The word hippophobia describes a are afraid of equines (apparently hippos space "water horses") and the indigenous zoophobia refers to a fear of pets in general, yet I can"t it seems ~ to find a word because that a fear solely confined come hippopotamuses.

To clarify, i am not talking about the healthy fear that a normal human would have actually of a huge two ton animal being in your close vicinity, yet an irrational are afraid of such a creature even when the situation would no warrant it, i.e. A true phobia. Because that instance, some youngsters will seem come go v phases whereby they will have a phobia that something, becoming hysterical on sight of stated thing also when they space in a safe protective setup where over there is nothing to worry about.

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It would certainly be a typical sense to have a fear of hippos therefore a phobia the hippos would be very unlikely. Hippos are the number one person killers amongst the mammals and they are really aggressive animals. They are likewise the most dangerous animals in Africa (after mosquitoes).

There is a word hippophobia which way "fear of horses" as you mentioned. It is since the indigenous hippo comes from Greek which way "horse" and hippopotamus literally method "river horse". Equinophobia is used for fear of horses also.

So, over there is no created term for the are afraid of hippopotamuses however it would certainly be a rare instance of zoophobia.

From wikipedia"s zoophobia article:

Zoophobia is no the sensible are afraid of dangerous or threaten animals, such together wild bears or awful snakes. That is a phobia of pets that causes distress or dysfunction in the individual"s daily life.

From the book "Anxiety obstacle in adults A Clinical Guide" By Vladan Starcevic, MD, PhD:


Though, over there is a phobia the wild animals: agrizoophobia. Many of the resources say the it is seldom diagnosed and it usually effects people in metropolitan lifestyle. Zoos and also films are usual triggers.

A detailed explanation:

Agrizoophobia is a fairly common are afraid that is seldom diagnosed by a professional. The reason for the absence of diagnosis is simply because agrizoophobia is the fear of wild animals and also is one that most modern-day people have.

Since this is somewhat a record all for other phobias such together the fear of line there are numerous human being that have some symptom relating come agrizoophobia that can be heightened depending upon the form of animal involved. For example, someone through a fear of snakes specifically is going come react much worse come snakes 보다 they would certainly a wild boar.

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For those with agrizoophobia regularly times the fear is concerned the unknown or unpredictability through wild animals less 보다 the actual appearance that a wild animal. Someone that has actually agrizoophobia may be fear of rumblings in the forest however when they establish it is just a squirrel the fear may go away. This is because the unknown is frequently times much much more impactful 보다 the actual fact is. This doesn"t median that someone through agrizoophobia would be alright seeing a bear as opposed to hearing a the rumblings that a bear. V this specific phobia the reaction to different species of animals and the scenario roughly them can be an extremely unpredictable.