #KidsInAmerica. The look in my eye is PANIC! I had no idea what ns was doing.

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According to Guinness human being Records, Kids in America hold the document for the longest display screen kiss in a commercial attribute film. Return the adopt is nowhere near as romantic as the one in between Scarlett and also Rhett servant or also Jack and Rose, the on-screen makeout session lasts for a staggering 6 minutes 44 seconds in between co-stars Stephanie Sherrin and Gregory Smith.

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But viewers who want to witness the epos session will need to watch the finish credits, wherein Sherrin’s and also Smith’s personalities re-create well known onscreen kisses over the years. Ultimately, although Kids in America didn’t earn vital acclaim, it’s quiet a worthwhile watch for those that appreciate movie history.