NFL kicker salaries vary from player to player. The average NFL ar goal kicker value is considered to be 860,000 dollars annually.

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NFL Kicker salary 2021:

Less than 3 years$670,000
More than 3 years$906,000
More than 6 years$1,300,000

NFL Kicker mean Salaries 2021:

Justin Tucker$5,000,000
Graham Gano$4,666,667
Ka’imi Fairbairn$4,412,500
Jason Sanders$4,400,000
Mason Crosby$4,300,000
Brandon McManus$4,300,000
Chris Boswell$4,201,500
Harrison Butker$4,055,000
Wil Lutz$4,050,000
Jake Elliott$4,030,000
Ryan Succop$4,000,000
Jason Myers$3,862,500
Josh Lambo$3,785,000
Robbie Gould$3,625,000
Daniel Carlson$3,384,000
Matt Prater$3,250,000
Cairo Santos$3,000,000
Greg Zuerlein$2,500,000
Dustin Hopkins$2,462,500
Randy Bullock$1,750,000
Nick Folk$1,225,000
Cody Parkey$1,212,500
Aldrick Rosas$1,127,500
Michael Badgley$1,100,000
Younghoe Koo$920,000
Tyler Bass$869,806
Sam Ficken$850,000
Joey Slye$850,000
Matt McCrane$837,500
Matt Ammendola$808,333
J.J. Molson$808,333
Greg Joseph$780,000
Roberto Aguayo$780,000
Matt Wright$780,000
Rodrigo Blankenship$768,333
Matt Gay$762,500
Chase McLaughlin$762,500
Tucker McCann$742,500
Tristan Vizcaino$742,500
Austin MacGinnis$742,500
Austin Seibert$695,114
Dominik Eberle$660,000
Elliott Fry$660,000

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The nationwide Football league is an American football league. That comprises thirty-two groups that are distributed proportionally in between the nationwide Football Conference shortly dubbed the NFC and also American soccer Conference (AFC). Each conference is additional consisting of four divisions. In a solitary team, a preferably of 55 players is permitted to play the end of i m sorry 48 do it come play the match being energetic and in form.

It was established one hundred years earlier in the year the 1920. That headquarters is present in new York City. Phibìc America has four major professional sporting activities leagues, the NFL is one of them.

Along through being a component of the north American football league, it is also the highest-paid off American football organization in the world. Having actually such crucial reputation urges for boost in the NFL kicker salary. The matches of this organization run because that 4 month or 17 weeks. The enhance starts in ~ the begin of September and finishes in ~ the end of December before Christmas every year.

There are 16 games played in this 17 weeks, one video game in a week. This matches space being played between NFC and AFC. NFC contains 16 teams and also AFC likewise contains an same 16 teams. At an early stage in 1920, that was referred to as the American professional Football combination (APPA). 

How lot Does one NFL Kicker Make?

An NFL kicker go a hard job, he needs to be a good athlete to play the game. The more efficient one athlete is the much better NFL kicker the becomes. The is quite challenging to estimate an NFL kicker value on average. Yet whenever who asks, the is claimed to it is in 2 million U.S. Dollars.

This explain is not fully true, due to the fact that we cannot calculate an typical amount. After all, the salary a star player is acquiring is method more 보다 the value an average player is getting. But if we speak generally, think about there space ten players existing in a match court playing a football match, one of them is a star quarterback and the other nine are plain players. An typical NFL quarterback’s value is 20 million dollars a year.

But the value of the other 9 players is nearly 50,000 dollars a year. This provides a huge difference in your salaries. Usually, NFL quarterback earnings are really high together they space the stars the the team. For this team of 10 players, we can say the the mean salary is 2,045,000 dollars a year. This median does not seem to be realistic, just due to the fact that of one player the average NFL player’s value is elevated to a greater level. If we exclude the star player, the median NFL kicker revenue of those staying 9 players would be simply 50,000 dollars annually. NFL kicker salaries of some of the well-known players are;

The NFL kicker salary of Justin Tucker is 20,000,000 dollars. NFL kicker Graham Gano is getting paid 14,000,000 dollars. The NFL kicker earnings of Nick individual is 1,050,000 dollars. Tyler Bass’ yearly wage is 3,479,224 dollars.NFL kicker pays because that Michael Badgley is 1,710,000 dollars.NFL kicker Austin Seibert’ fairy is 2,780,456 dollars.

