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Sooooo.... You obtained yourself a nice brand-new old Homelite WIZ.... In fact, a super WIZ 66.... And she"s a beauty... Big old antiquey-looking chainsaw with a honkin" 3-foot bar and also a chain with teeth on that which sure don"t look favor the little low-profile safety-chain teeth on Aunt Elma"s small box-store saw.... The repaint ain"t bad... Just worn a small around the edges and on the handle... She fires up and runs out smooth... Idles choose a purring tiger.... And you"re button-bustin" proud!! her neighbor come over and gawks in ~ your brand-new old saw.... That says: "Wow!! I"ve never seen a chainsaw favor that!! How many of "em did they make??" you look at the tags on the saw and also you see:Model No: 102612Serial No: 392390016And you rotate to your neighbor and also say: "Oh... Just Three hundred Ninety two Million 3 Hundred Ninety Thousand and also Sixteen.... "Hold on, there Bunky!! prior to you walk kicking you yourself for blowing all her beer money for the next 4 months top top a danged old chainsaw i m sorry every homeowner in phibìc America, half of Europe and also all of brand-new Zealand has on a shelf in the garage, you require to recognize the following:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOMELITE-JACOBSENTECHNICAL service BULLETIN NO. 185-008SUBJECT: SERIAL NUMBERSAFFECTS: all MODELSThe complying with information have to answer most of her questions concerning serial numbers and also how to review them.EXAMPLE: Serial number: 4G1521238"4" - This number states the assembly line the unit was developed on. This could additionally be represented by a letter."G" - This letter mentions the year of last assembly. (See letter codes below). Prior to a letter was supplied to clues the year, a number to be used. (See numeric password below)."152" - The next 3 numbers specify the calendar work of the year (day 152)."1238" - This to be the 1,238th unit constructed that day."G152" - these 4 digits make up the lot of NUMBER.LETTER password FOR YEARS:C-1981 D-1982 E-1983 F-1984 G-1985 H-1986 I-1987 J-1988K-1989 L-1990 M-1991 N-1992 O-1993 P-1994 Q-1995 R-1996S-1997 T-1998 U-1999 V-2000 W-2001 X-2002 Y-2003 Z-2004PREVIOUS NUMERIC CODE:2-1972 3-1973 4-1974 5-1975 6-1976 7-1977 8-19789-1979 0-1980 1-1981Prior come the 9-digit serial number now being used, one 8-digit number was used. The 8-digit number reads the same as the 9-digit number except the assembly heat designation was no used. Peery Gibson business Manager Forestry assets HOMELITE TEXTRON DATE: 3/85 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Soooo.... Bunky.... Through this information, you have the right to now de-cipher the serial variety of your brand-new old beastly beauty and find the she was made in ~ assembly line number 3, top top the 239th calendar work of the year in 1979, and also she to be the 16th unit made that day.This tho won"t answer your neighbor"s question about how numerous WIZ at sight 66"s Homelite made.... And I"m not sure Homelite stuck with their projections do in this 1985 Technical service Bulletin for the year codes clear out to 2004. However at least this SB will aid you in de-coding serial numbers because that Homelice saws for rather a couple of years between about the 1960"s through the late 1980"s or at an early stage 1990"s.You"re really welcome, Bucky. Just bring some Bud next time girlfriend come over..... Old Mac Guy

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Cheers! I"ll need one more beer after reading this... 8) however it will surely come in handy!Thanks!Stefan

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Thanks because that posting this info. I love Homelites and also never had a clue around this before. Currently I should start looking end my saws and also see how enlightning this information will be.Thanks again!Dan

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OMG password breaker because that the critical millenium great stuff old mate ns knew it was worth having a guy like friend around.Three cheers for uncle Ken pip pip hooray.Atomic Mc Bob.

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.Hi Ken,This material is great! It"s a big help to all chainsaw collectors , say thanks to you native the chainsaw boy"s in the ocean State..

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Thanks for the information. This is great. 8) Been approximately Homelite most of mine life and also this is the an initial time I have actually seen this. Great STUFF Jim
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Now you should make a "sticky" on the Homelite page of the library or somewhere so anyone can find it once they require it. Ken, do you speak Navajo too?
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Just a scattering, Desdawg... Sufficient to get by there is no being taken into consideration a full White Man roughly some the the old-timers... A good friend is reporter top top the Dine Bureau employee of the Gallup Independent now... I know much more Lakota 보다 Navajo or Keresan.... Supplied to operation the bald Eagle Trading post in SF back in the 70"s... Got to know a many "skins... Saw a many 49"s... Still trade some annually with various civilization in different tribes... Mostly Pueblos in new Mexico and also Sioux from southern Dakota... Southerly Cheyenne in Oklahoma... Some v some Chippewa indigenous Minnesota... In fact, i traded a Chippewa girlfriend in Bemidji a instance of honey because that an Old Mac D-36 a couple months ago... Great saw however needs a clutch cover... Need to gain one indigenous Scott... Or somewhere...

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desdawg wrote:Now you must make a "sticky" ~ above the Homelite page of the library or what so everyone can uncover it when they require it.
Post your saws in the models library. More saws makes far better library!If girlfriend need help to article please ask, I will happily help.