Median NFL Kicker Salary

NFL kicker salaries differ from player come player. The typical NFL ar goal kicker value is taken into consideration to be 860,000 dollars annually.

This salary is additionally not less yet if we compare this to the salary of a star quarterback told together 20 million dollars, the average salary that 860,000 dollars seems less. In ~ the start, an NFL kicker value is 435,000 dollars every year. Nobody sees this side of the incomes of the players the are mean or newcomers. In the media, the only number that is announced is the 20 million dollars salary. Some news reporters have additionally reported that couple of star quarterbacks also make a deal of 25 to 30 million dollars per year. 

NFL Players incomes From Player come Player

The mean quarterback income is 5,766,000 dollars per year. Yet their median yearly salary is 1,100,000 dollars. After the star quarterbacks, come the defensive ends. Protective ends salaries are on the 2nd number after star quarterbacks. Their average salary is 2,625,000 dollars per. Top top the other hand, the mean salary of one NFL defensive end is 847,300 dollars per year. Moving forward come the players obtaining the minimum salaries space running backs.

They space excluded native the team after every game, they remain in the league for a maximum of 3 years. The median wage the running backs are getting is 1,012,000 dollars every year. While their median salary is 630,000 dollars every year. In the end, talking about the NFL kicker salaries, the mean kicker salary is 1,792,000 annually.

The average NFL player fairy is 1,000,000 dollars every year. One NFL kicker lasts for the best time term maximum because that 7 years they deserve to play for your team because that as lengthy as seven years. An NFL kicker has a protocol throughout the match. If any type of player native the the opposite team tries come touch or damage the kicker, he has to pay the penalty or gets disqualified immediately.

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Who is the Highest-Paid NFL Kicker in the NFL?


In the year 2012, it to be reported the the NFL season took place in the year, the typical salary provided to the kickers and the punters was 2 million dollars per year. There to be some full time players, they to be 64 in number, their wages ranged indigenous 405,000 dollars come 4 million dollars. These full-time workers had to pat in all the gamings with a permanent presence. The highest-paid kicker in the NFL was Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski. That was thought about to it is in the highest-paid NFL player. That did one amazing task by connecting from 60-plus yards not only one but more than that, i beg your pardon is not simple task to carry out for many of the other NFL kickers. In the year 2018, the highest-paid NFL goal kicker salary to be 1,665,712 dollars and also the highest-paid NFL kicker 2018 was Justin Tucker. The average NFL kicker value in 2016 was 5,000,000 dollars per year. ~ him, there are others too who are highly paid several of their names and also their earnings are given below;

Dustin Colquitt is the second-highest-paid NFL kicker. NFL kicker typical salary that 3.75 million dollars per year. Mike Scifres is the third one, he gets a salary of 3.6 million dollars per year.Josh Scobee is the fourth highest-paid NFL kicker; he gets a value of 3.45 million dollars per year.Rob Bironas is an additional highest-paid NFL player, who gets a value of 3.33 million dollars every year.

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Lowest paid NFL Kicker

Along with the highest-paid NFL kickers, over there are additionally some lowest-paid NFL kickers playing in a match. They space being paid low due to the fact that they might be newcomers, have actually less experience, or maybe mean players. Few of the surname of these players room Justin Tucker, Dan Bailey, kris Jones, Matt Szymanski, and Danny Hrapmann. These space the player having actually low NFL kicker salary between 405,000 dollars to 465,000 dollars per year. Adding a notice to this salary, the is visible the the salaries offered to lock are even lesser 보다 the minimum salary we have actually seen above that is 50,000 dollars per year.

Description of an NFL Player

A player who is play in various school and also college tournaments desires of gift a component of the NFL and also playing because that them. The dream not only fulfills the passion of football because that the players but likewise gives fame the thousand of human being dream of. Human being recognize them due to the fact that of their incredibly hard occupational in the field and their devotion to their job. The NFL kicker salary provided to the football player is also very satisfying. Another benefit of do a position in the NFL is the it help a man stay healthy and fit transparent his life. The nationwide football organization does not require any greater degree or any educational distinctions. It just requires a enthusiasm to beat football on an worldwide level being part of the highest-paid organization in north America, that has collection some standards for that players. These players are selected from various colleges where simple training of playing American soccer is given, by acquisition that maintain a player can be conveniently selected because that the national Football League. There is one association because that the an option of these players recognized as the national College Athletics Association. Follow to a report of this association, in university football, there are much more than 73K players and also out the which only 253 players space selected by the combination to take part in the NFL. We deserve to estimate from this figure that just 1.6% that players space being selected from colleges out of 100% come play in the NFL. From high schools, the percent is even less, only 0.2% that players are selected. These players have to pass different hurdles to gain selected after enduring these hardships a player gets a handsome quantity of salary. 

What go an NFL Kicker Do?

NFL kicker also called a placekicker or simply kicker is among the football player in the NFL team. The is the one on who the whole enhance is dependent. He kicks the last kick and takes the ball to the goal to victory the match. He can additionally serve as a punter as well as a kickoff that the team. He have the right to do both jobs easily and well-trained because that them. In the early on 90s, the NFL kicker to be not an essential player as anyone native the team can do the project he to be doing. However after 1930, one NFL kicker was given separate importance amongst other players in the team. This significant change to be made to mitigate the risk of various other players playing football acquiring injured or have extra one leg fatigue. The kicker doing both the jobs of a punter and the kickoff just happens in the skilled teams of the NFL. In schools and colleges, different players are doing punting, kickoff, and kicker jobs. In ~ the start, the NFL kicker salary is not really high however it slowly increases. 

Experience and also Limitations of an NFL Kicker

At the start, the revenue is less and the players are likewise immature. Yet as the players kept on playing and reached the period of 26, their salaries took a whole turn and also began to rise excitingly. But at this point, a strange point happens with most of the players. At this age, the players prefer to walk down. This plot is contempt mis-conceptualized, that is stated that at this period the players have come to be some good athletes and the team owners do not want them to play little matches and also waste themselves. The team owners save them for some highly-paid tasks. This makes a significant increase in the NFL kicker salary. Experience provides an NFL kicker swift; it polishes the kicker and makes that stronger. Usually, from colleges and schools, players are not directly hired however they are allowed to spend the complete 4 years in their colleges or institutions to get the proper training and also experience. After these 4 years of training a player is permitted to take part in one NFL match. If us talk around the limitations, only 53 players space playing in an NFL team. Together there room 32 teams, this provides the variety of players i do not care 1696. This number remains consistent even brand-new teams space added. The brand-new teams save on replacing the old ones however this number is invariable. 


If a person typically looks in ~ the NFL kicker salary, he deserve to say the the amount they are obtaining is pretty lot good. They space earning a good amount to live a lavish life ahead also after acquiring retired in not-so-old age. This NFL players usually favor to get retired at very early age and also limit your matches; this additionally makes a significant increase in their salaries. So, extracting from the entirety article, it is concluded the the median NFL minimum salary is 50,000 dollars every year. ~ above the other hand, the median NFL maximum value is 25 to 30 million dollars. Earning this amount yearly is much more than sufficient for a man. They have to go v a most physical abuse. Yet that abuse just lasts because that a preferably of seven years and also a minimum of 5 years. ~ that, a player gets sufficient experience the they can conveniently go under without any 2nd thought.